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Minnesota State Senate Bill Summaries

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. When bills are passed by both bodies and signed by the governor, summaries may be created for selected acts.

Bill summaries are listed on this page. View Act Summaries

For background information on the bills process, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Minnesota Legislature.

Staff from the office of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis create side-by-side comparison summaries in collaboration with House Research and Fiscal staff that summarize and compare similar bill provisions to be negotiated in a conference committee. These summaries are used by elected representatives and staff to guide their work in the negotiation process. See Side-by-Side Summaries

2021 - 2022 Bill Summaries
First Special Session, Senate Files
State Government Omnibus; Second Unofficial Engrossment
Public Safety and Judiciary Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
Jobs and Economic Growth Omnibus
Transportation Omnibus
Housing Omnibus Budget Bill
Higher Education Finance and Policy
Commerce Energy Omnibus Budget Bill (Articles 3 – 8)
Environment Omnibus Bill
First Special Session, Education Omnibus (As Amended by the A21-0248)
First Special Session; Bonding Amendments Bill
First Special Session, House Files
Agriculture and Rural Development Policy (1st Engrossment)
Second Engrossment – Omnibus Tax Bill
HHS Omnibus Summary – 2021 First Special Session
Capital Improvement Projects Prior Appropriations Modified – The Second Engrossment
Regular Session, Senate Files
Operation of Businesses during COVID-19 Pandemic with COVID-19 Safety Plan (1st Engrossment)
Elimination of Governor's Authority to use Peacetime Emergency Restrictions on Schools
February 2021 Budget Forecast Planning Estimates Reduction–The First Engrossment
Legislative Approval to Extend Peacetime Emergency
Relating to State Disasters
Federal Funds Received for Covid-19 Purposes to be Spent Pursuant to a Direct Appropriation – The First Engrossment
Minnow importation requirements modification
Sales tax exemption nontoxic ammunition and fishingtackle
Office of Ombudsperson for Child Care Providers creation and appropriation
Modifying Certain Homestead-Related Deadlines
Corrective Plan to Eliminate Duplicate Personal Identification Numbers in the Human Services Department Authorization
Establishing a Loan Forgiveness Program for Mental Health Professionals
Local Government Aid Reduction for Cities that Reduce Peace Officers
Carlton & Pine County Soil and Water Conservation Districts Temporary Levy Authority
Dedicated Anchorages for Window Cleaning Exemption
Temporary credit; closed or reduced operating capacity businesses
Tribal and county reimbursement of costs for federal funds incorrectly claimed appropriations
First-Degree Assault (First Engrossment)
Modifying Maximum Levy Rate for Cloquet Area Fire & Ambulance Special Taxing District
Construction materials sales tax exemption for Bloomington fire station
Clarifying the Applicable Criminal Penalty for a Violation of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 12
Authorizing the Provision of Dental Servicesfor Residents of Veterans Homes
Making Technical Changes to the GI Bill
Authorizing the Commissioner of Veterans Affairsto Establish Veteran Adult Day Care Programs
Telework Grant Appropriation
Vendor allowance
Technical Change to Identity Theft Crime
Direct Care Service Corps Pilot Project Establishment and Appropriation
Stay of Adjudication/Discharge and Dismissal for Certain Veterans (as amended by SCS0116A-3)
Disqualification Of Individuals Subject To Human Services Background Studies With Expunged Criminal Records Prohibition
Construction materials sales tax exemption for Maplewood fire station and emergency management center
Crime Alert Categories to Include Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease; Appropriating Money
Modifying the Calculation of the Special Property Tax Refund
Careless Driving Penalty (1 st Engrossment)
Mandated Health benefit Proposals Evaluation Process
Advanced Standard Time, also Known as Daylight Savings Time, Year Round
Two-Wheeled Vehicle Endorsement Fee Increase
Automatic Sprinkler Systems in Existing Public Housing Buildings Requirement (As Amended by the A-2 and A-3 Amendments)
Dry Cleaner Environmental Response Changes and Appropriation
Voter ID 2nd Engrossment
Alzheimer's Public Information Campaign Establishment and Appropriation
Medical Assistance Welfare Data Destruction by Responsible Authorities Requirement
Minnesota Inclusion Initiative Grant Program Establishment and Appropriation
Statewide Parent to Parent Programs for Families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Temporary Experience Rating for 2021
Law Enforcement Hiring Information Access Expansion
Sales tax exemption for certain construction materials purchased by contractors
Nuclear Power Plant Certificate of Need Issue Prohibition Abolition
Labor and Industry Policy Bill (First Engrossment)
Energy Conservation and Optimization Act
Establishing Agricultural Riparian Buffer Property Tax Credit
Licensed substance use disorder treatment providers alternative licensing inspections establishment
Online Driver Education (as amended by the A-8 amendment)
Authorizing a Property Tax Exemption for Property Owned by Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organizations
Construction materials sales tax exemption for Marshall school district buildings
PPP Loan Forgiveness Provisions; C-option Corporation Authorization (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Family Child Care Regulation Modernization Project Establishment; Appropriation
Subtraction of taxable Social Security and other retirement benefits
Third-party Driver’s License Testing
Omnibus Bonding Bill – as amended by the A-1 DE Amendment
Freight Network Optimization Tool
Parenting with a Disability Support Services Pilot Project - as Amended by the A-2 Author’s Amendment
Human Services Background Study Disqualification Review Task Force Establishment and Appropriation
Designating a Portion of Marked Trunk Highway 13 in Waseca County as “Corporal Caleb L. Erickson Memorial Highway”
Confidential Informant Model Policy
State Agency Value Initiative (SAVI) Program – as amended by the A-1 Amendment
Modifying Classification Rate for Class 4d Low-Income Rental Properties
Housing supports modification
Minnesota Department of Information Technology Provisions Technical Changes – The First Engrossment
Board of Cosmetologist Examiners Legislative Appointees Addition
Authorizing Action to Compel Condemnation Proceedings and Just Compensation for Business Closures Required by Executive Orders
Authorizing the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs to Establish a Veterans Stable Housing Initiative
Allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to Contract with Publicity Representatives
Sales for school fundraising
MSOCS Coon Rapids Ilex state-operated community services location commissioner of human services closure requirement
HHS Reform Budget Omnibus (2nd Engrossment)
Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue and Capital Levies
Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Orders for Protection Act
State Government Positions Appropriations Reduction – The First Engrossment
State Government Positions Appropriations Reduction – As Amended by the A-3 Amendment
Charitable Bail Organizations (First Engrossment)
Contractor Recovery Fund
Natural Gas Innovation Act (The First Engrossment)
Repealing Driver’s License Rules Relating to Drivers with Diabetes
Election of Presidential Electors
Driver’s License Suspension Modifications
Real Property Ownership and Tax-Forfeited Land
Real Property Ownership and Tax-Forfeited Land (as amended by SCS0440A-2)
Subtraction of taxable Social Security and other retirement benefits
Predatory Offender Registration Status Disclosure to Hospice Provider
Strengthening the Increase Teachers of Colors Act
Floodwood local sales tax authorization
Removing Certain Criteria Related to Issuing Driver’s Licenses to Drivers with Diabetes
Chemical dependency treatment administrative rule provisions repeal; chemical dependency treatment applicants local human services agency notification requirement to open a new treatment program (1st Engrossment)
Authorizing the Use of Lawful Gambling Profits to Bring Buildings Owned by Veterans Organizations into Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
Long-term care insurance credit increase
Construction materials sales tax exemption for Virginia regional public safety center and Miner’s Memorial recreation complex and convention center
Cervid carcass importation prohibition; muzzleloader provisions modifications; wildlife management areas portable stand permanent placement authorization
Veterans and Military Affairs (Third Engrossment)
Department of Revenue free e-filing report
Human Services Remote Home and Community-Based Services Waivers Extension
Human Services Background Checks (2nd engrossment)
Personal Care Assistance Agencies Enrollment Requirements - as Amended by the A-2 Author’s Amendment
Child care providers administrative law procedures modification – First Engrossment
Assistance to Inmates (Third Engrossment)
Local Bridge Replacement Program Modifications (as amended by the A-3 amendment)
MnDOT Project Selection Modifications
State Building Code Applicability and Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Public Places of Accommodation (1st Engrossment)
Authorizing a Grant to Black Men Teach Twin Cities to Increase the Number of Black Male Teachers
Service and Support Animal Documentation
Reverse Mortgage Loan Servicer Notification Requirements
Modifying notice in certain family court proceedings
Construction materials sales tax exemption for St. Peter fire station
Energy Conservation in State Buildings(As Amended by the SCS0543 A-3 Amendment)
Revenue Recapture; Disallowing Claims from Certain Hospitals
Full subtraction of taxable Social Security benefits; imposition of net investment income tax
911 Telecommunicator Working Group
Electronic benefit card prohibited purchases expansion to gambling-related purchases
Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities payment rates modification
K-12 credit modifications (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Wind energy and solar energy production tax calculation modification
Bioincentive Program Modification and Appropriation
Prohibiting Specified Uses of Highway Funds
School Bus Stop Arm Penalties (as amended by the A-2 amendment)
Requiring that Layoffs of State Employees be Geographically Distributed – as amended by the A-4
Law Enforcement Salary Increases (4th Engrossment) (S.F.592 spreadsheet)
Appropriating Money for a Grant to Helmets to Hard Hats
Presentence Investigation Reports to Include Information Related to Brain Injury
Self-employment income treatment modification for cash assistance program eligibility determination
Water appropriations, wells, and permitting provisions modifications
Township Road Improvement Program; Dedication of Auto Parts Sales Tax Revenues
Referendum Equalization Levy
Safe Schools Revenue
Specifying Term of Imprisonment for First-Degree Murder of an Unborn Child
Fee and Permit Conditions Modifications
Vehicle Salvage Title Modification (1st Engrossment)
Correctional Officers Discipline Provisions Modifications, as amended by the A-1 amendment
Person Absentee Voting Polling Places
Election Judge Party Affiliation List
Seizure Training and Action Plan
MNPASS Lane Modification
Same-Day Driver’s License Pilot Project
Department of Natural Resources Data on Minors Classified as Private
Manufactured Homes Affixed to Real Property
Providing a Military Veterans Jobs Tax Credit
Repealing the historic structure rehabilitation credit
Marriage licenses; harmless error for wills
Ranked-Choice Voting Prohibition
School District Revenue Uses & Redirection
Administrative rulemaking specific grant of authority for rules adoption requirement; expedited rules public hearing threshold reduction; obsolete rules report requirements
Modifying Provisions Related to the Appointment, Rank, Term, and Vacancy of the Adjutant General
Department of Military Affairs Agency Bill, Modifying the Minnesota Code of Military Justice (First Engrossment)
Automatic Verification Software Bid Preference Pilot Program Establishment
County Reporting Requirements for Transportation Sales and Use Tax
DVS Policy Changes
Allowing Release of Crash Reports to Prosecuting Attorneys
Establishing a tobacco use prevention and cessation account
School Bus Inspection Criteria
Lawful gambling expenditure restrictions for organizations modification
Limited liability for claims related to COVID-19
Modifying Eminent Domain Commissioner Qualifications
Local Government Aid Adjustment for Cities with Unpaid Local Assistance Amounts (First Engrossment)
Gambling Control Board Membership Requirements Modification
Competitive Market Regulation Election
County Agency Access to Information by Phone or Written Communication – as amended by the A-4 Amendment
Construction materials sales tax exemption for Buffalo fire station
Sex Trafficking/Prostitution and other Criminal Justice-Related Changes
School Meals Policies
Modifying Responsibilities of the Community Education Advisory Council; Modifying the Calculation and Uses of General Community Education Revenue
Modifying Teacher Licensing, Hiring, and Dismissal Provisions (A-2 Delete Everything Amendment)
Establishing a Scholarship Program for Teachers of Color and Modifying Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Grants
Window Fall Prevention Device (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Vehicle Registration Self-Service Kiosks (as amended by the A-3 amendment)
Environment Policy Omnibus Bill (Delete Everything Amendment)
Group family day care child-adult capacity ratios and age distribution restrictions modifications (1st Engrossment)
Appropriating Money to Support Programs of College Admission and Graduation for Low-Income Students
Relating to Open Meeting Law
School Health Services
Requiring the Board of Trustees to Adopt Retroactive Internship Credit Standards
Office of Higher EducationPolicy Bill (as proposed to be amendment by the A-2author’s amendment)
Increasing the Maximum Probation Periods for Certain Offenses
Oversight of sober housing programs study and appropriation
Nondiscrimination in access to organ transplants
Pay 2022 Local Government Aid Minimum Amount; Appropriation Increase
Human services tribal and county reimbursement costs incurred due to administrative error appropriation
Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile Report
Predatory Offender Registry Modification Involving Offenders from Other States
Local Government Rent Control Prohibition Exception Repeal
Limiting Municipal Planning and Zoning Controls (First Engrossment)
Criteria for Housing Grants and Loans
Modifications to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Regulations (1st Engrossment)
Credit for ethanol retailers (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Employee Notice Requirements Modifications
Nonpublic Pupil Aid Calculation Modification and Appropriation
R&D credit calculation modification
Electronic benefit transfer cards use modification
Children's mental health grants eligible services modification and appropriation
Child care professional supply and retention credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Postsecondary Enrollments Options Program (PSEO)
Court-Appointed Counsel for Parents in Child Protection Proceedings
Clean Energy First
Agriculture and Rural Development Policy (4th Engrossment)
3rd Engrossment (Article 2) – Environment Omnibus Bill
E-12 Education Omnibus (Second Engrossment)
Specifying Projects for Which Grant Funds May Be Used
Appropriating Money for the Summer Academic Enrichment Program
Judiciary and Public Safety Funding Bill (Third Engrossment)
Amendment - Modification to Mentally Incapacitated Definition in Criminal Sexual Conduct Laws
Commerce Appropriations
Governor’s Proposed State Government Omnibus
Higher Education Finance and Policy (Third Engrossment)
Restructuring and Renaming the Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority as the Minnesota Health and Education Facilities Authority
Personal Care Assistance Program Modification - As Amended by the A-1 Author’s Amendment
Evidence-Based Education Grants
Office of Administrative Hearings contested case hearing disposition
Prohibiting Use of Public Funds to Promote or Defeat Ballot Questions
Digital Well-Being Grant
Child care assistance and child care provider provisions modifications
Sunset of Recovery of Gas Utility Infrastructure Costs Repeal
Provisions governing Office of the Legislative Auditor activities modification
Building and Construction Contracts (First Engrossment)
Criminal Sexual Assault Investigations
Office for Ombudsman for American Indian Families establishment; American Indian community specific board provisions modification; transferring and appropriating money
Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits for Secondary Students
Power Purchase Agreement for Certain Electric Cogeneration Activities
2019 Local Government Aid Penalty Forgiveness; City of Roosevelt
Family first prevention act update, modifications, and provider certification
Surcharges on Electric Vehicles and Electric Motorcycles (1st Engrossment)
State Building Code and State Fire Code Waiver Process for Members of Recognized Tribes
Permitting the City of Lake City to Establish a Port Authority Commission
Disability Services Policy Statements Modification, As amended by the A-2 Author’s Amendment
Jobs and Economic Growth Omnibus – 1st Engrossment
Tax expenditure review provisions; establishing a tax expenditure review commission
Expanding the Hunger-Free Campus Designation
Frost Footing Depth Changes Adoption by Border Cities
Department of Corrections Fugitive Apprehension Unit
Regional Library Aid
Alternatives to Incarceration Pilot Program Expansion and Appropriation
Providing a Property Tax Exemption for Certain Tribal-Owned Land (as proposed to be amended by A-2 delete-everything amendment)
Bike Lane Prohibitions on the Trunk Highway System
K-12 subtraction increase; K-12 credit modification
Transportation Omnibus
Modifications to Telehealth Coverage (6th Engrossment)
Electric-Assist Bike Modifications
Oral Fluid Roadside Testing for Drug-Impaired Driving Pilot Project
Medical Cannabis
Nursing and Lactating Employees and Pregnancy Accommodations
Prenatal Controlled Substance Use Reporting
Prohibiting Public Dissemination of a Law Enforcement Official’s Home Address
Modifying Definition of “Income” for Property Tax Refund (as proposed to be amended by A-1 amendment)
Special Education Recovery Services and Support Plans
Limitation on Bikeway Establishment
Medical Gas Licensure, Opiate Registration Fee Exemptions, and Opiate Epidemic Response Advisory Council Modifications
Modifying Manufactured Home Park Property Tax Classifications
Disability Waiver Rate System Modification; Rates for Remote Services Establishment
K-12 credit modifications
Online Content Discrimination Prohibited
Controlled Substance Crimes; Fentanyl Weight Threshold (Second Engrossment)
1st Engrossment – 2021 Lands Bill
Modifications to the Pollution Control Agency’s Authority with Respect to Priority Qualified Facilities
Various MnDOT Policy & Technical Changes
Corridors of Commerce Program Modifications and Funding
Clarifying and Expanding Workforce Development Scholarships (as proposed to be amended by A-2)
Electric Cooperatives Use of Existing Easements to Provide Broadband Service (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Establishing Grant for Certain Students Formerly in Foster Care (SCS1306A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
Angel investment credit extension (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Pregnant and Postpartum Female Inmates Placement in Community-Based Programs
Sales tax exemption for restaurant equipment (as proposed to be amended by the A-3 delete everything amendment)
Home and Community-Based Service Providers COVID-19 Related Grants Appropriations – As Amended by the A-2
Intensive in-home children's mental health stabilization and support services establishment; intensive children's mental health services emerging federal matching funds identification requirement
Combined net receipts rates reduction (as proposed to be amended by the A-4amendment)
Modification of subtraction for discharge of indebtedness for student loans
Human services programs temporary modifications establishment as permanent changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic
State Patrol Trooper Salaries
Public assistance application modifications
Child Support; Motion to Transfer to Tribal Court
Burnsville Fire & Ambulance Special Taxing District
Public Safety Reimbursements for Extraordinary or Unplanned Events; POST Board Changes (SCS1354A-5 Delete-Everything Amendment)
Modification of subtraction of taxable Social Security benefits (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Transportation Programming and Investment Committee
Creating Fire Protection Special Taxing Districts
Nonstate Government-Owned Teaching Hospitals with High Medicaid Utilization Direct Payment Arrangements Authorization - as amended by the A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment
Classifying Teachers as Essential Employees
Modifying Charter School Authorizer Corrective Action Requirements
Turtle Taking Provisions Modifications
Northfield Fire & Ambulance Special Taxing District
Moving the Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Grant Program to the Department of Human Services Author
Relief Grants and Safe Operation of Event Centers (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Modifying Provisions Relating to Voters with a Challenged Status (1st Engrossment)
Manufactured Homes Affixed to Certain Property
State General Tax Exemption for Certain Businesses (as proposed to be amended by A-1 Amendment)
Flexible Learning Year Program; Education Innovation Zone Program
Education In-Person Instruction Schools Appropriations
2020 DNR Policy Bill
Use of Certain Driver’s License Data for Applications for Replacement Social Security Cards
Teacher and Classroom Safety
Child Pornography
Modifying Conditions to Allow Certain Land Transfers
Legislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy Reestablished
MHFA Policy Bill
Nullifying Executive Order 20-70; Prohibiting Emergency Actions Related to Landlord and Tenant Law (1st engrossment)
Short line railroad infrastructure modernization credit
Requiring Licensure of Student Loan Servicers
Community Solar Garden Program Modifications
Administrative Citations for Transit Fare Evasion
Child Support; Interest Accrual; Parent Education
Access to Certified Birth and Death Records Modified
Education Savings – (As Amended)
Prohibiting Local Contribution for Busways
2021 DNR Policy Bill
Open Meeting Law Modifications (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 amendment)
Career Pathway Grant
Child foster care and background studies provisions modifications, 1st engrossment
Federal funds request process modification; federal funds expenditures review process adjustment; Legislative Advisory Commission membership modification
Energy Transition Legacy Office Establishment
Appropriating Money to the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Creating Contracting Provisions for Historic Preservation Corps
Educator expense credit
Child Maltreatment Investigations
Contact Tracing; Immunizations; Testing and Digital Contact Tracing Limits
Exemption from June accelerated remittance requirement for certain businesses
Insurance Data Security Law
Crime Victim Notification
Plan to Minimize Impacts to Workers Due to Facility Retirement
Submission of Data Audit Reports Clarified
Basic Needs Resources
Licensure for Abortion Facilities
Domestic Violence Pilot Program and Appropriation
Department of natural resources game and fish expedited permanent rules modification
Minnesota Efficient Technology Accelerator (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Modification of subtraction for military retirement pay
Children’s Mental Health Screening Information Collection; Updates to Public Guardianship Law
Reuse and Redevelopment of Closed Landfills (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Special Soybean Meal-Hauling Permit
Legislature’s right to intervene and to approve settlements in suits challenging the validity of a statute
Vivian Act
Display of Business Addresses on Secretary of State’s Website
Minnesota Child, Elder, and Individuals with Disabilities Protection Background Check Act
Repeal of 529 plan contribution addback (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
2021 Pension and Retirement Bill - 1st Engrossment
Campaign Finance Modifications
Redistricting Principles (1st Engrossment)
Safe Place for Newborns; Vital Records
Child care for children with disabilities access expansion grants authorization and appropriation
Family Child Care Task Force recommendations implementation, 3rd engrossment
Volunteer driver reimbursement
Conformity to federal exclusion for discharge of home mortgage indebtedness (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Increasing the child and dependent care credit
Modifying Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Eligibility to Include Nonpublic Schools
Authorizing Towns and Certain Political Subdivisions to Establish Inflow and Infiltration Prevention Programs (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Authorizing Special Assessments for Energy Improvement Projects (as proposed to be amended by A-1 Amendment)
Extending Sunset of Temporary Exception for Filings of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
Abolishing the Perpich Center for Arts Education; Establishing the Lola and Rudy Perpich Arts Education Specialist Position
State Government Omnibus (2nd Engrossment)
Commerce Technical (1st Engrossment)
Minnesota housing tax credit
Department of administration provisions
Sales tax exemption for items purchased under health plans (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
State-owned buildings solar energy systems and renewable sources provisions modifications – As amended by the A-1 delete-everything amendment
Campaign Public Subsidy Modification
Experimental training regime for state managerial positions pilot program development and implementation establishment
Sales tax exemption for certain season ticket purchasing rights
Modifying County Competitive Bidding
Adjusting Certain State Grant Parameters
Office of Higher Education Risk Analysis
Driver’s License Testing Location Requirements
County Relief Grants to Local Businesses
Private letter ruling program establishment
Modifying the Teacher Candidate Grant Program and the Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program
Film production credit
Minnesota Innovation Finance Authority
Requiring Campus Mental Health Services, Training, and Information
Cromwell Wright Fire & Ambulance Special Taxing District
Phased-in subtraction of taxable Social Security benefits
Temporary solar energy system credit
Modifying Enacting Language of Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center
Temporary tax credit for certain brewers, liquor retailers, and wholesalers
Expanding the Z-Degree Program
Energy Omnibus Delete-All Amendment (SCS2075a-3)
Full subtraction of taxable Social Security benefits
Requiring Reimbursement to Certain Students
Safe at Home Program; Data Privacy
Health Care Price Transparency; Notice and Disclosure of Medicare Percent
Chemical Dispensing System and Dishwashing Machine Installation Licensing Exemptions
2021 Polar Vortex Loan Account and Low-income Assistance (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
Modifications to the Doula Registry
Partnership audits (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
Pharmacy benefit manager contract procurement requirement – as amended by the A-2 amendment
Vaccine Connector Data
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Board
Background check requirements for individuals with access to federal tax information
State General Tax; Increasing Exclusion & Reducing Levy Amount for Commercial / Industrial Property
Modifying First Tier Valuation Limit for Agricultural Homestead Property
Construction materials sales tax exemption for MSP public infrastructure
Local Government Aid Adjustment; City of East Grand Forks
Redistricting Principles and Plan Requirements (1st Engrossment)
HHS Omnibus (2nd Engrossment)
Expedited refund of estimated tax overpayments
Replacement Service Program Modifications
Requirements for publishing redistricting plans
Regular Session, House Files
Omnibus Tax Bill (First Unofficial Engrossment)
E-12 Education Omnibus-First Unofficial Engrossment (As Amended under Rule 45 to take text from S.F. 960-Second Engrossment)
H.F. 1684 – Transportation Omnibus (1st Unofficial Engrossment)
State Government Conference Committee Report Summary
H.F. No. 2128 – Omnibus Health and Human Services Policy and Finance Bill – The Conference Committee Report
Governor’s 2021 Omnibus Capital Investment Bill

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