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Minnesota Legislature

Bill Summaries

2001-2002 Biennium, Eighty-second Legislature

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. Bill summaries are listed on this page.

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Regular Session, Senate Files
Regular Session, House Files
First Special Session - 2001, Senate Files

Regular Session, senate Files
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S.F. 1707   Public Safety Officers
S.F. 3069   Public Land Notices
S.F. 923   Social Workers
S.F. 2681   Small Business Health Insurance Modifications
S.F. 2960   Unpaid Leave for Volunteer Firefighters
S.F. 2739   Omnibus Liquor Bill
S.F. 3074   Disclosure of Employee Health Records (author's amendment)
S.F. 1531   Pediatric Preparedness Emergency Network
S.F. 2937   MERLA Statute of Limitations
S.F. 848   MinnesotaCare Program
S.F. 3093   Metropolitan Airports Commission
S.F. 1688   Administration of the State Employee Combined Charities Campaign
S.F. 3172   Community Notification, Harassment/Stalking, and Sex Offender Conditional Release Law Changes (Conference Committee Report - CCRSF3172)
S.F. 1081   Provider Participation in Category of Coverage; Provider Contracts
S.F. 2655   Board of Physical Therapy
S.F. 288   Redevelopment Grant Program
S.F. 2433   Criminal Sexual Conduct Law Changes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 389   Keg Registration
S.F. 1555   Regulation Phosphorus Fertilizer on Turf (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 384   MinnesotaCare Tax
S.F. 287   Changes to Nonsupport of a Spouse or Child Crime
S.F. 1396   HIV Test Results
S.F. 2448   Motor Vehicle Registration Data (Privacy Subcommittee Report)
S.F. 2125   Designation of Consolidated Conservation Lands as Wildlife Management Areas
S.F. 3345   Insurance Agents and Credit Scoring
S.F. 2618   Authorizing a Verdict of Guilty But Mentally Ill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1361   Increasing Dental Access
S.F. 887   Registration for Medical Response Units (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 2922   Family Farm Dissolution
S.F. 1413   Background Studies for Individuals Providing Services in Juvenile Facilities
S.F. 3055   Metropolitan Transit Police Provisions Modifications
S.F. 1671   Access to Educational Data by Military Recruiters
S.F. 2126   MnSCU Facilities
S.F. 3279   Restructuring the Nuclear Waste Council
S.F. 1999   Obsolete References to the Judicial System
S.F. 1080   Medical Assistance Eligibility
S.F. 903   Racial Profiling Study
S.F. 1516   Renewable Energy Incentives, Biogas Facilities
S.F. 1534   Distribution Formula for Medical Education
S.F. 2441   Increasing Membership for Shakopee Public Utilities Commission
S.F. 1802   Nursing Facility Therapy Billing Requirements
S.F. 2150   Low Voltage (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 530   Treatment of Funds Deposited in Preneed Funeral Arrangements
S.F. 1208   Miscellaneous Impaired Driving Provisions
S.F. 1485   Money Transmitters
S.F. 1243   DHS Long Term Care Bill
S.F. 2580   Miscellaneous Criminal Law Changes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 67   Occupational Safety and Health
S.F. 3169   Relating to Cities and Towns
S.F. 1397   Department of Human Services Licensing Bill (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 2568   Relating to Hennepin County
S.F. 2553   Auto Glass (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1915   Charitable Organizations
S.F. 1690   Health Department Fees
S.F. 721   Prescription Drug Program
S.F. 796   Patient Rights and Protections
S.F. 3020   Increase in Presumptive Sentences for Second-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2541   Real Property
S.F. 1831   Secretary of State Housekeeping Bill
S.F. 2459   Modifying Regulation of Supplemental Nursing Services Agencies
S.F. 2540   Probate and Trust Law
S.F. 1964   Life and Health Guaranty Association
S.F. 97   Independent Expenditures by Political Parties
S.F. 1332   Support and Custody Terminology
S.F. 3015   Insurance Fraud Prevention Division
S.F. 1435   Designer Selection Board
S.F. 103   Civil Liability for Worthless Checks, Receiving Motor Vehicle Fuel Without Paying
S.F. 271   Periodic Background Checks for Apartment Managers
S.F. 3045   Domestic Fatality Review Team Pilot Project
S.F. 1589   Sales Tax Dedication for Natural Resources Purposes (SCS1589A-5)
S.F. 1758   Instant Runoff Voting
S.F. 566   Prescription Drug Discounts
S.F. 79   2003 Budget Reconciliation Bill
S.F. 1746   Design-Build Contracts
S.F. 286   Prescription Drug Program
S.F. 3175   Educational Data
S.F. 2857   Modifying Unemployment Insurance Benefit Requirements
S.F. 2472   Relating to Town Officeholders
S.F. 2652   Homeless Prevention Assistance
S.F. 933   Rate Increases for Certain Board and Lodging Facilities
S.F. 2170   Relating to the Metropolitan Airports Commission
S.F. 1421   Modifying Requirements for Full-Time Nursing Home Administrators (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 289   Licensing Requirements for Alcohol and Drug Counselors
S.F. 2550   Third-Party Reimbursement for Certain Health-Related Services Provided by School Districts (the Delete-Everything Amendment SCS2550A-1)
S.F. 1020   District Contracts with Teachers be Structurally Balanced
S.F. 948   Payment Rates for Nonmetropolitan Hospitals for Certain Services
S.F. 2953   Excess Insurance on Property
S.F. 1187   Psychologists
S.F. 1215   Human Rights Act
S.F. 2551   Relating to the City of St. Paul
S.F. 1826   Insurance Agent Licensing
S.F. 888   Relating to Impact of the Expansion of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
S.F. 3384   Campaign Finance
S.F. 1099   Military Discharge Certificates
S.F. 3200   Environmental Learning Center Tort Liability
S.F. 3117   Metropolitan Council
S.F. 3034   Relating to Hennepin County
S.F. 1430   Reporting and Exchanging Alcohol and Drug Licensing Information
S.F. 2988   Omnibus Banking Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1428   Clarification to DWI Consecutive Sentencing Law
S.F. 2753   Billing Requirements for Individual Education Plan Services
S.F. 498   Exemption From Required Participation in the Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP)
S.F. 1105   Salt Distribution Stockpiles
S.F. 118   Lowering the Per Se Standard for Alcohol Concentration From 0.10 to 0.08
S.F. 1921   Relating to the Metropolitan Council
S.F. 2989   Department of Corrections Housekeeping Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2589   Relating to a Lakes Area Economic Development Authority in Douglas County
S.F. 172   Limiting the Number of Offenses that Qualify as Juvenile Petty Offenses (First Engrossment)
S.F. 763   Real Estate Task Force
S.F. 2756   Labor and Industry and Revenue Data Exchange
S.F. 1196   Removing Pupil Transportation Requirements; Allowing Transportation Fees
S.F. 2856   Additional Unemployment Insurance Eligibility
S.F. 1584   Compensation of Clergy
S.F. 1648   Use of 911 Fees
S.F. 782   Elected Metropolitan Council
S.F. 456   Access to Intermediate Care Facility Services for Recipients of Mental Retardation Waiver Services
S.F. 1521   Health Education and Promotion on Food Safety
S.F. 1419   Claims on Payment Bonds
S.F. 1635   Intensive Early Intervention Behavior Therapy
S.F. 3244   Blood Sample Reports
S.F. 3028   Minnesota Commission on National and Community Service
S.F. 368   Recreational Land Use Immunity
S.F. 3017   Overview Summary of S.F. 3017 - Beverage and Soap Container Recycling
S.F. 2036   District Court Administration Funding
S.F. 831   Invention Developers - Modifying Invention Developer Regulation
S.F. 3140   Wage Credits for Certain School Contractors
S.F. 376   Local Improvements
S.F. 346   Probate and Trust Law
S.F. 2462   Relating to Workforce Development
S.F. 2392   Modifying Emergency 911 Telephone System Provisions (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1199   Relating to County Hospitals
S.F. 1475   Long-Term Care Insurance
S.F. 866   Early Childhood Programs
S.F. 2727   Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Lands Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1577   Local Correctional Fees
S.F. 1341   Alzheimer's Special Care Units
S.F. 2022   Child and Spousal Support
S.F. 1803   Tuition Reciprocity
S.F. 1130   Reduce the Rates of Taxation for Lawful Gambling
S.F. 3022   Requiring Certain Utilities to Allow Access to 911 Service and Update Automatic Identification Records
S.F. 2987   Telecommunications Access for Communication-Impaired Person Program (TACIP)- Modifications and Clarifications
S.F. 3024   Commerce Enforcement Bill (SCS3024A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 932   Workers' Compensation Medical Fees
S.F. 1367   Relating to Counties
S.F. 1937   Miscellaneous Changes Related to the Department of Corrections
S.F. 2042   Information Disclosure
S.F. 597   Ambulance Reimbursement
S.F. 559   MinnesotaCare Program - Definition of Gross Income
S.F. 1944   Child and Spousal Support
S.F. 983   Farm Implements
S.F. 1127   Review of the Prescribing Activities of Physician Assistants
S.F. 1464   Environmental Health
S.F. 799   The St. Cloud Area
S.F. 1144   DWI Law Changes
S.F. 1664   Occupational Safety and Health Inspection Data
S.F. 1953   Relating to Hennepin County Soil and Water Conservation District
S.F. 1150   Health Professional Reporting Requirements
S.F. 1404   Long-Term Care Insurance
S.F. 2894   Formation of Charter Schools by a School Board
S.F. 1432   Relating to Police Civil Service Examination
S.F. 3100   Department of Human Services
S.F. 1478   Criminal History Data
S.F. 1721   Genetic Testing in Employment (as amended)
S.F. 1062   Automatic Provider Rate Increases
S.F. 3319   Victim Support Data
S.F. 3302   Interest Rate on Judgments
S.F. 1202   Repeal of Applicability Provision in the Predatory Offender Registration Law
S.F. 2917   Eminent Domain Appraisal Fees
S.F. 2381   Regulation of Hospice Services
S.F. 160   Fire Department Reimbursement
S.F. 1192   Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association
S.F. 1666   Licensing Exemption; Horse Trailers, Recreational Vehicles
S.F. 2678   Natural Resource Clarifications (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1441   Relating to the Gift Ban for Local Governmental Officials
S.F. 263   Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves
S.F. 98   Requiring Rules for Fire Retardant Standards for Cigarettes
S.F. 1331   Increasing Dental Access
S.F. 3084   State and Local Auditing Procedures
S.F. 1068   Omnibus Data Practices Bill
S.F. 229   Crime Victim Notification for Expungement Proceedings (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2651   Electric Generation Facility Personal Property Tax Exemption
S.F. 883   Rule Variance
S.F. 2368   Livestock Disease Emergencies, as amended by the A-2 Delete-Everything Amendment
S.F. 3002   Prohibiting Certain Practices and Requiring Certain Training for 911 Calls in Multiline Telephone Systems
S.F. 1770   State Public Defender Salary
S.F. 2445   School Trespass (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2361   Omnibus Health, Human Services, and Corrections Appropriations Bill
S.F. 1365   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 2683   Homeland Security and Anti-terrorism Initiatives (UEH2622-1)(as passed by the Senate)
S.F. 565   Telecommunications Consumer Privacy Act (Delete Everything Amendment - SCS0565A-2)
S.F. 1370   Expansion of Intergovernmental Transfer Program
S.F. 1054   Omnibus Insurance Bill
S.F. 1590   Card Clubs
S.F. 317   Equal Rights Amendment
S.F. 1727   Automated Victim Notification System (SCS1727A-1 Author's Delete-Everything Amendment )
S.F. 794   New Nursing Facility Resident Classification System
S.F. 756   Federal Law Enforcement Officer Arrest Authority
S.F. 1467   Establishing a Peer Review Committee in the Department of Corrections
S.F. 3128   Allowing Certain School Employees to Collect Benefits Between Academic Years or Terms
S.F. 3231   License Application Data
S.F. 38   CriMNet Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 414   Utilization Review, First Engrossment
S.F. 45   Relating to Itasca County
S.F. 3331   Access to Health Records
S.F. 2403   Minneapolis Park Board
S.F. 405   Historic Sites
S.F. 3246   Unsolicited Telephone Calls
S.F. 266   Metropolitan Government
S.F. 876   Food and Beverage Service Establishment Exemption
S.F. 1030   National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact
S.F. 560   Medical Peer Review Organizations
S.F. 2803   Child Care Program Policies and Procedures Related to Maltreatment (Delete-Everything Amendment, SCS2803A-1)
S.F. 2877   Moratorium on Children's Institutions
S.F. 956   PMAP Capitation Rates for Nonmetro
S.F. 860   Metropolitan Council
S.F. 249   Obsolete Rules - Health
S.F. 3238   Nonprofit Neighborhood Organizations
S.F. 256   Establishing the Council of Health Boards
S.F. 1303   Energy Tax and Spending Proposal
S.F. 741   Hennepin County
S.F. 3217   Child Protection
S.F. 1070   Long-Term Care Task Force Initiative
S.F. 2546   Relating to the Cities of Rockville and Pleasant Lake and the Town of Rockville
S.F. 2974   Expanding Definition of Housing With Services Establishment
S.F. 2890   Regulating Public Works Contracts
S.F. 2918   Moratorium on 60-Month Time Limit on MFIP Assistance (Delete-Everything Amendment, SCS2918A-2)
S.F. 491   Patient Protection
S.F. 2572   Relating to Region Nine Development Commission
S.F. 3167   Access to Data for Certain Commitment Purposes
S.F. 2514   Requiring the Adoption of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard Regulating Ergonomic Hazards (First Engrossment)
S.F. 3085   Employer Immunity for Health Care Provider and Facility Reference Checks
S.F. 233   MinnesotaCare Tax - Ambulance Services
S.F. 386   Racial Profiling Study
S.F. 3006   Certification Waiver for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
S.F. 1083   Health Plan Regulatory Reform
S.F. 2351   Environmental, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Appropriations, as passed by the Senate
S.F. 3431   Jobs and Economic Development Policy Omnibus Bill
S.F. 564   Employee Assistance Records
S.F. 1610   Insurer Liquidation and Investments
S.F. 2614   Foster Care Disclosure of Communicable Disease
S.F. 3099   Medical Assistance Continuing Care
S.F. 1326   Districting Principles
S.F. 982   Racial Profiling (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0982A-1)
S.F. 408   Historic Preservation Grant Program
S.F. 2491   MinnesotaCare Eligibility
S.F. 1043   Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board
S.F. 3080   Funeral Trust Accounts
S.F. 1402   Capital Improvements
S.F. 2673   Third-Party Custodians (author's amendment)
S.F. 1265   Child Abuse
S.F. 142   State Council on Black Minnesotans
S.F. 3208   Legislative Ratification of Collective Bargaining Agreements
S.F. 3030   Responsible Lending Act
S.F. 3041   Ratification of Labor Contracts, Compensation Plans
S.F. 1354   Legalizing Sports Betting to be Operated by the Minnesota State Lottery
S.F. 1628   Reclassifying Customized Trainers
S.F. 222   Game and Fish Violations (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 646   Suburban Hennepin Regional Park District
S.F. 1077   Long-Term Care Employee Health Insurance Assistance Program
S.F. 871   Exemptions to the MinnesotaCare Program
S.F. 1128   Ambulance Staffing Waiver
S.F. 3124   Modifying The Nursing Facility Resident Classification System
S.F. 2944   Relating to Cook County
S.F. 2656   MN Twins Community Ownership
S.F. 3107   City Provision of Telecommunications Services
S.F. 91   Public Right to Know
S.F. 1895   Office of Technology
S.F. 3218   Relative Placement
S.F. 2671   Auto Insurance Liability Coverage
S.F. 2795   Human Rights Act
S.F. 1507   State Procurement
S.F. 3076   Right-of-Way Law Changes (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 787   Elected Metropolitan Council
S.F. 761   Membership of Administrative Boards and Agencies
S.F. 3157   Criminal Vehicular Homicide and Injury
S.F. 859   Accountancy Act
S.F. 2908   Internet Service Providers
S.F. 3373   Reporting Requirements
S.F. 987   Creating a New Class of Premises Permit
S.F. 2650   Credit Unions (SCS2650A-1 Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1653   Nonprofit Corporation Liability Limits
S.F. 555   Administrative Rulemaking
S.F. 318   Birth Centers
S.F. 1004   Farm Tractor Meters
S.F. 1154   Relating to the Metropolitan Radio Board
S.F. 1066   Omnibus Banking Bill
S.F. 1124   Continued Insurance Coverage
S.F. 509   Cities and Counties
S.F. 2426   Electric Generation Facility Personal Property Tax Exemption
S.F. 2834   Relating to Steele County
S.F. 1414   Correctional Employee Sexual Misconduct
S.F. 232   Special Taxing Districts for Emergency
S.F. 2801   Increasing Membership for Delano Public Utilities Commission
S.F. 2669   Minnesota Emergency Health Powers Act (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 2033   Insurance Agent Continuing Education
S.F. 1501   Energy Efficiency
S.F. 2814   Cooperative Voting
S.F. 1495   Biodiesel Content Mandate (Conference Committee Report, CCRSF1495E)
S.F. 3115   Authorizing Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts
S.F. 1157   DOC/DHS Equivalent Standards for Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs
S.F. 319   Notice of Discharge of Judgment Against Bankruptcy Debtor
S.F. 709   Hotel Bar Hours
S.F. 2142   County Highway or Town Road Condemnation Procedures
S.F. 765   Fair Drug Pricing Program
S.F. 1545   Human Rights Act
S.F. 3168   Relating to Municipal Contracting
S.F. 1844   Health Care Coverage for Children (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 2697   Real Property Seller Disclosure Requirements
S.F. 1694   Firefighter Relief Associations
S.F. 2340   Omnibus Transportation and Other Agencies Funding Bill
S.F. 410   Regulation of Alzheimer's Special Care Units
S.F. 1165   Relating to the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Board
S.F. 3203   Capital Improvements Bill
S.F. 2622   Volunteer Health Care Provider Program
S.F. 1098   Agency Reorganization
S.F. 1529   Relating to Local Government
S.F. 3059   Modifying the Requirements for Youth Employment Involvement in Certain Construction Projects Paid for With Grant Funds
S.F. 989   Organ Donation Employment Leave
S.F. 1064   Professional Service Contracts
S.F. 494   St. Louis County
S.F. 2892   Combined Jurisdiction Program
S.F. 407   Building Code; Historic Structures
S.F. 3193   Relating to Electricians
S.F. 2670   Relating to the City of Minneapolis
S.F. 93   Revolving Door for Lobbyists
S.F. 1528   Relating to Operation of Recreational Motor Vehicles
S.F. 754   Mental Health (Fourth Engrossment)
S.F. 669   Ice Arena Grants
S.F. 988   Board of Education Leadership
S.F. 3016   CPA Regulation
S.F. 986   Omnibus Lawful Gambling Bill
S.F. 1633   Relating to Joint Powers Authority
S.F. 3109   Black Patrol Vehicles (First Engrossment)
S.F. 3187   Education Repealer Bill
S.F. 526   Prescription Drug Discounts
S.F. 1797   Nonprofit Neighborhood Organizations (first engrossment)
S.F. 3023   Insurance Technical Bill
S.F. 959   Landlord and Tenant Records Expungement (Author's Amendment)
S.F. 3026   Telemedicine Services
S.F. 1013   Districting Principles
S.F. 1836   Medication Therapy Management Pilot Program
S.F. 2807   Anatomical Gifts (author's amendment)
S.F. 2827   Registration of Agents of Student Athletes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1371   Regulating Employment Search Firms
S.F. 969   Child Pornography - Enhancing Penalties; Authorizing Search Warrants
S.F. 3205   Creating a Public Telecommunications Services Fund (SCS3205A-5 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 321   Guardianship and Conservatorship, Background Studies
S.F. 3118   Providing for Residential Tenant Reports
S.F. 1572   Relating to Municipal Planning
S.F. 296   Chemical Dependency Initiative
S.F. 2592   Mutual Insurance Holding Company Demutualization
S.F. 846   Criminal Justice Data
S.F. 2434   Relating to Polk County
S.F. 570   Repeal of Obsolete Rules
S.F. 915   Convenience Store Security
S.F. 1490   Relating to
S.F. 1344   Regulating Employee Payments for Commissions, Background Checks, and Training
S.F. 1714   Hennepin County
S.F. 1347   Requiring Sex Offender Assessment
S.F. 3072   Department of Workforce and Economic Development
S.F. 333   Board of Veterinary Medicine
S.F. 2680   Building Code
S.F. 3136   Modifying Certain Workers' Compensation Provisions
S.F. 1264   No-Fault Auto Insurance; Senior Citizens Income Loss
S.F. 824   Good Samaritan Statute
S.F. 3397   Veterans Nursing Homes Board Funding
S.F. 929   Medical Assistance Asset Policy for Persons with Disabilities
S.F. 789   Nursing Facility Services for Ventilator- Dependent Persons
S.F. 534   Funding Exterior Housing Improvements on Deteriorated Houses
S.F. 886   Region 10 Quality Assurance Project Extension
S.F. 95   Absentee Ballot
S.F. 2360   Omnibus State Government Appropriations Bill
S.F. 3019   Predatory Offender Registration Law Change (First Engrossment)
S.F. 217   Informed Consent Before An Abortion Can Be Performed
S.F. 689   Medical Assistance Coverage for Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment
S.F. 1060   Support for Volunteer Ambulance Services
S.F. 1345   Vital Statistics Act
S.F. 2838   Open Meeting Law
S.F. 849   Rural Policy and Development Center Staff
S.F. 2976   Prevailing Wage/Energy Projects
S.F. 1744   Mental Health Coverage and Reimbursement
S.F. 1579   Open and Accountable Campaigns Bill
S.F. 2949   Criminal Background Check Data
S.F. 1372   Child Maltreatment Data (Privacy Subcommittee Report)
S.F. 1678   State Fund Mutual Insurance Company
S.F. 1   Increasing the Minimum Wage (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 2930   Relating to Financing of Metropolitan Area Transit (Transit Capital Expenditures)
S.F. 2675   Recyclable Material Container Requirements
S.F. 2793   Plan to Certify Out-of-State Facilities (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2539   St. Paul Baseball Park
S.F. 96   Electronic Filing of Reports
S.F. 197   Increased Penalties For Cruelty to Pet or Companion Animals (First Engrossment)
S.F. 110   Relating to Establishing a Nonprofit Corporation to Operate Prairieland Expo Center
S.F. 1350   Relating to Administrative Duties of the Department of Natural Resources
S.F. 3219   Omnibus Agriculture Policy
S.F. 311   Surety Bonds (As Amended by SCS0311A-1)
S.F. 1214   Modifying License Applicant Requirements
S.F. 2475   Motor Vehicle Fuel Franchises
S.F. 914   Motor Vehicle Fuel Franchises
S.F. 1558   Relating to the Metropolitan Disposal System
S.F. 2519   Student-on-Student Abuse
S.F. 1017   Photographic Evidence of Traffic Signal Violations
S.F. 2197   Provider Participation In State Health Care Programs Study
S.F. 925   Attorney Liens
S.F. 3290   DNA Collection Law Expansion (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2359   Omnibus Early Childhood through Grade 12 Education Bill
S.F. 1750   Establishing Local Financial Crimes Investigation Units
S.F. 1449   Relating to Local Government
S.F. 357   Educational Data
S.F. 610   Alternative Licensing for School Administrators
S.F. 2711   Relating to the Livable Communities Act
S.F. 3108   Human Services Licensing (author's amendment)
S.F. 1394   Child Protection
S.F. 1310   Health Care - Department of Human Services (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2542   Business Organizations
S.F. 200   Deadline for Agency Response
S.F. 2006   Accident Data (as amended)
S.F. 2757   Contested Case Procedures
S.F. 1336   Prohibiting Retaliation Against Nurses Who Decline to Work Additional Hours
S.F. 3111   Juvenile Court Statewide Supervision System
S.F. 1743   Pollution Control Agency Environmental
S.F. 7   Killing or Hurting Animals Trained to Assist Persons with Disabilities (First Engrossment)
S.F. 170   Real Estate Law
S.F. 1334   Amending DNA Submission Requirements and Other Criminal Provisions
S.F. 1434   Water Permit Administrative Penalty Orders
S.F. 325   Prescription Drug Program (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2873   Relating to Cook County
S.F. 1027   Microenterprise Technical Assistance Appropriation
S.F. 3132   Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board
S.F. 2971   Competitive Bidding for Building and Construction Contracts
S.F. 3436   Budget Bill (the Conference Committee Report - CCRHF3270)
S.F. 649   Establishing Gifted and Talented Revenue
S.F. 2676   Aquatic Plant Control Permits, As Amended by SCS2676A-1
S.F. 92   Open Meetings of Party Caucuses
S.F. 1147   Purchasing Alliance Stop-Loss Fund
S.F. 2913   Retired Architect Designation
S.F. 2578   Relating to Counties
S.F. 1312   Decentralization of State Agencies
S.F. 1395   Permit to Carry Pistols (Author's Delete-Everything Amendment SCS1395A-3)
S.F. 2638   Criminalizing the Use of Runners (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2486   Major Spending Commitments for Radiation Therapy Facilities
S.F. 359   Chiropractors
S.F. 1755   The Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1755A-2) Statewide Health Plan for School District Employees
S.F. 57   Nursing Facility Technology Grant Program
S.F. 179   Civil Commitment (third engrossment)
S.F. 2464   Relating to the Cook County Hospital District
S.F. 3027   Resident Tuition for Nondocumented Noncitizens
S.F. 255   Facility and Provider Rate Increases
S.F. 2463   Providing Limits on Overtime for Nurses
S.F. 780   Administrative Rules
S.F. 2839   Juvenile Court Judges
S.F. 2764   Standards For Reporting Maltreatment in
S.F. 3005   Protocols for Nurses
S.F. 3056   Campaign Finance
S.F. 2575   Household Hazardous Waste - Municipality Indemnification
S.F. 891   Transferring Duties of the State Treasurer
S.F. 574   Home Care: Notice of Service Termination; Provider Rate Increase
S.F. 1541   Commerce Enforcement
S.F. 90   Clean Money Election
S.F. 3086   Domestic Abuse Provisions
S.F. 1811   Transfer of Authority for Drainage Systems (Fourth Engrossment)
S.F. 640   Rural Health Initiatives
S.F. 1233   Changing recovery Provisions - Department of Human Services
S.F. 1561   Uniform Commercial Code
S.F. 1022   Securities Fees
S.F. 722   Omnibus Energy Bill
S.F. 2692   Department of Human Services Background Studies and Disqualifications (Delete-Everything Amendment, SCS2692A-1)
S.F. 3204   County Agencies Poor Relief Responsibilities Clarification
S.F. 697   Notice For Well Testing
S.F. 1680   Department of Administration
S.F. 678   Rural Hospital Capital Improvement Grant Program
S.F. 2611   Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (First Engrossment)
S.F. 102   Access To Dental Services
S.F. 1219   Relating to Metropolitan Government
S.F. 372   Six Percent Facility and provider Rate Increases
S.F. 974   Relating to Public Officers
S.F. 852   Immunization Requirements
S.F. 115   MinnesotaCare Tax
S.F. 1227   Bad Checks
S.F. 2897   Omnibus Budget Balancing Bill
S.F. 783   Elected Metropolitan Council
S.F. 2859   Forecast and Budget Deadlines
S.F. 1398   Maternal Death Reviews
S.F. 3174   Relating to Money Transmitters
S.F. 104   Licensure for Foreign Trained Dentists
S.F. 811   Washington County and Ramsey County Property Tax Data
S.F. 2674   Lease of Certain State Lands for Cultivation and Harvesting of Decorative Trees; and
S.F. 819   Plumber Licensure
S.F. 2363   Credit Scoring (First Engrossment)
S.F. 936   Medical Malpractice and Attorney Liens - Vetoed
S.F. 2432   Relating to Anoka County
S.F. 1622   Department of Employee Relations
S.F. 2065   Relating to Hennepin County
S.F. 1619   Housing
S.F. 2590   Relating to Carlton County
S.F. 2532   Provider Contracting
S.F. 2411   Pledge of Allegiance in Public Schools
S.F. 1429   Employment Safety Committees
S.F. 2682   Making the Metropolitan Airports Commission a Division of the Department of Transportation
S.F. 274   Respiratory Care Practitioners and Athletic Trainers
S.F. 2458   Prohibiting Employing Certain Persons or Presenting False Information for Certain Background Studies (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1725   Data Practices
S.F. 1033   Faculty Union Merger
S.F. 1443   Family Day Care Homes Swimming Pools Use Regulation (Delete-Everything Amendment, SCS1443A-3)
S.F. 1295   Relating to USDA Loans to Local Units of Government
S.F. 1857   Financing a Major League Baseball Park (BL112)
S.F. 1685   Relating to Goodhue County
S.F. 784   Elected Metropolitan Council
S.F. 2631   Restrictions on Taking Fish on Certain Waters (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1205   Construction Code and Fees
S.F. 664   Senior Assisted Housing Grant Program
S.F. 260   Delete-Everything Amendment MinnesotaCare Tax
S.F. 816   State Assistance to Nonprofit Organizations
S.F. 510   County Offices
S.F. 1481   Shooting Sports
S.F. 156   Repealing the Hospital Surcharge and an Intergovernmental Transfer
S.F. 1412   Health Department - Budget
S.F. 673   Limited Liability for Administration of Medication to Certain Mentally Ill Persons
S.F. 3119   Contracts with Border States for Mental Health Services (Delete-Everything Amendment, SCS3119A-1)
S.F. 2066   Relating to Volunteer Firefighters Relief Association
S.F. 323   Prescription Drug Program
S.F. 1000   Eminent Domain (author's amendment)
S.F. 2966   Department of Administration Housekeeping
S.F. 1008   Authorizes a Licensee of a Commission to Detain Persons Suspected of Cheating
S.F. 2533   Modifying the Definition of "Local Correctional Fees"
S.F. 937   Office of Administrative Hearings
S.F. 2963   Transferring Duties of State Treasurer to Commissioner of Finance
S.F. 580   Programs to Alleviate the Health Care Personnel Shortage
S.F. 1274   Integrated Initiative Against Prostitution and Other Offenses
S.F. 2097   Staffing For a Basic Life Support Ambulance
S.F. 644   Increasing Access to Dental Services
S.F. 388   Fair and Clean Elections Act
S.F. 1431   Tobacco Settlement Funds
S.F. 339   Agricultural Liens
S.F. 3206   Shifting Social Security Administrative Duties
S.F. 1374   Revenue Data
S.F. 131   Chisago City and Wyoming Township
S.F. 3097   Child Support
S.F. 221   Regulation of Dangerous/Destructive Dogs (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2625   Assisted Reproduction
S.F. 844   Establishing a Mental Health Court Pilot Program
S.F. 2758   Department of Revenue Tax Data
S.F. 1460   Social Workers
S.F. 1226   No-Fault Medical Expense Benefits (First Engrossment)
S.F. 943   Board for Educational Administrators
S.F. 1001   Health Care Identification Cards
S.F. 1540   Relating to County Capital Improvement Bonds
S.F. 1894   Department of Administration
S.F. 2562   Modifying Provisions Governing Signatures on Plans and Other Documents
S.F. 2821   Real Estate Licensees
S.F. 453   Bleacher Safety
S.F. 47   Agriculture Education Leadership Council
S.F. 264   Felony DWI (First Engrossment)
S.F. 3073   Domestic Abuse Law Clarification (First Engrossment)
S.F. 3147   Affirmative Action Program Modifications
S.F. 970   Gasoline Sales Below Cost
S.F. 2991   Salary Differential, State Employees Called to Active Military Service
S.F. 2875   Environmental Sustainability Policy
S.F. 2881   Specifying Certain Discretionary Municipal Subdivision Authority (First Engrossment)
S.F. 225   Civil Commitment Use of Restraints
S.F. 1533   Telephone Assistance Plan
S.F. 2492   Providing Extra Unemployment Benefits For Certain Workers (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 3315   Joint Underwriting Association
S.F. 1825   Technology Enterprise Fund and Board
S.F. 155   Ramsey County and City of St. Paul
S.F. 1696   Minneapolis Police Relief Association
S.F. 2457   Civil Commitment
S.F. 2627   Obtaining Copies of a Contact Lenses Prescription (Delete-Everything Amendment A-4)
S.F. 1861   Handgun Safety Provisions (First Engrossment)
Regular Session, house Files
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Bill Number
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H.F. 3618   Capital Improvements Bill
H.F. 3270   Budget Bill (the Conference Committee Report - CCRHF3270)
H.F. 2214   S.F. No. 1857 Financing a Major League Baseball Park
First Special Session - 2001, senate Files
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Bill Number
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S.F. 10   Environment, Natural Resource, and Agriculture Appropriations
S.F. 4   First Special Session - Omnibus Health, Human Services, and Corrections Appropriations
S.F. 11   Omnibus Higher Education Funding Bill