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Bill Summaries

2019-2020 Biennium, Ninety-first Legislature

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. Bill summaries are listed on this page.

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Regular Session, Senate Files
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Regular Session, Senate Files
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S.F. 2   Family and group family child day care initial licensure modification (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 3   Shared Savings Incentive Program
S.F. 4   Human Services Program Integrity - First Engrossment
S.F. 5   Omnibus Tax Bill (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 delete everything amendment)
S.F. 6   Disability Waiver Rate System Modification - As Amended by the A-2 Delete-Everything Amendment
S.F. 7   E-12 Education Omnibus Bill (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 8   Assisted Living Licensing Requirements, Fees, and Fines Establishment; Health and Home Care Bills of Rights Modifications - Second Engrossment
S.F. 11   Electronic Monitoring in Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities - The Second Engrossment
S.F. 15   Requiring School Districts to Provide Certain Access to Career Options in the Military
S.F. 17   Government and citizenship course graduation requirement
S.F. 18   Temporary License Extensions
S.F. 23   White Earth Band of Ojibwe child welfare services appropriation
S.F. 32   Long-term facilities maintenance revenue increase; safety enhancements authorized
S.F. 33   Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (As Amended by the A-3 Amendment)
S.F. 47   Requiring Local Approval of Gubernatorial Appointees to the Metropolitan Council - The First Engrossment
S.F. 48   Expansion of construction materials exemption for ice arenas
S.F. 58   Disabled Veteran's Homestead Exclusion
S.F. 65   Metro Mobility Service Area Expansion (as Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 74   Human Services Policy (First Engrossment)
S.F. 75   Improper Cell Phone Use While Driving (First Engrossment-As Amended by the A-9 Amendment)
S.F. 77   Food Stand License Exemption
S.F. 89   School-linked mental health services grants modification and appropriation
S.F. 91   Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving (First Unofficial Engrossment)
S.F. 92   Omnibus Human Services Reform Bill – The First Engrossment
S.F. 100   Energy Storage Systems (First Engrossment)
S.F. 110   Enhanced Penalties for Certain Driving Without Valid License Offenses (First Engrossment)
S.F. 111   Predatory Offender Registration, Community Notification, and Sexual Assault Provisions (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 112   Retention of Criminal Gang Investigative Data
S.F. 113   Disabled Veterans Homestead Valuation Exclusion Surviving Spouse Eligibility
S.F. 114   Amends the Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion When Property is Sold
S.F. 115   Right-of-Way Modifications for Semis and Oversized Vehicles in Roundabouts
S.F. 125   Residential lease modifications
S.F. 128   Motorcycle Endorsement
S.F. 143   Authorizing a Grant for a Fabrication Lab at the Secondary Technical Education Program Facility
S.F. 144   Exceptions to Vehicle Weight Limits for Sewage Septic Tank Trucks
S.F. 151   Subtraction for public pension income
S.F. 153   Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Guidelines - First Engrossment
S.F. 154   Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties State Auditor Legal Costs Reimbursement - The First Engrossment
S.F. 156   Definition of Governmental Unit
S.F. 160   Authorizing the Placement of a Plaque in the Court of Honor on the Capitol Grounds Honoring all Minnesota Veterans
S.F. 173   Compensation for Exonerated Persons (First Engrossment)
S.F. 174   Adult Foster Care and Community Residential Setting License Capacity Modification
S.F. 177   School Safety Assessment Teams Requirement and Appropriation
S.F. 179   Title for Decommissioned Military Vehicles
S.F. 182   Biomass Business Compensation - The First Engrossment
S.F. 190   Hennepin County grant funds to recruit foster families authorization and appropriation
S.F. 193   Cursive instruction in elementary school
S.F. 202   Sales tax exemption for Inver Grove Heights construction
S.F. 215   Parent-to-Parent Program Grants
S.F. 219   Combined net receipts tax subtraction for lawful purpose expenditures
S.F. 221   DWI Plate Impoundment
S.F. 225   Related to the Remodeling of the Armed Forces Service Center
S.F. 228   DWI Offenders, Examination Requirement (First Engrossment)
S.F. 238   Pupil transportation adjustment calculation modification (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 239   Manufactured Home Parks
S.F. 241   Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Appropriation (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 242   Establishing POW and MIA Recognition Day
S.F. 245   Social Security income subtraction
S.F. 247   Disposal of Unclaimed Medications
S.F. 248   Eliminating intent requirement for notification of data breach
S.F. 249   Ignition Interlock Device Program Modification
S.F. 265   Notification and publication requirements for local sales taxes
S.F. 266   Modifying Definition of Veteran
S.F. 278   Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and Regulations (4th Engrossment)
S.F. 292   General community education revenue increase
S.F. 294   Student Civic Life Preparation
S.F. 295   P-TECH School Establishment and Appropriation
S.F. 297   Green Roof Advisory Task Force Establishment (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 299   Academic Achievement Rating System
S.F. 300   Providing a Military Veterans Jobs Tax Credit
S.F. 304   Allowing pass-through entities to file as C corporations (as proposed to be amended by the A-3)
S.F. 305   Providing for Reimbursement Grants to Local Units of Government for Public Safety Personnel on Authorized Leave
S.F. 306   Providing for a Student Loan Debt Counseling Grant
S.F. 316   State and Local Governments Impacted by New Information Technology Business Software - First Engrossment
S.F. 318   State General Levy Abatement for Certain Natural Gas Pipelines
S.F. 319   Subtraction for medical cannabis manufacturers (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 324   Nonprofit Nursing Facilities in Border Cities Operating Payment Rate Modification
S.F. 325   Persons with Developmental Disabilities Self-Advocacy and Outreach Services Grants
S.F. 327   Predatory Offender Registration
S.F. 328   Carver County Hospital Construction or Moratorium Exception Modification
S.F. 329   Exemption from early sales tax remittance requirement for vendors of construction materials
S.F. 331   Establishing a Veterans Preference in Hiring in the Legislature and State Courts
S.F. 333   Exemption from Fees for Certain Veterans
S.F. 340   Transportation of pregnant and parenting pupils to qualified programs
S.F. 342   Authorizing a parental petition for reestablishment of parent and child relationship (2nd engrossment)
S.F. 343   Requiring Notice to a Sexual Assault Victim to Include Information about the Availability of Legal Advocacy Services
S.F. 345   Corporate AMT repeal (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 355   Mental Health Education
S.F. 356   Mobile food shelf grants appropriation
S.F. 357   Optional Disability Designation on a Driver’s License for Autism Spectrum Disorder or Mental Health Condition
S.F. 371   Combined net receipts tax rate modification (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 378   Changing Eligibility for the State Grant Program for Institutions (with proprosed A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 383   Providing a Property Tax Exemption for Certain Property Owned by an Indian Tribe (as proposed to be amended with A-1 delete-everything)
S.F. 389   Authorizing Alternative Fire Drills for Schools
S.F. 394   Minneapolis lodging tax rate cap modification (as proposed to be amended by A-2)
S.F. 401   Prescription Use of Tinted Window Modification (As Amended)
S.F. 404   Housing tax credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-4)
S.F. 408   Public Notification by Law Enforcement Upon a Predatory Offender Leaving Area
S.F. 414   Combined net receipts tax subtraction for lawful purpose expenditures
S.F. 419   Film production credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-4 delete everything amendment)
S.F. 423   MacPhail Center for Music grant for rural music education
S.F. 437   Sales tax exemption for lawful gambling prizes awarded and lawful gambling equipment
S.F. 440   Public Television (TV) Equipment Grants Appropriation - First Engrossment
S.F. 442   Sales tax exemption for Minnetonka public safety facilities construction (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 445   Security screening systems addition to ionizing radiation-producing equipment fees
S.F. 446   IV-D Services Collections Fee Adjustment
S.F. 449   DWI Law, Peace Officer Definition
S.F. 454   Modifying Group Residential Housing Service Provider Background Study Requirements
S.F. 464   Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Prevention Act
S.F. 468   Rideshare and transit customer data (as amended by SCS0468A-1)
S.F. 475   Abolishing Daylight Saving Time
S.F. 480   TEFRA Parental Contribution Fee Elimination
S.F. 485   Competency-based education plan
S.F. 488   Regulation of Community Solar Garden Program
S.F. 492   Signs for State Academies for the Deaf and Blind
S.F. 493   Charter school enrollment preference
S.F. 494   TEFRA Enrollment and Renewal Process Improvement
S.F. 503   Veterans Defense Project (with A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 515   Creating a Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
S.F. 521   Collaborative Summer Intensive Program Appropriation
S.F. 530   Adult foster care moratorium exception authorization
S.F. 537   Minnesota Initiative Foundations sustainable child care in rural Minnesota appropriation
S.F. 538   Greater Minnesota Child Care Facility Capital Grant Program
S.F. 541   Fourth Degree Assault (as amended by the SCS0541A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 543   County child protection grant allocation modifications
S.F. 549   Net receipts and combined net receipts tax rates modification
S.F. 556   Driver’s License Extension for Peace Corps Volunteer
S.F. 558   Public Procurement Actions Original Jurisdiction Granted To District Courts - Second Engrossment
S.F. 560   K-12 education expense credit modification (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 573   Human Services Elderly Waiver Language
S.F. 575   Full section 179 conformity (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 576   Information and Telecommunications Technology Systems Unexpended Funds
S.F. 578   Combined net receipts tax rate modification
S.F. 580   Nonpublic Pupil Aid Calculation Modification and Appropriation
S.F. 583   Temporary license suspensions and background checks for certain health-related professions modification (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 584   Allied health professions conversion to a birth month renewal cycle authorization
S.F. 585   Sales tax exemption for certain herbicide purchases
S.F. 603   Administrative Rulemaking Provisions Modification - As Amended by the A-1 Amendment
S.F. 611   Anoka County Waste Disposal Engineering closed landfill site appropriation (first engrossment)
S.F. 619   Regulating the cultivation, production, sale, and consumption of recreational cannabis (as proposed to be amended by the A-9 amendment)
S.F. 620   Keep to the Right While Driving (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 621   Deputy Registrar Reimbursement (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 628   State Aid for School District Telecommunications Projects
S.F. 629   Use of Sunscreen
S.F. 631   Marriage and family therapists provisions modifications
S.F. 632   Allowing Early Termination from the Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves Program
S.F. 642   Qualified farm property subtraction and recapture tax calculation modification
S.F. 644   State Auditor Rules Adoption to Review CPA Firms Audits
S.F. 653   Physical Therapist Statement Allowed to Obtain Disability Parking Certificate
S.F. 654   Allowing standard or itemized deduction election on state return
S.F. 656   Modification to apportionment of nonresident board member income
S.F. 663   Transportation of homeless pupils with an IEP
S.F. 669   Child care fix-it ticket violation expansion
S.F. 670   Equalized Referendum Levies
S.F. 672   Agricultural Historical Society Property Tax Exemption
S.F. 686   World War II Medal of Honor Recipient
S.F. 689   Emeritus dental licensure creation
S.F. 695   Data Sharing between the Department of Human Services and the Metropolitan Council (First Engrossment)
S.F. 696   Eyelash Extensions Practitioners Salon Licensing Provisions Repeal - As Amended by the A-1 Amendment
S.F. 698   Certified Public Accounting Practice Provisions Modifications
S.F. 699   Requiring Z-Degree Programs at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
S.F. 702   Providing Property Tax Exemption for Certain Child Care Facilities (as proposed to be amended with A-1)
S.F. 709   Student Performance Data Collection
S.F. 730   Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act; African American welfare oversight council creation and appropriation
S.F. 733   Improved Reading Instruction
S.F. 735   Codifying the Teacher Code of Ethics
S.F. 737   DWI Forfeiture Exception
S.F. 741   County agricultural societies sales tax exemption and use of revenues
S.F. 743   Rochester International Airport Runway Improvement Appropriation
S.F. 746   Driver’s License Emergency Contact Information (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 750   Natural resources fee and permit conditions modification and technical corrections
S.F. 751   Opiate Epidemic Response (4th Engrossment)
S.F. 753   Omnibus DWI Bill (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 754   Amending the St. Louis County Civil Service Commission
S.F. 761   Reinsurance, First Engrossment
S.F. 766   DWI Changes
S.F. 774   Hair Braiders Cosmetology Registration Requirements Exemption
S.F. 776   Establishing a Teacher Preparation Program Leading to Licensure as a Teacher of the Blind or Visually Impaired
S.F. 779   KidsPeace Mesabi Academy renovation for mental health, child welfare and other services for children and families appropriation
S.F. 788   Reinstate and make permanent the angel investment credit
S.F. 789   (as proposed to be amended by the A-3 amendment) Child care training requirements streamlining by commissioner of human services requirement
S.F. 793   Firearms safety, trap shooting, archery, hunting, and angling in school physical education courses; grant program (First Engrossment)
S.F. 794   Establishing a Human Services Block Grant Program
S.F. 799   Small Schools Revenue
S.F. 802   Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety Funding Bill (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 814   Veterans Suicide Awareness Day
S.F. 822   Collaborative Urban Educator Program Appropriation and Reporting
S.F. 835   Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus Policy (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 840   (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment) Youth at risk of developing mood disorder human services evidence-based intervention grant appropriation authorization
S.F. 845   Sales tax exemption for lawful gambling prizes awarded and lawful gambling equipment
S.F. 871   School district community service fund transfers
S.F. 882   Human services child care background studies and training exemption authorization (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 886   Child care provider licensing requirement interpretation dispute department of human services clarification consultation requirement
S.F. 888   Authorizing Emergency Assistance Grants for Postsecondary Students
S.F. 901   Exemption for construction materials purchased by contractors
S.F. 902   Children's mental health collaboratives appropriation
S.F. 909   Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) Payment Rates Modification
S.F. 910   MN.IT Reforms - The Second Engrossment
S.F. 911   Prohibit Use of Trunk Highway Funds on Bicycle Routes (As amended by the A-1)
S.F. 912   MnPASS Lanes Modifications
S.F. 928   Water appropriations, wells, and permitting provisions modifications
S.F. 933   Nursing Home Administrators Board of Examiners Provisions Modifications - As Proposed To Be Amended By The A-1
S.F. 937   Accessibility of Public Buildings
S.F. 939   Education Partnership Program Modification
S.F. 942   Workforce and affordable housing development account and funding
S.F. 943   Exemption for purchases by nonprofit entities (as proposed to be amended by A-3)
S.F. 944   Prohibition on Engine Braking in Minneapolis and Burnsville
S.F. 947   Retainage Requirements For Building And Construction Contracts - The First Engrossment, as Amended by the A-3
S.F. 952   Transportation of nonresident pupils
S.F. 956   Establishing a Community and Technical College Grant
S.F. 958   Child welfare workforce stability, Minn-LInK, and caseload studies; Child Welfare Training System modification requirement; reporting, rulemaking, and appropriation - The First Engrossment
S.F. 968   Personal Care Assistance Services Payment Rate Methodology Establishment
S.F. 971   Home Care Providers Provisions Modifications
S.F. 972   Minnetonka school district fund transfer
S.F. 973   Advisory Council on Rare Diseases (First Engrossment)
S.F. 975   Human Services Public Assistance Asset Limits Imposition And Provisions Modifications
S.F. 978   Human Services Licensing Provisions Modifications
S.F. 979   Child care training timelines extension and clarification (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 980   Child care training requirements clarification
S.F. 982   Family child care emergency preparedness plan requirements modifications
S.F. 983   Personal Care Assistance Services Eligibility Modifications
S.F. 990   Modifying the Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer Board
S.F. 993   Sparsity Revenue Calculation
S.F. 996   R & D alternative simplified credit allowed
S.F. 998   Establishing a Process for Hiring Private Consultants (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1004   Driver’s License Reinstatement Diversion Program (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1008   Fixed base percentage allowed for R & D credit
S.F. 1011   State and Local Government Settlement Accountability and Transparency
S.F. 1020   Designated agency in real estate transactions (SCS1020A-4, delete-everything amendment)
S.F. 1030   Day care facilities licensing statutes recodification requirement
S.F. 1034   Child care substitute length of time to provide care modification
S.F. 1035   Child care licensing and background study record requirements streamline authorization
S.F. 1036   Modifying Town Officer Terms; Modifying Audit Requirements for Towns
S.F. 1039   Renewable Development Account Modifications; Appropriations for Net Zero Emissions Project and Biomass Business Compensation (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 1055   Truman school district fund transfer
S.F. 1056   Shared time pupils expansion
S.F. 1063   Clean Water Legacy Act modification; coordinated watershed management establishment
S.F. 1065   Modification of the Minnesota State High School League exemption sunset date
S.F. 1090   Reestablishing an Ombudsman for Corrections
S.F. 1092   MNLARS Deficiency Appropriation; Independent MNLARS Review (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 1093   Transportation Omnibus (Fourth Engrossment)
S.F. 1097   Family child care homes and group family child care minimum water temperature requirements clarification
S.F. 1100   Law Enforcement Authority; Tribal Peace Officers (A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1105   Out-of-home placements additional county and tribe reimbursements establishment and appropriation
S.F. 1106   PILT; Modifying Reappraisal Timeline; Limiting Valuation Reduction (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 1109   Firefighter post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) targeted grant program establishment and appropriation
S.F. 1110   Child care workforce, supply, and quality credit (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 1111   (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment) Child care assistance for homeless people
S.F. 1114   Occupation Tax Credit
S.F. 1118   Appropriating Money for a Domestic Abuse Prevention Program for Veterans and their Families
S.F. 1122   Mileage-Based User Fee Pilot Program
S.F. 1131   Children's residential treatment payment provisions effective date modification
S.F. 1138   Community Education Program Modification
S.F. 1139   Voluntary prekindergarten pupil expenditure recording
S.F. 1148   LRT Operating and Capital Cost Allocation Changes
S.F. 1149   Conduct Admissible as Evidence; Adding Violation of a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order
S.F. 1153   Providing Guidance to Courts on Sentencing Veterans for Criminal Offenses Related to a Service-Related Disorder
S.F. 1159   Social Media Warning (A-2 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1173   Modification of local government taxing authority prohibition
S.F. 1181   Modifying Aviation Degree Loan Forgiveness Provisions
S.F. 1193   Community Solar Garden Program Modifications
S.F. 1198   Special education tuition billing adjustments; Duluth formula adjustment (as amended by the author's amendment)
S.F. 1200   Authorizing County Probation Officers to Supervise Adult Felons
S.F. 1202   Eliminating Crime of Unauthorized use of the Word "Portorama"
S.F. 1211   Student organizations appropriations
S.F. 1212   Agricultural educator grants
S.F. 1215   Farm Work License Modifications (as amdneded)
S.F. 1217   Child foster care provisions modifications
S.F. 1219   Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe child welfare services appropriation
S.F. 1221   Day Training and Habilitation Providers Grants Appropriation
S.F. 1225   Providing Aid for Minnesota State Two-Year Colleges Located Outside of the Metropolitan Area
S.F. 1237   Debt Service Equalization Aid
S.F. 1238   Mixed delivery requirement for voluntary prekindergarten participants
S.F. 1243   Service-learning grant program
S.F. 1245   Abolish MN.IT
S.F. 1250   Consumer-Directed Community Supports Modification - As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment
S.F. 1257   Epinephrine Auto Injectors
S.F. 1259   Medical assistance (MA) reimbursement rate for critical mental health services provided by certain providers increase
S.F. 1260   School district disposal of surplus computers
S.F. 1263   Omnibus Privacy Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1264   Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity Establishment
S.F. 1273   Permanent School Fund Compensation (as amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1275   Modifying Documentation of Tax-Forfeited Land Sales (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 1280   Minnesota Inclusion Initiative Grant Program Establishment and Appropriation
S.F. 1281   American Indian families child protection education appropriation
S.F. 1282   American Indian families ombudsman office creation and appropriation; American Indian community-specific board provisions modification
S.F. 1295   Child care authorizations for parenting time clarification
S.F. 1297   Definition of Textbooks for Nonpublic Pupil Aid (Delete-All Amendment)
S.F. 1306   Early learning scholarship program modifications
S.F. 1308   Creating a College Promise Grant Program
S.F. 1335   Bulk Motor Vehicle Records Modifications
S.F. 1339   LRT Operators Subject To Reckless or Careless Driving Law
S.F. 1347   Minnesota Math Corps
S.F. 1349   Judgement interest rate
S.F. 1350   Admissibility limitation for use of seat belt repealed
S.F. 1353   Teaching License Revocation
S.F. 1358   Hospital Construction Moratorium Public Interest Review Process Modification
S.F. 1367   Modifying child care assistance program data privacy and early learning scholarships eligibility (first engrossment)
S.F. 1368   Metropolitan Agriculture Preserves
S.F. 1372   Hydropower Treatment under the Renewable Energy Standard Modifications
S.F. 1404   Veterans' Voices Program (with A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1407   Adding On-Track Railroad Equipment to Railroad Crossing Law
S.F. 1409   Annual Surcharge for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
S.F. 1413   Local Correctional Officers Discipline Procedures (A19-0203 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1414   Omnibus Agriculture Policy
S.F. 1416   Daylight Saving Time (Advanced Standard Time) Year-Round Standard - The First Engrossment
S.F. 1423   Solar Energy Incentive Program Modifications
S.F. 1424   Solar Energy Grants for School Districts (As Amended by the Delete-All Amendment)
S.F. 1425   Repeal of Special Law for Ramsey County Community Corrections Department
S.F. 1427   “Breakfast after the bell” school breakfast program (As amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1430   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drone) Used by Law Enforcement Agencies Regulations
S.F. 1431   Electronic communications privacy act
S.F. 1432   Employee username and password privacy
S.F. 1437   Children's and parent's mental health provisions modifications
S.F. 1439   Curriculum best practices sharing
S.F. 1441   Sentencing Guidelines Modifications to Apply to Crimes Prospectively Only
S.F. 1443   Providing Funding for Soil and Water Conservation Districts
S.F. 1448   Estate tax repeal
S.F. 1449   Corporate franchise tax and AMT rate reduction
S.F. 1452   Ombudsperson for child care providers creation and appropriation - The Second Engrossment
S.F. 1473   Amending Tuition for Online Courses
S.F. 1480   Made in Minnesota Solar Energy Production Incentive Payment Remaining Obligation; Appropriation
S.F. 1481   Mental health services payment and payment denial clarification
S.F. 1489   Energy Utility Workforce and Supplier Diversity (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1496   Vehicle Titling and Registration Modifications (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 1501   Modifying Distribution of Penalties, Interest, and Costs on Wind & Solar Production Taxes (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 1502   Application of tax to captive insurance companies (revised)
S.F. 1503   Public School Energy Use Reporting
S.F. 1506   Emergency Management Readiness Grants
S.F. 1522   Partnership audit reporting and payment requirements
S.F. 1526   Minor League Baseball Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements
S.F. 1529   Modifying treatment of unrelated business income tax
S.F. 1532   Certified community behavioral health clinics (CCBHC) services modifications
S.F. 1537   Private letter ruling program establishment; modifying audit and examination procedure
S.F. 1543   Minnesota Humanities Center and Veterans' Voices Program
S.F. 1548   Move Over Law; Recycling and Solid Waste Vehicles (As Amended)
S.F. 1551   Soil Loss
S.F. 1557   Teacher Licensure Requirements
S.F. 1573   K-12 expense subtraction and credit expanded to include prekindergarten expenses
S.F. 1583   Imposing Tuition Freezes at the U of M and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
S.F. 1585   Bioincentive Programs
S.F. 1586   Direct Care and Treatment Department Creation; Office of Inspector General Creation  
S.F. 1590   Waste Tire Facilities Financial Qualifications and Assurance Requirement - The First Engrossment
S.F. 1609   Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 1619   Extending early learning scholarship eligibility to age six
S.F. 1622   Stone Arch Bridge Transferred to Minneapolis
S.F. 1625   Hopkins School District Fund Transfer
S.F. 1638   911 Dispatchers Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction; Appropriation
S.F. 1639   Historic structure rehabilitation credit modification
S.F. 1644   Housing Policy (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1651   Modifying Political Subdivision Compensation (as amended by the proposed A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1654   Southwest LRT Vibration Impact on Calhoun Isles Properties
S.F. 1659   Establishing a Capitol Flag Program for Families of Military Service Members and First Responders Who Die in the Line of Duty
S.F. 1663   Exemption for admissions to certain nonprofit events
S.F. 1671   Town Road and Bridge Assistance Account
S.F. 1676   Construction materials exemption for Monticello fire station
S.F. 1680   Medicare Supplement Insurance (MACRA Conformity)
S.F. 1684   Authorizing the City of Scandia to Create a Subordinate Service District for Broadband Service
S.F. 1689   Civics education grants
S.F. 1692   Energy and Utilities Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1694   Human services background study set aside criteria modification
S.F. 1702   Developing and Appropriating Money for a Clinical Mental Health Training Program for Pediatric Residents (with A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1704   Regional Public Library Systems
S.F. 1706   Wage garnishment modifications (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 1708   Requiring State to Pay Costs of Property Tax Judgments Against State-Assessed Property
S.F. 1731   Authorizing the Appointment of Specified County Offices
S.F. 1732   Outpatient Surgical Centers Facility Sharing Authorization - First Engrossment
S.F. 1735   Exemption for purchasing rights to certain collegiate events
S.F. 1736   Creating a Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
S.F. 1743   School Calendar Adjustment (Conference Committee Report)
S.F. 1747   Unfilled Government Agency Positions Appropriation Reduction Authorization
S.F. 1749   Various Transportation Policy Provisions (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 1753   Probable Cause for Violation of Work Zone Law (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1757   Use of Funds for Certain Legal Proceedings Prohibition
S.F. 1764   Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Provisions Modifications
S.F. 1772   Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services Program (ADSIS)
S.F. 1786   Sexual Assault Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1787   Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program Modifications
S.F. 1796   Child maltreatment and neglect statutory sections reorganization and clarification; technical changes
S.F. 1803   Election Day Registrant Challenges and Voting Procedures
S.F. 1815   Minnesota Investment Fund Local Government Loan Repayment Funds Onetime Restriction Exemption
S.F. 1816   Wage Theft (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1817   Exemption for grain bins
S.F. 1820   Alternative Teacher Compensation (Q-comp) Aid Increase (as amended by the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 1825   Venture SE Minnesota Diversification Revolving Loan Program
S.F. 1831   Increasing participation limits in prekindergarten programs
S.F. 1832   Early learning scholarship program modifications
S.F. 1834   Behavioral health home services governing provisions modifications
S.F. 1836   Miscellaneous Capital Investment Bonding Appropriations
S.F. 1841   Office of Higher Education student complaint data classification
S.F. 1845   Child Care Assistance Program Eligibility Restrictions
S.F. 1851   Clarifying a Provision in the Workforce Development Scholarship Program
S.F. 1859   Agriculture Policy (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1861   Statewide Assessments
S.F. 1872   Scholarship donation credit (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 1875   Zero-Based Budgeting Establishment
S.F. 1876   Collective Bargaining Agreements and Compensation Plans Submission to LCC
S.F. 1877   State Employers Authorization to Contract to Pay Employees Based on the Biennial Appropriation - As Amended by the A-2 Amendment
S.F. 1880   Establishing a Loan Forgiveness Program for Mental Health Professionals (A-2 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1888   Community Energy Transition Competitive Grant Program (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1891   Community Solar Contiguous County Requirements Modification
S.F. 1892   Northstar Commuter Rail Extension (As Amended)
S.F. 1894   Sports Wagering Commission Establishment - The First Engrossment
S.F. 1896   Modification of licensing requirements for petroleum distributors
S.F. 1922   Establishing American Allies Day
S.F. 1923   Providing Funding to Construct the Minnesota Medal of Honor Commemorative Memorial
S.F. 1935   Childhood trauma-informed policy and practices task force establishment and reporting requirements
S.F. 1938   Breckenridge School District PSEO
S.F. 1939   LGA; Modifying City Aid Formula; Increasing Appropriation
S.F. 1940   Authorizing the Placement of a Plaque in the Court of Honor on the Capitol Grounds Honoring all Minnesota Veterans
S.F. 1945   Ditch buffer strips public drainage system acquisition and compensation acceleration; runoff and sediment option under charges for public drainage ditch repairs provision
S.F. 1947   Construction materials exemption for Minneota school
S.F. 1949   Dry cleaners fees modifications; conditional limited transfer of sales tax revenues permission; appropriation
S.F. 1957   School safety grants
S.F. 1958   Superintendents Nonsubstantive Style Changes
S.F. 1970   Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Centers Licensing Requirements Modifications - As Proposed to be Amended by the Author's A-2
S.F. 1982   State Agency Hearing for County to Dispute Liability for Portion of Cost of Care
S.F. 1987   DNR Policy Changes Related to Recreational vehicles, invasive species, game and fish law, natural resources training certification and fees authorization
S.F. 1988   Permanent school fund compensation authority clarification
S.F. 1991   DNR Lands Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1993   Eastern Carver County School District levy authority for transportation hub
S.F. 1995   Farmed Cervidae Modifications (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2004   State Employees with Disabilities Provision Modifications
S.F. 2006   Proposed Rule Impact on Residential Construction or Remodeling Costs
S.F. 2011   Worker Safety and Energy Security Act (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2012   Community Competency Restoration Task Force Establishment and Appropriation
S.F. 2023   Modifying Certain Higher Education Policy Provisions
S.F. 2024   Appropriating Money for College Possible
S.F. 2028   Integrated care model pilot project establishment and appropriation
S.F. 2029   Clarifying the Application of Certain Laws Governing Audits of Counties by the State Auditor
S.F. 2030   Exemption for Career and Technical Educators
S.F. 2034   Supplemental Nonprofit Security Grant Program
S.F. 2055   Vendor allowance
S.F. 2068   Appraiser Regulation
S.F. 2071   Airport Zoning Requirements
S.F. 2073   Full-Time Equivalent State Employment Positions Freeze
S.F. 2079   Eligibility for the Veteran's Identifier on State-Issued Identification Cards
S.F. 2084   Resolution of Net Metering Disputes; Arbiter of Disputes Clarification
S.F. 2085   Transit Opt-Out Financial Assistance
S.F. 2094   Telecommuter Forward! Certification Creation
S.F. 2096   Renewable energy in state buildings modifications; outdoor recreation grants modifications; game and fish law modifications (first engrossment)
S.F. 2097   Cloud Computing Service Options in State Agency Information Technology Projects Consideration Requirement
S.F. 2111   Affirmative Approval before Interim Implementation of State Employee Collective Bargaining Agreements Requirement
S.F. 2112   Racing Commission Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Licensing, Reporting 
S.F. 2120   Correctional Facility Employees Administration of Opiate Antagonists
S.F. 2125   Children in Foster Care Human Services Protections Requirement
S.F. 2130   Liquor Bill
S.F. 2139   Shared Time Aid for Digital Learning
S.F. 2140   Minnesota State Academies Rental Income Proceeds Deposit Modification
S.F. 2141   Background Study Disqualification Set Aside Permanent Bar Modification
S.F. 2147   Clarifying Duties of Commissioner of Veterans Affairs
S.F. 2154   First Class Cities Authority to Establish Speed Limits (As Amended)
S.F. 2155   Criminal Forfeiture (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2158   United Way of Central Minnesota Grant Appropriation for Promise Neighborhood of Central Minnesota
S.F. 2163   Airport Infrastructure Renewal (AIR) Grant Program (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 2165   Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
S.F. 2173   Highly Automated Vehicle Testing (As Amended)
S.F. 2177   Truck Platooning (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 2182   Business Management Education Requirement for Residential Building Contractors, Remodelers, and Roofers
S.F. 2185   Grant Application Data Submitted to the Board of the Arts or to a Regional Arts Council (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2188   Various Correctional Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2197   Modification of Local Government Unit Definition
S.F. 2199   Special waiver of income tax penalties
S.F. 2206   School Bus Right-of-Way
S.F. 2212   School district flexible learning year without commissioner approval
S.F. 2214   Establishing a Pilot Program Testing Inclusive Access for the Distribution of Postsecondary Textbooks (with proposed A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 2226   Agriculture and Housing Budget Bill, Articles 2 and 4 (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 2227   The State Government Omnibus Appropriations Bill - The Third Engrossment
S.F. 2228   Gambling Control Board Regulatory Provisions Modifications
S.F. 2255   Redistricting Commission and Principles (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 2257   Requiring the Office of Higher Education to Inform Students of Postsecondary Education Options for those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
S.F. 2267   Modifying Hennepin County Library Director Qualifications
S.F. 2295   Sexual harassment definition modification
S.F. 2310   Commerce Technical Bill
S.F. 2313   NAIC Model Regulation Conformance (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2314   Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus Policy & Finance Bill (Article 3 Third Engrossment)
S.F. 2319   Appropriating Money for an Education Debt Relief Grant
S.F. 2321   Establishes the Uniform State Labor Standards Act
S.F. 2322   Child care technical assistance notice establishment (1st Engrossment).
S.F. 2327   Robbinsdale School District fund transfer
S.F. 2333   State Auditor Supplemental Audits County Billings Restriction And Refunds Appropriation
S.F. 2334   State Auditor Disputed Billings Resolution Procedure Establishment
S.F. 2339   Contractor Recovery Fund; Consumer Awareness Campaign (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 2342   Electric Vehicle Charging Station Revolving Loan Program (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2358   Veterans and Military Affairs Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2363   Retaining early educators through attaining incentives now (REETAIN) grant program
S.F. 2378   Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council Recommendations
S.F. 2394   Department of Human Rights: Access to closed case files authorized
S.F. 2412   Limitation on Bikeway Establishment
S.F. 2439   Education stability for students in foster care
S.F. 2440   Allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to Contract with Publicity Representatives
S.F. 2448   Law Enforcement Memorial Association Plate Fund Distribution (As Amended)
S.F. 2452   Health and Human Services Finance Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2466   Older and Vulnerable Adults Financial Exploitation Protection
S.F. 2468   Department of Public Safety Agency Policy Bill: Predatory Offender Registration; Statewide Emergency Communication; Wheelchair Securement Devices
S.F. 2471   Solar Generation on Closed Landfill Study
S.F. 2474   Commerce Appropriations - The First Engrossment
S.F. 2499   Youth intervention donation tax credit
S.F. 2517   Creating a Low-Interest Student Loan Program
S.F. 2519   Long-term facilities maintenance revenue; school safety facility enhancements
S.F. 2523   Statutory Open Appropriation for Legislator Salaries Creation - The First Engrossment
S.F. 2539   Licensed Home and Community-Based Services Providers Reception of Payments
S.F. 2541   Modifying Certain Requirements Related To Public Contracting - The First Engrossment
S.F. 2565   Early learning scholarship amounts increase authorization
S.F. 2571   Modifying Class Rate for Class 4d Properties
S.F. 2574   Appropriating Money for a Grant to the Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley
S.F. 2601   Modification of estimated tax payment dates for corporations
S.F. 2611   Omnibus Jobs and Economic Development Bill - First Engrossment
S.F. 2615   Nuclear decommissioning fund as exempt entity
S.F. 2666   Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Contracting Limits
S.F. 2685   Assisted Living Licensing Requirements, Fees, and Fines Establishment - As Amended by the A-3 Amendment; Issues in the Jurisdiction of the Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections
S.F. 2692   Requiring a Report on How to Achieve a Ten Percent Reduction in Administrative Costs
S.F. 2701   Inspector general division within state auditor office establishment
S.F. 2726   Miscellaneous State Government Appropriations and Policy Provisions Modifications
S.F. 2758   Transportation Finance Provisions
S.F. 2784   Predatory Offender Registration
S.F. 2841   Argosy University Closure (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2882   Vehicle Title and Registration System (VTRS), as Amended by the A-5 Amendment
Regular Session, House Files
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H.F. 15   Eliminating the Voluntary Relationship Defense for Criminal Sexual Conduct Crimes
H.F. 50   Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving (First Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 51   Discharge of restrictive covenants related to protected classes
H.F. 80   Miscellaneous Capital Investment Bonding Appropriations
H.F. 281   Modifies Open Meeting Law
H.F. 1555   Transportation Omnibus (First Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 2208   Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Energy Bill (First Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 2400   E-12 Education Omnibus Bill
H.F. 2414   Omnibus Health and Human Services Appropriations (UEH2414-1)
First Special Session - 2019, Senate Files
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S.F. 10   State Government Omnibus Appropriations