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Minnesota Legislature

Bill Summaries

1999-2000 Biennium, Eighty-first Legislature

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. Bill summaries are listed on this page.

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Regular Session, senate Files
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S.F. 2761   Municipal Tort Liability
S.F. 734   Increasing and Indexing the Minimum Wage
S.F. 88   Campaign Finance Board Appointments
S.F. 3792   Criminal Justice Supplemental Appropriations Bill
S.F. 473   Repairs, Hastings Veterans
S.F. 1939   Computation of Jail or Workhouse Days
S.F. 923   Providing Use for Revenues Derived from Mortgage and Deed Tax
S.F. 89   Allowing Certain Convictions From Other States To Enhance The Criminal Penalty For Harassment/Stalking
S.F. 3297   Revocation of Mergers of Electric Cooperatives (Delete-Everything DE-1)
S.F. 1531   Community Notification of Certain Juvenile Sex Offenders
S.F. 2717   Regulating Rural Challenge Grant Loan Repayments
S.F. 2655   Criminal Penalty Provisions in Insurance Tax Recodification Bill
S.F. 735   Township Mutual Insurance Company Investments
S.F. 2878   Omnibus DNR Forestry Bill, the First Engrossment
S.F. 288   Waiver Services for Persons with Mental Retardation
S.F. 60   State Primary in June
S.F. 287   Campaign Finance Cleanup
S.F. 2570   St. Louis County
S.F. 2449   Extending Existence of Legislative Electric Energy Task Force
S.F. 916   Cedar Lake Area Water and Sanitary Sewer District
S.F. 1329   Amusement License Fees
S.F. 2858   Transfer Procedure for Civilly Committed Sexual Psychopathic Personalities/Sexually Dangerous Persons
S.F. 706   Expanded Charter School Law
S.F. 1958   Child Care Resource and Referral Programs
S.F. 237   Transfer of Pretrial Prisoners from County Jail to Workhouse
S.F. 2424   Definition of Gross Income Under MinnesotaCare
S.F. 887   First Engrossment - Crimes Motivated by Bias
S.F. 2886   Profile of Learning
S.F. 3366   Increasing State Aid for Special Education, Etc.
S.F. 1177   Banning Junction Area Water and Sanitary Sewer District
S.F. 515   Charter School Districts
S.F. 1413   State Board of Education
S.F. 2668   Regional Planning Grants
S.F. 1166   Grants for Violence Prevention in Asian- Pacific Communities
S.F. 3055   Network Shadow Contracting
S.F. 443   Expanding Reporting Requirements for Health Professionals
S.F. 1634   Expanded Definition of "Subsequent Controlled Substance Conviction"
S.F. 2516   Anoka County
S.F. 1182   Burial Insurance
S.F. 1630   Including Poultry Litter as a Renewable Energy Resource
S.F. 3279   Modifying and Recodifying Telecommunications Laws (AT&T Proposal)
S.F. 3252   Creating the Nursing Facility Conversion Loan Program
S.F. 2494   Regional Public Safety Training Facility Construction Grants
S.F. 2924   Statute of Limitations for Homicides and First to Fourth-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
S.F. 1896   Erroneous Medical Payments/Probate
S.F. 1779   Senior Drug Program
S.F. 1087   Local Correctional Fees
S.F. 3544   Sale of State Bonds
S.F. 903   Expanded Notification to County Attorneys Regarding Release of Offenders Determined to Be Appropriate for Civil Commitment Petitions
S.F. 1208   Probation Caseload Reduction
S.F. 247   Tax Exemption for Military Pay
S.F. 2569   Vicarious Liability
S.F. 1485   Board of Architecture
S.F. 1243   University of Minnesota; Joint Powers
S.F. 762   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 3169   Parenting Plans and Child Custody and Visitation
S.F. 2568   Branch Bank; Vasa Township
S.F. 1095   MSA Special Needs Increase
S.F. 984   Test Security
S.F. 464   Delaying the Effective Date for Listing
S.F. 1498   Fair Elections Act
S.F. 2521   Corporations Created by Political Subdivisions
S.F. 3320   Bonding for Public Safety Training Facilities
S.F. 284   Providing that Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome for a Peace Officer is an Occupational Disease
S.F. 3046   Fleeing a Peace Officer; Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS3046DE1)
S.F. 1913   Community Integrated Service Networks
S.F. 1262   Liability from Year 2000 Problems
S.F. 43   Unicameral Legislature
S.F. 2511   Townships
S.F. 3020   Fire Insurance Claims
S.F. 856   Relating to Land Use Planning
S.F. 2078   Corrections
S.F. 1831   Forfeiture Changes
S.F. 2278   Clean Money Campaign Finance
S.F. 373   Relating to Regional Development Commissions
S.F. 2751   Minnesota Donor Campaign
S.F. 1059   Physical Examinations
S.F. 32   Killing or Injuring Search and Rescue Dogs
S.F. 965   Summary of Delete-Everything Amendment
S.F. 587   Tax Exemption for Military
S.F. 633   Disorderly Conduct
S.F. 1269   Tobacco Settlement Money
S.F. 1589   Charter School Flexibility
S.F. 467   Immunizations
S.F. 2790   Dakota County Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Appropriation
S.F. 186   First-Grade Preparedness Program
S.F. 2870   Omnibus Banking Bill
S.F. 1785   Providing for Telecommunications Pricing Plans for State Government Under the Oversight of the Public Utilities Commission
S.F. 286   Autopsy Case Studies (Judiciary Issue)
S.F. 495   Adulteration
S.F. 195   State-Funded Benefits
S.F. 854   Relating to Land Use Planning
S.F. 51   Declining Pupil Unit Aid for
S.F. 2225   The Final Summary of the Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill
S.F. 1010   Providing Incentives for a Voluntary Inclusionary Housing Policy for the Metropolitan Area
S.F. 2857   Relating to the Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission
S.F. 174   Changes to Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws
S.F. 2652   Power Plant Siting Exemption
S.F. 933   Subsidized Employer Health Coverage Program (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 390   State High School League
S.F. 3120   Modifying Membership Terms for Minnesota Dairy Research and Promotion Council
S.F. 418   Licensing and Registration Requirements
S.F. 3   Lowering the Per Se Standard for Alcohol Concentration from 0.10 to 0.08
S.F. 3608   Bonding for Minnesota South Central Joint Public Safety Training Facility
S.F. 604   Relating to Municipal Contracting
S.F. 1190   Township Mutual Territories
S.F. 808   Providing Funding for Housing in the City of St. Paul
S.F. 2911   Applying Predatory Offender Registration Law Retroactively for Certain Offenders
S.F. 2421   Telemarketing (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 2319   Canceling the Computer Controlled Driving Simulator Distribution Program
S.F. 3029   School Counselors
S.F. 1794   DHS Developmental Disabilities Initiatives
S.F. 874   STD Grants
S.F. 1099   Nursing Assistant Training (The Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 2723   Probate and Trust Law
S.F. 3117   Health-Related Boards
S.F. 790   Agriculture Risk Management and Technology
S.F. 3310   Costs Associated with Criminal Defense, Search and Rescue Operations, and Long-Term Multijurisdictional Criminal Investigations
S.F. 348   Grants for Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation Initiatives
S.F. 406   Modifying Provisions Related to Human Remains (as introduced)
S.F. 2753   Delete-Everything Amendment; Auto Manufacturers; Unfair Practices
S.F. 1042   Registration for Massage Therapists and Oriental Bodywork Therapists
S.F. 3441   Auto Glass
S.F. 3286   (Revised Summary) Amending State Graduation Rule Requirements and Implementation
S.F. 2686   A00-0927, Delete-Everything Amendment; Funeral Practices
S.F. 2193   Regulating Contracts for the Sale of Wood
S.F. 2699   Criminal Justice Provisions
S.F. 500   Campaign Spending Limits
S.F. 2931   Battered Women Shelter Per Diem Funding
S.F. 2756   Relating to Hospital Districts
S.F. 2271   Telephone Depreciation Rates
S.F. 3133   Essential Community Provider
S.F. 1648   Law Enforcement Training Facilities
S.F. 3156   Patient Protection
S.F. 2688   Metropolitan Airports Commission
S.F. 748   Second Engrossment - Special Education Care and Treatment Provision Modifications
S.F. 2830   Escape from Custody
S.F. 1268   Prompt Payments
S.F. 2120   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS2120DE1) - Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
S.F. 1925   Department of Employee Relations: Self- Insurance Initiative
S.F. 855   Relating to Land Use Planning
S.F. 2934   Department of Commerce Insurance Provisions Modifications
S.F. 3566   Penalty for Failure to Remit a Tax; Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS3566DE1)
S.F. 2055   Critical Incident Stress Management; Fire Assistance Support Team Grant Program
S.F. 2224   Summary of Revisor's Bill Corrections
S.F. 1180   Extending the Period of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction Over Habitual Truants
S.F. 745   Authorizing the Commissioner of Economic Security to Award Grants to Cities of the First Class for Crime Prevention Programs
S.F. 2659   Felony DWI-First Engrossment
S.F. 2036   Clean Indoor Air Act
S.F. 3260   Licensed Aquatic Farms
S.F. 1639   Licensing of Certain Taxicab Drivers Exempted from the Criminal Offender Rehabilitation Law
S.F. 2299   Bayport Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project Bonding Bill
S.F. 1174   Telecommunications Access Grants
S.F. 376   Relating to the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
S.F. 2657   Omnibus Tax Bill - Conference Committee Report
S.F. 2430   Capital Improvements - Gillette Children's Hospital
S.F. 866   Theft Involving Rental of Personal Property or Equipment
S.F. 2303   Internet Web Site for Risk Level III Sex Offenders
S.F. 2436   Loaner Vehicle Insurance
S.F. 3236   Certified Copies of Vital Records
S.F. 2794   Expedited Child Support Process
S.F. 2815   Indoor Air Quality
S.F. 2510   Real Property
S.F. 1130   DHS Licensing Bill
S.F. 2987   Financing of Cooperatives
S.F. 75   Committee Engrossment (SCS0075CE1) - Lowering the Per Se Standard for Alcohol Concentration from 0.10 to 0.08
S.F. 2933   Department of Commerce Insurance Bill, First Engrossment
S.F. 983   First Engrossment - Licensing The Practice Of Psychology
S.F. 3623   Income Earned by a Census Worker
S.F. 39   Reducing Age for Qualification for Auto Premium Reduction
S.F. 2417   Paint Ball Guns
S.F. 2455   Periodic Background Checks for Apartment Managers
S.F. 1144   Elections Housekeeping
S.F. 3281   Requiring a Plan for Locating Workforce Centers on State College and University
S.F. 617   Redistricting Commission
S.F. 397   Implied Consent Law; Petition for Judicial Review; Scope of Discovery
S.F. 1741   Relating to the Metropolitan Council
S.F. 2221   Omnibus Judiciary Finance Bill (signed by Governor on May 25, 1999)
S.F. 527   Physical Therapy
S.F. 1404   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1404DE1) - Child Pornography
S.F. 2894   Classifying Certain Communications Regarding Discrimination Complaints as Privileged
S.F. 3427   Transferring Energy Assistance Program from The Department of Children, Families, and Learning to The Department of Economic Security
S.F. 583   Fire Protection Notification
S.F. 1432   Pharmacist Loan Forgiveness/Pharmacy Financial Assistance/Drug Therapy Management
S.F. 1319   Secondary Career and Technical
S.F. 1853   Senior Drug Program
S.F. 1674   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1674DE3) - Tribal Law Enforcement Authority
S.F. 682   Indemnification Agreements
S.F. 337   Department of Trade and Economic Development Review Planning for Technology Corridor
S.F. 1109   Committee Engrossment (SCS1109CE1) - Alcoholic Beverages and Underage Persons
S.F. 1133   Department Policy Bill
S.F. 246   First-Grade Preparedness Program
S.F. 171   Gross Misdemeanor Penalty for Violations of Chapter 82B; Public Awareness Campaign Regarding Mortgage Flipping
S.F. 239   Inflationary Adjustment for the Emergency
S.F. 3179   Authorizing Commissioner of Public Safety to Award Public Safety Grants
S.F. 3330   Department of Corrections
S.F. 653   Omnibus Data Practices Bill
S.F. 3348   Potluck Events
S.F. 3464   Creating Children's Development Fund
S.F. 107   Local Residency Requirements
S.F. 1202   Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
S.F. 2   Summary of Delete-Everything Amendment
S.F. 2381   Minnesota Laws2000, Chapter 430-Mechanics Liens
S.F. 160   Terms of Commissioners
S.F. 1471   Requiring Certain Limitations on Tenant Screening Fees
S.F. 334   Nursing Facility Exemption From Medicare Certification Mandate
S.F. 2800   Counties
S.F. 791   Taking Deer
S.F. 1618   Judicial Remedies for Brewers and Wholesalers
S.F. 2320   Lake Edwards Township
S.F. 2874   Disclosure to Public of Information Regarding Predatory Offenders Not Complying With Registration Law
S.F. 3212   Hennepin County
S.F. 894   Credentials Verification Entities
S.F. 1770   Creating a home ownership program under the rental assistance to family stabilization program
S.F. 3801   Unofficial Engrossment - Children, Families, and Learning
S.F. 2769   Domestic Assault and Child Abuse Prosecution Unit Funding
S.F. 1918   County-Based Purchasing
S.F. 3145   Relating to Official Newspapers
S.F. 1366   Telecommunications Access Grants
S.F. 1522   Independent Medical Review Act
S.F. 2986   Hennepin County
S.F. 3662   Agroforestry Loan Program
S.F. 7   MinnesotaCare Tax
S.F. 12   Repeal of Ban on Snowmobiles With Metal Traction Devices
S.F. 3644   Workers' Compensation Advisory Bill
S.F. 2770   Increasing Maximum Fines for Petty Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors
S.F. 2286   H.F.2190-Delete Everything Amendment to H.F. No. 2190, Profile of Learning and North Star Standard
S.F. 1188   Municipal Contracting
S.F. 584   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0584DE1) - Arson
S.F. 1222   (Delete-Everything ) Creating an Affordable Housing Endowment Fund Using Tobacco Settlement Payments
S.F. 1527   First Engrossment - Certain Sex Offenders Ineligible to Run for School Board
S.F. 2748   Modifying Ambulance Services and EMT Requirements
S.F. 908   Motor Vehicles with Specially Designed Compartments to Conceal or Transport Contraband; Criminal Penalty and Forfeiture
S.F. 1279   Relating to Counties
S.F. 1016   Reimbursement of Services Provided to Residents of Other Counties
S.F. 1218   Reemployment Insurance Provisions Modifications
S.F. 76   Timing of Judicial Reviews and Hearings Regarding DWI-Related Vehicle Forfeiture Proceeding
S.F. 3036   DNR Provisions: Forfeiture, Trespass, and DWI Enforcement
S.F. 657   Allowing School District Residents to
S.F. 1030   Bonding for the Construction of Local Adult Detention Facilities
S.F. 3784   State Government Supplemental Appropriation Bill
S.F. 2803   150 Hours C.P.A. Bill
S.F. 545   Delete-Everything -- Establishing Standards for Employment Support Programs for Persons with Mental Illness
S.F. 1604   Imposing Probation Sanctions via Sanctions Conferences
S.F. 1537   Repealing Various Statutory Provisions
S.F. 3102   Electronic Filing of Reports
S.F. 3326   Possession of Marijuana for a Debilitating Medical Condition
S.F. 1423   Rental-Purchase Agreements
S.F. 82   Delete-All Amendment (SCS0082DE2): Repeal of Ban on Snowmobiles With Metal Traction Devices
S.F. 1107   University of Minnesota MFIP Pilot Project
S.F. 2420   Expanding Predatory Offender Registration Law
S.F. 1301   Facilities Management
S.F. 3217   General Education
S.F. 73   Consumer Support Grants
S.F. 2974   Predatory Offenders and Criminal Justice Technology Infrastructure Improvements
S.F. 2948   Community-based Planning
S.F. 2890   Interest Rates on Rental Housing Security Deposits
S.F. 2512   Creating Northern Technology Initiative, Inc.
S.F. 2572   Training for Emergency Response Personnel
S.F. 3443   Feedlot Permitting Program - First Engrossment
S.F. 68   Repeal on Ban of Snowmobiles with Metal Traction Devices
S.F. 3819   Revisor's Bill End-of-Session Corrections
S.F. 1225   Metropolitan Council
S.F. 2227   Economic Development Budget Division Omnibus Appropriations Bill
S.F. 233   Providing for a definite and specific descriptions for certain easements
S.F. 3539   Equal Access to Justice
S.F. 3580   Harassment Restraining Orders
S.F. 162   Health Coverage for Survivors of Police Officers and Firefighters
S.F. 3008   Providing Additional Reemployment Insurance Benefits for Certain Individuals
S.F. 253   Creation of Endowment Funds with Tobacco Settlement (Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 2614   Biomass Mandate
S.F. 1238   Authorizing Lap and Shoulder Belts
S.F. 1267   Disclosure of Employment-Related Information
S.F. 769   Committee Engrossment (SCS0769CE1) - Police Pursuits
S.F. 1122   Unclaimed Property
S.F. 3834   Commercial Use of State Licensing Data
S.F. 3092   Omnibus Commerce Enforcement Bill
S.F. 2673   Election Law Housekeeping
S.F. 3447   Convenience Store Security
S.F. 3613   Welfare Prevention
S.F. 40   Repeal of Ban on Snowmobiles with Metal Traction Devices (Companion to S.F. 40)
S.F. 1463   Relating to Townships
S.F. 1722   Admissibility of PBT Results
S.F. 198   Order of Final Argument
S.F. 365   Standard of Proof for Petrofund Reimbursement Reductions, Reimbursement for Certain Aboveground Storage Tanks in Bulk Plants; Regulating the Cleanup of Contaminated Land (as introduced)
S.F. 3478   Relating to the City of Rochester
S.F. 2806   Omnibus Data Practices Bill (second engrossment)
S.F. 2951   Alternative Dispute Resolution of Boundary Adjustments
S.F. 1203   Housing Discrimination
S.F. 1784   DE7 -Providing for Open Competition for State Telecommunications Services
S.F. 3581   Omnibus Liquor Bill
S.F. 2944   Mortgage Release Certificates
S.F. 1553   DHS Health Care Bill
S.F. 2677   DWI Law Recodification
S.F. 3439   Replacement Heating Systems and Related Energy Conservation Measures in Cities
S.F. 2071   Jail Credit for Revoked Extended Jurisdiction Juveniles
S.F. 2277   Clean Elections
S.F. 619   Exempting Out-of-State Collection Agencies From Regulation
S.F. 3534   Advance Placement/International Baccalaureate
S.F. 2783   Secretary of State Housekeeping Bill
S.F. 1120   First Engrossment - Laser Assault
S.F. 1246   Relating to Washington County
S.F. 3585   Ethics for Constitutional Officers
S.F. 3564   Altering Implementation of the
S.F. 1609   Joint Powers
S.F. 1507   Area Learning Centers
S.F. 3346   Electronic Filing Task Force
S.F. 867   Department of Children, Families, and Learning Technical Bill
S.F. 1125   Licensure for Dental Assistants
S.F. 3708   Regulation of State Job Training Programs (Delete-Everything DE3)
S.F. 1075   STD/HIV Prevention and Treatment and Substance Use Prevention Grants
S.F. 3040   Clean Money Campaign Finance
S.F. 1805   Education Expense Credit and Deduction
S.F. 25   Nursing Facility Restraints
S.F. 2450   Extending Expiration Date of Legislative Electric Energy Task Force
S.F. 1821   MHFA Housekeeping Bill
S.F. 1454   Contaminated Property
S.F. 192   Family Farm
S.F. 2852   Juvenile Prostitution Offenses
S.F. 506   Clarifying that Minor Parents
S.F. 232   Reading by Second Grade
S.F. 411   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0411DE1) - Counterfeiting Intellectual Property
S.F. 3642   Roadway Crossing; Crosswalk Safety Awareness Grants
S.F. 880   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 760   Relating to Civil Penalties
S.F. 363   Regulating Employee Invention Agreements
S.F. 2891   Sharing Data on Juveniles
S.F. 2851   Minnesota Laws2000, Chapter 488-Increasing Penalties for Violations of Child Labor Laws
S.F. 3154   Access of Public Defenders to Certain Criminal and Juvenile Justice Databases
S.F. 2701   Lawful Gambling Fraud; Delete Everything Amendment (SCS2701DE1)
S.F. 781   Transferring to the World Trade Center appropriations that were not expended for an international medical exposition
S.F. 1152   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1152DE2) - Part-Time Peace Officers
S.F. 3423   Delete-Everything Amendment to the Holocaust Victims Relief Bill (SCS3423DE2)
S.F. 410   Contract Capitation Rates
S.F. 1276   Omnibus Tax Bill
S.F. 3203   Statutory Accounting Principles
S.F. 441   Changes
S.F. 3192   Statute of Limitations for Kidnaping
S.F. 771   State High School League
S.F. 1529   Providing Funding for Various Tourism Programs
S.F. 1459   Optional Form of School District Organization
S.F. 50   Relating to the Public Utilities Commission
S.F. 1723   Striking a DWI Offender's
S.F. 1064   Redistricting Preparations
S.F. 2809   Modifying Certain Safety Committee Requirements
S.F. 839   Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program
S.F. 1132   Qualified Economic Offer
S.F. 2470   Payment for Transcripts (As Amended by Crime Prevention and Judiciary Budget Division SS2470DIV)
S.F. 2828   Gambling; Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS2828DE1)
S.F. 988   Expanding Learning Academy Training
S.F. 3016   Laws 2000, Chapter 458 - Child Support Enforcement and Family Law
S.F. 1382   Repealing Provisions Relating to the Enhanced Gross Misdemeanor DWI Crime; Expanding the Gross Misdemeanor DWI Crime
S.F. 563   Wading Pools
S.F. 519   Special Elections by Mail
S.F. 1772   Aid to Political Subdivisions for Certain Extraordinary Disaster Expenses
S.F. 2773   Corrections and Public Safety Bonding Bill
S.F. 257   City Special Elections
S.F. 360   (First Engrossment) Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)
S.F. 208   Mandating Coverage for Cochlear Implants
S.F. 2242   K-12 Education Omnibus Bill Summary
S.F. 295   Workers' Compensation
S.F. 651   Water Supply
S.F. 877   MA and GAMC Coverage of Language Interpreter Services
S.F. 2386   Hennepin County Fine Distribution
S.F. 3071   Natural Resources Omnibus Policy Bill-First Engrossment
S.F. 3402   Omnibus Agriculture Funding
S.F. 2845   Alcohol or Tobacco Purchase by Underage Persons
S.F. 1724   License Revocation Period for First-Time DWI Offender with BAC of 0.20 or More
S.F. 977   Transferring Money Appropriated for the United Nations Trade Point to the World Trade Center
S.F. 1733   Laws 2000, Chapter 423 - Civil Liability for Providing Alcohol to Minors
S.F. 2768   Hennepin County
S.F. 517   Legal Fee Reimbursement for Town Officers or Employees
S.F. 1827   Medicare Supplement Insurance
S.F. 1675   FAIR Plan
S.F. 87   Public Right to Know
S.F. 2827   Metropolitan Council
S.F. 1823   Gray Wolf Management
S.F. 971   Requiring the Department of Economic Security to Collect and Report Certain Information About Employment and Training Programs
S.F. 586   Exemption of Agricultural Land from the General Education Property Tax Levy
S.F. 321   Delete Everything Amendment (SC50321DE5)
S.F. 632   as amended by the delete-everything amendment (SCS0632DE1), Landfill and Dump Cleanup
S.F. 176   MinnesotaCare Tax (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 2613   Probation Fee Allocation
S.F. 296   2nd Engrossment Special Education Provisions
S.F. 846   Enacting Recommendations Contained in the Legislative Auditor's Report on Juvenile Out-Of-Home Placements
S.F. 2302   Criminal Vehicular Operation Law; Definitions
S.F. 3116   Laws 2000, Chapter 405 - Creditor's Remedies
S.F. 915   Establishing a health care and human services worker training and retention program
S.F. 3769   Authorizing Housing Finance Agency to Make Grants or Loans Under the Community Rehabilitation Account to For-Profit Organizations
S.F. 1602   Sex Offender Registration
S.F. 333   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0333DE1) - Identity Theft
S.F. 2615   Safe Place for Newborns
S.F. 299   Government Year 2000 Liability
S.F. 824   Modifying Staff Development Outcomes
S.F. 3541   Creating a Voluntary Paid Parental Leave Program
S.F. 2854   Commitment Act Data Issues
S.F. 2725   Right to Representation by Public Defender
S.F. 751   Airports-Summary of Delete Everything Amendment
S.F. 2355   Funding for Multijurisdictional Narcotics Task Forces
S.F. 902   Pilot Project Chemical Dependency Treatment Program for Chronic DWI Offenders
S.F. 507   Regulation of Emergency Medical Services
S.F. 689   Office of Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practice (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 3798   Omnibus State Departments Supplemental Appropriations, Articles 1 & 2 (Economic Development); Articles 4 - 7 (Criminal Justice); Articles 8 - 11 (Health and Human Services)
S.F. 3273   Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
S.F. 792   Deer Depredation Payments
S.F. 484   Criminal Penalties and Vehicle Forfeiture for an Owner Who Knowingly Permits a Person to Operate a Vehicle when the Person's Driver's License Has Been Revoked
S.F. 1854   Domestic Assault Prosecutions
S.F. 551   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0551DE1) - Domestic Abuse Changes
S.F. 3130   Providing Catalyst Grants to Promote Internet Access (Delete-Everything DE-1)
S.F. 2829   Metropolitan Council
S.F. 298   MinnesotaCare Tax
S.F. 533   Order of Final Argument
S.F. 2810   Repealing Laws Governing Entertainment Agencies
S.F. 2779   Electric Cooperative's Election to be Regulated
S.F. 1693   Pharmacy Technicians
S.F. 1048   Public Utilities Commission Ex Parte Communications
S.F. 2539   Appropriating Money for the Alien Labor Certification Program
S.F. 197   Authorizing Law Enforcement Agencies to Sell Forfeited Firearms
S.F. 2397   Reducing Occupational Exposures to Bloodborne Pathogens Through Sharps Injuries
S.F. 3018   Standby Custodians
S.F. 283   Commitment Act - First Engrossment
S.F. 3455   Stolen and Counterfeited Checks
S.F. 1952   Warrant Authority of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Agents
S.F. 210   Prohibition of Partial-Birth Abortions
S.F. 442   Education Without Disruption
S.F. 2866   Data Privacy
S.F. 2942   Providing for Grants-in-Aid for Distance-Work Projects
S.F. 399   Declining Pupil Unit Aid
S.F. 83   Wetland Law Consolidation, as Amended by the Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0083DE6)
S.F. 2812   Modifying Wage Payment Provisions
S.F. 616   Relating to Washington County
S.F. 1131   Access To Dental Services
S.F. 1415   Internet Access for Schools and Libraries
S.F. 2133   Telecommunications Recodification (Delete-Everything)
S.F. 2804   Abolishing Department of Public Service and Transferring Responsibilities
S.F. 24   Consolidated Primary Ballot
S.F. 496   Search Warrant Extensions for Financial Information
S.F. 944   Medical Assistance Payment
S.F. 138   Absentee Ballot
S.F. 3488   Assessment for Commerce Department Overhead
S.F. 1181   Transportation Funding
S.F. 3108   Inmate Telephone Access
S.F. 481   Region 10 Quality Assurance Commission
S.F. 2471   Hennepin County
S.F. 3391   Profile of Learning
S.F. 1710   Telemedicine Services
S.F. 2365   Physician Assistants
S.F. 1029   Regional Adult Detention Facility Construction Planning Grants
S.F. 282   Joint and Several Liability (as amended by the Senate Judiciary Committee)
S.F. 200   Teachers of Oral Deaf Education
S.F. 1103   Providing Funding for Educating Employers About HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
S.F. 613   Mistreatment of Animals
S.F. 1135   Regulation Of Firearms
S.F. 369   Physician Assistants
S.F. 3111   Marriage and Family Therapists
S.F. 3338   Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies
S.F. 3226   Confinement of Juvenile Offenders
S.F. 3210   Anhydrous Ammonia Tampering Bill
S.F. 499   (First Engrossment) Providing protection for disclosure of job reference information
S.F. 2873   Solicitation of a Child to Engage in Sexual Conduct
S.F. 605   as Amended by the Delete-Everything Amendment - Farm Taxes
S.F. 1839   Local Government Fees
S.F. 92   Declining Pupil Unit Aid for
S.F. 184   Juvenile Delinquency and Child Protection Recodification
S.F. 1562   Repealing Annual Firearms Report
S.F. 3799   Economic Development Budget Division Omnibus Supplemental Appropriations Bill
S.F. 3095   Laws 2000, Chapter 488 (S.F. 3095) - Relating to Occupational Safety
S.F. 531   Professional Teaching Permits
S.F. 3000   Privacy of Financial Records (second engrossment)
S.F. 961   Extending Length of Employee Leave in Certain Circumstances
S.F. 3038   Telecommunications Privacy Act
S.F. 1317   Establishing a health care and human services worker training and retention program
S.F. 1395   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 578   EMS Review Organizations
S.F. 3089   Pharmacy Technicians
S.F. 2663   Taxation
S.F. 2486   Community Notification for Juvenile Sex Offenders
S.F. 955   DWI Vehicle Forfeitures - Disposition of Sale Proceeds for Certain Vehicles
S.F. 435   Equalized Discretionary Aid and Levy for
S.F. 3232   Costs Associated with Criminal Defense
S.F. 1119   Trespass on Railroad Tracks
S.F. 383   Traditional Midwifery (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 2549   Violent Video Games
S.F. 780   Medical Marijuana Act
S.F. 3178   Department of Public Safety Rules; Board of Private Detective and Protective Agents Per Diem and Training
S.F. 486   Firefighter Previous Employment Investigations
S.F. 863   Sampling in 2000 Census
S.F. 3354   Clarifying Requirements for a Limited Dealer's License
S.F. 2764   Providing funding for the St. Paul Rehabilitation Center
S.F. 2575   Laws 2000, Chapter 481 - Regulating Eligibility of Farmers for the Dislocated Worker Program
S.F. 891   Relating to Municipal Tort Liability
S.F. 574   Sex Offenders Ineligible to be Licensed as Teachers
S.F. 1711   Felony DWI/Mandatory Sentence to Work Program for Chronic DWI Offenders
S.F. 642   Authorizing the city of Brooklyn Park Economic Development Authority to establish an urban shopping district
S.F. 23   Child Support Expedited Process
S.F. 2692   Business Organizations
S.F. 1976   Municipal Electric Power
S.F. 2831   Camp Ripley Live Fire Tactical Operations Law Enforcement Training Facility
S.F. 3811   Capital Budget
S.F. 899   Community Custody in Lieu of Mandatory Prison Sentence
S.F. 2408   Crime Victims Reparations-Loss of Income Compensation
S.F. 3223   As Amended by the Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS3223DE1); Omnibus Agriculture Policy
S.F. 1219   Uniform Complaint and Appeals Process
S.F. 852   School Lunch and Breakfast
S.F. 1353   Older Adult Services Planning and Transition
S.F. 2226   The Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Budget
S.F. 130   Nursing Facility Exemption From Medicare Certification Mandate
S.F. 2454   Restrictions on Name Changes for Convicted Felons and Individuals Currently Charged with Felonies; Changes to Expungement Law
S.F. 1036   Training Election Officials
S.F. 3164   Additional General Education Revenue for Intervention Programs
S.F. 1038   Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1355   Changing the Name of the Dakota County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
S.F. 2396   Predatory Offenders
S.F. 3343   Creating a Distressed Rural County Job Training and Telecommuting Program
S.F. 2485   Delaying the Effective Date for Listing Carisoprodol as a Schedule IV Controlled Substance
S.F. 187   Informed Consent for Abortions
S.F. 2325   Ambulance Service Study
S.F. 2623   Campaign Finance Reform
S.F. 2762   Harassment by Electronic Means
S.F. 3021   Omnibus State Departments Supplemental Appropriations, Articles 1 & 2 (Economic Development); Articles 4 - 7 (Criminal Justice); Articles 8 - 11 (Health and Human Services)
S.F. 493   Providing Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
S.F. 1715   Commerce Enforcement Bill (1999)
S.F. 3216   Length of School Year; Days of Instruction
S.F. 535   Increasing MFIP Exit Level
S.F. 157   State Aid to Local Bonding Projects
S.F. 1288   Omnibus Game and Fish
S.F. 1619   (Delete-Everything) Miscellaneous Lawful Gambling Provisions
S.F. 2893   Relating to Business Subsidies; Providing Clarification
S.F. 2912   Initiating First and Third-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases Against Unknown Defendants with Matching DNA Profile
S.F. 3658   Disclosure of Data by Health Maintenance Organizations
S.F. 511   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 2742   Family Law
S.F. 2422   Providing Funding For and Creating a Senior Assisted Housing Program
S.F. 2411   Northern Itasca Hospital District
S.F. 404   Relating to Anoka county
S.F. 2919   Modifying and Recoding Telecommunications Laws
S.F. 1114   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1114DE2, as passed by the Crime Prevention Committee) - Integrated Criminal Justice Information Systems
S.F. 2223   H.F.3557-State Government Corrections 1999
S.F. 3358   Modifying Implementation of the
S.F. 3485   School Immunizations
S.F. 1483   Minnesota State Academies
S.F. 2458   Independent Expenditures by Political Parties
S.F. 2200   Providing For Creation of a Propane and Education Research Council
S.F. 297   2nd Committee Engrossment - Modifying Special Education Provisions
S.F. 2996   Creating a Birth and Adoption Fund and Providing Paid Parental Leave (Delete-Everything)
S.F. 1725   Gross Misdemeanor Violation of Alcohol- or Controlled Substance-Related Restriction on Driver's License
S.F. 241   Definition of "Volunteer Ambulance Attendant"
S.F. 1137   Adolescent Health Grant Program
S.F. 1205   Omnibus Insurance Bill
S.F. 1505   Delete-Everything Amendment: Slot Machines and Blackjack Card Games at Canterbury Park
S.F. 260   Financial Responsibility for Certain Civilly Committed Sex Offenders
S.F. 1002   Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS1002DE2) - Methamphetamine Provisions
S.F. 954   DWI Vehicle Forfeitures - Authorizing Law Enforcement Agencies to Recover Seizure and Storage Expenses for Certain Vehicles Returned to the Owner
S.F. 243   Requiring Health Care Coverage for Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids
S.F. 673   Contract Stacking
S.F. 1283   Inmate Actions Regarding Rehabilitative Programs
S.F. 199   Order of Final Argument
S.F. 3300   Ramsey County Pilot Project
S.F. 516   Ethics and Elections- Second Engrossment
S.F. 1000  
S.F. 1008   Chemical Use Assessments Required for Certain Alcohol-Related Violations of Law by Underage Persons
S.F. 580   Nursing Home Regulation
S.F. 3727   Relating to Metropolitan Government
S.F. 1253   (Delete-Everything) Regulating the Taking of Prelease Deposits
S.F. 11   Domestic Abuse
S.F. 873   Specifying that a portion of appropriations for opportunities industrialization centers be reserved to match federal welfare-to-work funds.
S.F. 1524   Urban Redevelopment
S.F. 1108   Relating to Land Use Planning
S.F. 8   Tax Exemption for Military Pay
S.F. 1966   Health Department (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 2771   Juvenile Prostitution Grant Programs; Juvenile Prostitution Penalties
S.F. 131   MinnesotaCare
S.F. 2579   Prescription Drug Discounts
S.F. 2376   Prescription Drug Discounts
S.F. 196   Educational Administrators Board
S.F. 1716   Regulating Interactive Services Providers and Commercial Electronic Mail
S.F. 3097   Department of Corrections Fugitive Apprehension Unit
S.F. 716   Relating to the City of Mankato
S.F. 1647   Restricting regulation of the Internet, interactive computer services, digital broadband services, and high-speed data and Internet access services
S.F. 3554   Modifying Nonprofit Organization Provisions Relating to Reemployment Insurance
S.F. 2528   Relating to McLeod County
S.F. 2907   Scott County
S.F. 1126   Laws 2000-Chapter 358 - Economic Loss Doctrine
S.F. 236   Expenditures from
S.F. 47   Ethics Law Cleanup
S.F. 1884   Conservation Easements
S.F. 1543   Gray Wolf Management
S.F. 970   Mental Illness Crisis Housing
S.F. 1311   Demonstration Projects Through Telecommunication Technology
S.F. 607   Corporate Subsidies
S.F. 2419   Restrictions on Name Changes for Persons with a Pending Felony Charge or Felony Conviction; Changes to Expungement Law
S.F. 1556   Modifying Provisions Relating to Wind Power
S.F. 778   First Engrossment - Release of Security Interest
S.F. 837   Appropriating Money for a "Work First" Transitional Employment Project in Ramsey County
S.F. 868   High Standards Implementation; As Passed By The Senate
S.F. 1231   Optometrists
S.F. 1523   Domestic Fatality Review Team Pilot Project; Authorizing Grants to Organizations to Monitor Certain Criminal Court Cases
S.F. 2059   Utility Payment Apportioning Among Residential Units
S.F. 1660   Relating to the Board of Government Innovation and Cooperation
S.F. 2457   Caucus Spending Limits
S.F. 1063   Expanding Cooperative Education
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