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Education Finance and Policy

2023-2024 Regular Session

Report Date: August 22, 2023 2:50:26 PM

Bill # Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF2 Nelson Peacetime emergency authority elimination of governor's authority to use peacetime emergency restrictions on schools authorization 02/08/2021
SF45 Wiger Minnesota Reads task force to review literacy programs for children and adults establishment and appropriation 01/11/2021
SF47 Wiger Financial literacy instruction grants appropriation 01/11/2021
SF48 Wiger School districts renewal of expiring referendums by action of the school board authorization 01/11/2021
SF58 Wiger Nationally normed college entrance exam requirement for high school graduation 01/14/2021
SF64 Wiger COVID-19 educational effects actions implementation and appropriations 01/14/2021
SF67 Wiger School buildings environmental hazards notification requirement 01/14/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF96 Ruud High school league member public schools separate teams provision violation clarification 01/14/2021
SF147 Clausen School district teacher reporting provisions modifications 01/19/2021
SF154 Cwodzinski Long-term educational facilities maintenance revenue allowed uses modification 01/19/2021
SF158 Bigham Charter school authorizer to open the Sisu Environmental School for the 2021-2022 school year establishment 01/19/2021
SF161 Bigham Teacher contract deadline and penalty establishment 01/19/2021
SF190 Clausen Area learning center establishment requirements modification 01/19/2021
SF198 Wiger Full-service community schools grants appropriations 01/21/2021
SF199 Wiger Full-service community schools grants appropriations 01/21/2021
SF220 Clausen Teacher preparation programs dyslexia instruction inclusion requirement 01/21/2021
SF221 Howe Patriotic societies youth groups public school buildings access permission 01/21/2021
SF229 Clausen School threat assessment policy development requirement; safe schools levy allowable uses modification; school resource officers requirements establishment; appropriations 01/21/2021
SF232 Bigham School districts radon testing requirement 01/21/2021
SF236 Cwodzinski Financial literacy instruction grants appropriation 01/21/2021
SF237 Cwodzinski Preschool and kindergarten screen time limit; appropriation 01/21/2021
SF239 Cwodzinski School health services accessibility to disposable menstrual products requirement 01/21/2021
SF240 Cwodzinski Civics course as a high school graduation requirement 01/21/2021
SF241 Cwodzinski Distance learning broadband access grant program establishment; appropriation 01/21/2021
SF242 Chamberlain School district equalized referendum levies calculation modification; appropriation 01/21/2021
SF244 Chamberlain Language essentials for teachers of reading and spelling grants; appropriation 01/21/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF260 Chamberlain Education K-12 scholarships income tax credit 01/21/2021
SF268 Wiger Service learning integration into education system; evidence-based service-learning technical assistance and grant program; appropriation 01/25/2021
SF292 Mathews Statutory immunization requirements exemption for religious beliefs 01/25/2021
SF308 Senjem Schools maintenance of a supply of non-patient-specific epinephrine auto-injectors requirement 01/25/2021
SF321 Utke Online access to music education for children and students grant program establishment and appropriation 01/25/2021
SF327 Carlson Student absence from school for religious observances modification 01/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF332 Dziedzic School counselor in every school requirement and appropriation 01/25/2021
SF351 Chamberlain Distance learning financial aid for families due to COVID-19; appropriation 01/28/2021
SF362 Cwodzinski High school graduation requirements to include personal finance 01/28/2021
SF379 Draheim Charter schools authorizer review requirements modification 01/28/2021
SF380 Draheim School board publication of consulting fees information 01/28/2021
SF389 Dahms Educational facilities long-term facilities maintenance revenue and capital levies allowed uses clarification 01/28/2021
SF406 Rarick Consolidating school districts enhanced debt service equalization eligibility 01/28/2021
SF408 Housley Pupil transportation sparsity revenue percent update 01/28/2021
SF412 Eichorn Firearms safety, hunting and angling inclusion in school physical educations courses grant program establishment and appropriation 01/28/2021
SF426 Kiffmeyer State aid for school districts with low general education revenue and low property wealth per pupil new source creation and appropriation 01/28/2021
SF428 Torres Ray Student discipline and nonexclusionary disciplinary policies and practices modification 01/28/2021
SF438 Chamberlain Commissioner of education academic standards review cycle suspension 01/28/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF446 Abeler Teachers of color and American Indian teachers increase; equitable school enhancement grants; curriculum policy; COME teach in Minnesota hiring bonuses; grow your own programs grants; teacher mentorship and retention modifications; graduation ceremonies; appropriations 01/28/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF457 Eichorn Military, skilled trades, and manufacturing careers access offering by schools requirement 01/28/2021
SF473 Wiklund ACT scale scores establishment as a substitute for Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scale scores authorization 01/28/2021
SF495 Rarick Former landfills schools construction prohibition 02/01/2021
SF501 Clausen Area learning center establishment requirements modification 02/01/2021
SF522 Clausen Teacher preparation programs online coursework inclusion requirement 02/01/2021
SF538 Frentz Children's Museum of southern Minnesota appropriation 02/01/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF546 Torres Ray Education paraprofessionals paid orientation requirement; appropriation 02/04/2021
SF547 Torres Ray Women of Color Opportunity Act; appropriations 02/04/2021
SF548 Hoffman Child safety curriculum adoption requirement 02/04/2021
SF555 Eken Minnesota imagination library project establishment; appropriation 02/04/2021
SF567 Kiffmeyer Low revenue school districts minimum revenue guarantee creation and appropriation 02/04/2021
SF577 Miller Career and Technical Educator Pilot Project establishment and appropriation 02/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, SF9, Art. 1, Sec. 6, Art. 2, Sec. 23
SF605 Chamberlain Teacher mentoring program school districts establishment requirement; staff development revenue modification 02/04/2021
SF626 Chamberlain School district equalized referendum levies calculation modification and appropriation 02/04/2021
SF627 Chamberlain Safe schools revenue program modification and appropriation 02/04/2021
SF628 Chamberlain State assessments plan requirement 02/04/2021
SF630 Cwodzinski Youth development organizations informational access to students authorization 02/04/2021
SF631 Cwodzinski Continuing contract and tenure status of community education teachers provisions modifications 02/04/2021
SF632 Kunesh Sexual health education model program development by the commissioner of education requirement 02/04/2021
SF654 Lang School seizure training and action plan requirement 02/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF666 Port Climate justice instruction school districts and charter schools offering requirement 02/04/2021
SF679 Dornink Education innovation zone provisions modifications 02/04/2021
SF688 Rosen Education extended time revenue extension to students enrolled in career and technical education courses 02/04/2021
SF692 Jasinski Charter school admission lotteries modification 02/04/2021
SF702 Chamberlain School reading instruction requirements modification 02/08/2021
SF705 Nelson Department of education early learning scholarship appropriations 02/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF706 Nelson Department of education ParentChild+ program appropriations 02/08/2021
SF707 Nelson Education partnership program modification; coalition fund tier grants appropriations 02/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF710 Duckworth School district fund transfer flexibility extension 02/08/2021
SF726 Coleman Mental health crisis telephone number inclusion on student identification cards requirement 02/08/2021
SF732 McEwen Independent School District #709, Duluth special education revenue adjustment; base adjustment creation; supplemental special education aid authorization; appropriating money 02/08/2021
SF750 Draheim High school graduation online personal finance class requirement 02/08/2021
SF775 Wiger Department of education Minnesota GreenStep schools program appropriation 02/11/2021
SF777 Housley National school lunch program participant requirement to adopt and publish meals policies; no fees charged and respectful treatment requirements 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF781 Coleman Teacher licensing, hiring, and dismissal provisions modifications 02/11/2021
SF782 Chamberlain Education extended time revenue expansion to students in residential treatment facilities with mental health or juvenile justice services 02/11/2021
SF783 Chamberlain Community education advisory council responsibilities modification; general community education revenue calculation and allowable uses modification; appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF784 Chamberlain School district establishment of teacher mentoring programs requirement; staff development revenue allowed uses modification 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF788 Chamberlain Prekindergarten through grade 12 general education, education excellence, inclusive and welcoming schools, health and well-being, teachers, charter schools, nutrition and libraries, early childhood, post-secondary enrollment options and graduation, and technical corrections modifications 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF789 Rosen Shared time pupils definition expansion 02/11/2021
SF790 Duckworth Education Sanneh Foundation grant appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF819 Dornink School district short-call substitute teachers pilot program 02/11/2021
SF821 Eichorn After-school community learning programs modifications; appropriation 02/11/2021
SF835 Goggin School district and charter schools surplus federal property fees waiver authorization 02/11/2021
SF845 Champion Girls in Action programming grant appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF848 Kunesh Teacher licensure provisions modifications 02/11/2021
SF859 Hoffman School health services modification to allow for the use of private clinical nursing authorization; functional behavioral assessment use modification; alternative delivery of specialized instructional services programs student participation authorization 02/11/2021
SF866 Carlson Robotics program grants authorization and appropriation 02/11/2021
SF925 Eichorn Nonpublic students aid calculation modification; appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF931 Nelson Children's Museum of Rochester appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF939 Nelson Postsecondary enrollment options program modifications and appropriations 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF960 Chamberlain Omnibus education policy and finance bill 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF966 Fateh School district policy regarding student absence for religious holiday modifications 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF973 Chamberlain Summer education programs appropriation 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF987 Dornink Legislative grant for prekindergarten through grade 12 educational programs evidence based standard establishment 02/15/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2, Art. 11, Sec. 1
SF996 Newman High school civics and social studies graduation requirements modification 02/15/2021
SF1012 Chamberlain Digital well-being LiveMore ScreenLess grant appropriation 02/15/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1014 Nelson Head start appropriation and appropriation distribution modification 02/15/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1016 Dornink Digital and online library database resources for students establishment 02/15/2021
SF1048 Torres Ray Dismissals of students in kindergarten through grade 3 prohibition 02/15/2021
SF1108 Eichorn Concurrent enrollment teacher training program modification and appropriation 02/17/2021
SF1119 Cwodzinski Singing-based pilot program to improve student reading appropriation 02/17/2021
SF1130 Eichorn Minnesota Science Teachers Association appropriation 02/17/2021
SF1131 Johnson Regional public library systems aid distribution modification and appropriation 02/17/2021
SF1135 Hoffman Deaf and hard-of-hearing students and oral/aural deaf education licensure requirements modification 02/17/2021
SF1150 Newman Social studies standards review cycle suspension and restarting 02/18/2021
SF1164 Kiffmeyer Parental curriculum review and consent for sexual education curriculum requirements modification 02/18/2021
SF1210 Duckworth Students with disabilities special education recovery services and support plans and appropriation 02/18/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1217 Duckworth Minnesota council on economic education increased funding and appropriation 02/22/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 1, Sec. 7
SF1252 Rosen State high school league governing board membership modification 02/22/2021
SF1281 Cwodzinski Alternative teacher professional pay and teacher evaluation requirements for the 2020-2021 school year modification 02/22/2021
SF1316 Nelson Civics test reporting requirements establishment 02/22/2021
SF1317 Nelson E-learning days renaming to distance learning days and unlimited distance learning days 02/22/2021
SF1346 Utke Pupil units adjustment for school revenue formulas 02/22/2021
SF1355 Wiger General education basic formula allowance increase and inflation factor formula; appropriation 02/25/2021
SF1356 Eichorn Education compensatory spending delivery through evidence-based programs, revenue to remain at the site where revenue was earned, and revenue formula modification requirements; appropriation 02/25/2021
SF1365 Newman Education social studies graduation requirements modification 02/25/2021
SF1373 Chamberlain Locally adopted social studies academic standards establishment 02/25/2021
SF1383 Howe Teachers as essential employees classification 02/25/2021
SF1386 Duckworth Charter school authorizer corrective action requirements modification 02/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1407 Wiger Department of education African American registry appropriation 02/25/2021
SF1416 Chamberlain Education finance local optional revenue clarification 02/25/2021
SF1417 Chamberlain Education finance general education aid clarification 02/25/2021
SF1417 Chamberlain Education finance general education aid clarification
SF1441 Chamberlain School calendar start date exceptions clarification; hours of instruction and average daily membership definitions modifications; innovation zone provisions and flexible learning year program modifications; distance learning provisions 02/25/2021
SF1443 Rosen Education in-person instruction schools appropriations 02/25/2021
SF1444 Chamberlain Professional educator licensing and standards board licensure extension 02/25/2021
SF1447 Chamberlain Teacher and classroom safety provisions; student history of violence paraprofessional notice requirement 02/25/2021
SF1471 Weber Rural career and technical education consortium grants appropriations 02/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1477 Kunesh School libraries and media centers authorization and requirements establishment 02/25/2021
SF1525 Chamberlain Education Savings Accounts for Students Act; appropriations 03/01/2021
SF1525 Chamberlain Education Savings Accounts for Students Act; appropriations 03/15/2021
SF1537 Coleman World's best workforce performance measures modification 03/01/2021
SF1549 Kunesh School readiness plus program continuation 03/01/2021
SF1550 Kunesh Local option revenue state education aid increase and appropriation 03/01/2021
SF1552 Abeler Teacher licensure requirement for early education programs establishment 03/01/2021
SF1554 Koran Gifted and talented student programs modification; academic acceleration policies encouragement authorization 03/01/2021
SF1555 Eichorn Career pathway demonstration program creation; independent school district #294, Houston appropriation 03/01/2021 See First Special Session 2021, SF9, Art. 1, Sec. 3, Sub. 6
SF1583 Pratt Education alternative dispute resolution prior written notice requirement removal 03/01/2021
SF1592 Clausen School finance accountability team state auditor appropriation 03/10/2021
SF1635 Koran Students Together Respecting the Importance and Purpose of Education in Schools (STRIPES) student mentoring program grant appropriation 03/01/2021
SF1648 Murphy Standardized testing suspension for 2020-2021 school year authorization 03/01/2021
SF1660 Wiger Department of education and office of higher education summer education programs appropriations 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF1661 Wiger Postsecondary enrollment provisions modifications 03/04/2021
SF1662 Wiger Education reporting requirement clarification and obsolete language removal 03/04/2021
SF1676 Kunesh Ethnic studies requirement establishment; Ethnic Studies Task Force creation; appropriating money 03/04/2021
SF1685 Koran Black Men Teach Twin Cities grant appropriation 03/04/2021
SF1694 Eichorn Charter school provisions policy and technical changes 03/04/2021
SF1700 Housley Children and youth gifted and talented programs increased funding and provisions modifications 03/04/2021
SF1703 Clausen Teacher licensure provisions modifications; Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board composition modification; rulemaking and technical changes 03/04/2021
SF1709 Coleman Student suicide prevention teacher training appropriation 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, SF2
SF1734 Cwodzinski Adult basic education aid calculation modification and appropriation 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1748 Cwodzinski Schools maintenance of a supply of opiate antagonists requirement 03/04/2021
SF1771 Kunesh Summer education programs appropriation 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF1804 Duckworth School districts renewal of expiring referendums by action of school board authorization 03/08/2021
SF1818 Cwodzinski Minnesota Youth Council membership changes and funding establishment and appropriation 03/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1819 Cwodzinski Charter school enrollment preference establishment 03/08/2021
SF1820 Cwodzinski Summer education programs appropriation 03/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF1829 Chamberlain Perpich Center for Arts Education abolishment and conveyance; Department of Education position creation; appropriating money 03/08/2021
SF1829 Chamberlain Perpich Center for Arts Education abolishment and conveyance; Department of Education position creation; appropriating money 03/25/2021
SF1845 Rarick Education alternative programs appropriation 03/08/2021
SF1874 Coleman Child abuse hotline number school display or communication requirement 03/08/2021
SF1881 Lopez Franzen Summer education programs appropriation 03/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF1882 Wiger Comprehensive school mental health services lead position establishment; appropriation 03/08/2021
SF1898 Duckworth Reading proficiency and literacy incentive aid requirements modification 03/08/2021
SF1899 Duckworth Teacher shortage area requirements and unrequested leave of absence requirements modifications 03/08/2021
SF1900 Duckworth Average daily pupil membership definition modification; extended time revenue formula modification 03/08/2021
SF1901 Duckworth Community eligibility provision requirement for school meal program participation establishment 03/08/2021
SF1902 Duckworth Community eligibility provision requirement for school meal program participation establishment; compensatory revenue modification 03/08/2021
SF1942 Duckworth Nonpublic school students transportation funding modification and appropriation 03/10/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF1943 Hawj Schools 2020-2021 school year standardized testing suspension 03/10/2021
SF1961 Hoffman School district requirement to provide reasonable accommodations for parents of children with disabilities establishment 03/10/2021
SF1964 Kunesh Indexing of increased basic education revenue to English learner revenue authorization; English learner parent and community advisory council establishment 03/10/2021
SF1965 Kunesh Student support personnel aid establishment and appropriation 03/10/2021
SF1966 Kunesh School counselors provisions modifications and training on mental illness requirement 03/10/2021
SF1967 Putnam Summer education programs appropriations 03/10/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF1983 Dornink Public schools literacy gap closure grant program creation and appropriation 03/10/2021
SF1988 Lang Emergency medical training grants appropriation 03/10/2021
SF2000 Housley Reach Out and Read Minnesota Program appropriation 03/11/2021
SF2011 Duckworth Independent School District # 191; Burnsville-Eagan-Savage fund transfer authorization 03/11/2021
SF2025 Nelson Charter school authorizer fee assessment authorization for additional operational school buildings 03/11/2021
SF2042 Howe Minnesota Council on Economic Education grants appropriation 03/15/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 1, Sec. 7
SF2043 Kunesh Girl Scouts River Valleys ConnectZ program appropriation 03/15/2021
SF2058 Eichorn Postsecondary enrollment in summer courses authorization 03/15/2021
SF2066 Bigham Standard assessment task force establishment 03/15/2021
SF2078 Cwodzinski Civics education programs grants appropriations 03/15/2021 See SF971, Art. 4, Sec. 2, Sub. 8(e)
SF2134 Duckworth 2021-2022 school year pupil unit adjustment 03/17/2021
SF2163 Eken Summer education programs appropriation 03/18/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF2164 Duckworth Kindergarten readiness assessment modification and appropriation 03/18/2021
SF2170 Nelson Department of Early Childhood establishment 03/18/2021
SF2174 Nelson Early childhood programs quality rating and improvement system modification; appropriating money 03/18/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 14, Sec. 4
SF2201 Tomassoni Enhanced debt service equalization aid eligibility expansion; Independent School District #319 Nashwauk-Keewatin joint library facility grant authorization; appropriating money 03/22/2021
SF2210 Nelson P-TECH schools appropriation 03/22/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF2211 Nelson Museums and education centers grants appropriation 03/22/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF2264 Wiklund Early learning program modifications; fetal and infant death studies; department of education appropriations 03/22/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF2
SF2280 Eichorn Department of Education licensed school nurse position establishment and appropriation 03/24/2021
SF2290 Isaacson Nonlicensed school personnel minimum starting salary increase; paraprofessionals paid orientation and professional development provision; appropriations 03/24/2021
SF2291 Duckworth American sign language/English interpreter requirements modification 03/24/2021
SF2296 Lang American Indian history curriculum development requirement and appropriation 03/25/2021
SF2307 Mathews Student Data Privacy Act creation 04/04/2022
SF2309 Wiger Office of higher education direct admissions pilot project establishment and appropriation 03/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF7
SF2310 Wiger Early learning scholarships modification 03/25/2021
SF2347 Duckworth Student continued free public school enrollment eligibility requirement 04/06/2021
SF2353 Nelson Early learning scholarships appropriation 04/06/2021
SF2388 Nelson Early learning scholarships appropriation 04/08/2021
SF2397 Pappas Special education formulas modification, cooperative units special access costs levy authorization, facility costs levy authorization, and tuition billing limit; appropriations 04/12/2021
SF2408 Eken Educational gifted and talented programs funding increase and provisions modifications 04/13/2021
SF2450 Draheim Face coverings in youth sports requirements modification 04/21/2021
SF2465 Kent Culturally responsive teaching, learning, integration and inclusion program establishment and appropriation 04/26/2021
SF2507 Rest Forecasted positive general fund balances be allocated to restore special education aid payment percentage requirement 05/10/2021
SF2522 Newton Gifted and talented education programs provisions modifications and funding increase authorization 05/12/2021
SF2530 Koran Gifted and talented programs provisions modifications and funding increase authorization 05/14/2021
SF2554 Eaton Immunizations exemptions modifications 05/15/2021
SF2562 Nelson Executive function curriculum expansion grant appropriation 05/17/2021
SF2563 Benson Constitutional amendment providing for a fundamental right to quality education for all children 05/17/2021
SF2575 Gazelka Parental curriculum review provisions modifications 01/31/2022
SF2604 Duckworth Foster facility and placement modifications 01/31/2022
SF2644 Coleman Eastern Carver County Schools transportation hub lease levy authorization 01/31/2022
SF2663 Draheim Small school district disability access grants appropriation 01/31/2022
SF2666 Benson Class syllabi for kindergarten through grade 12 classes requirement 01/31/2022
SF2687 Koran Professional development and mentoring program grant, through Modern Classrooms Project, establishment and appropriation 02/03/2022
SF2702 Dziedzic Minnesota tutoring corps establishment and appropriation 02/03/2022
SF2725 Klein Operating referendum revenue state aid share increase and property tax levy share lowering for qualifying special school districts 02/03/2022
SF2729 Chamberlain School district board meetings and charter school board meetings changes 02/03/2022
SF2735 Duckworth FAFSA requirement for high school graduation 02/03/2022
SF2804 Nelson Education partnership programs funding increase and grant awards specification appropriation 02/03/2022
SF2815 Klein COVID-19 vaccine requirements for school staff establishment 02/03/2022
SF2822 Chamberlain Prekindergarten through grade 12 education provisions modifications 02/03/2022
SF2829 Kunesh American Indian mascots and logos prohibition 02/03/2022
SF2830 Kunesh Student admissions provisions modifications 02/03/2022
SF2859 Housley Community education funding increase for adults with disabilities programming 02/03/2022
SF2861 Dornink Short-call substitute teacher requirements modification 02/03/2022
SF2872 Chamberlain Language Essentials for Teaching of Reading and Spelling grants appropriation 02/03/2022
SF2874 Isaacson Educator support, crisis online learning and a short-call substitute teacher pilot establishment 02/03/2022
SF2881 Kunesh Indigenous Peoples' Day holiday establishment and school observance requirement; Christopher Columbus Day as a state holiday elimination 02/03/2022
SF2909 Eichorn Parent's right protection in the education of their minor child 02/07/2022
SF2932 Weber English learner programming funding increase and cross subsidy aid addition 02/07/2022
SF2948 Chamberlain Academic standards and benchmarks modification; academic standards and benchmarks rule requirements modification 02/07/2022
SF2951 Rest School district aid payment modifications 02/07/2022
SF2952 Duckworth Teacher shortage reporting requirement modifications 02/07/2022
SF2988 Cwodzinski School district requirement to offer a course in government and citizenship 02/10/2022
SF2998 Cwodzinski General education basic formula allowance increase and link to rate of inflation 02/10/2022
SF3004 Cwodzinski Substitute teacher provisions and requirement, modifications and appropriation 02/10/2022
SF3052 Cwodzinski Menstrual products access provided by school districts requirement; operating capital revenue to fund school district purchases of menstrual products increase; appropriating money 02/10/2022
SF3057 Chamberlain Reading proficiency goal establishment; worlds best workforce temporary suspension 02/10/2022
SF3061 Benson Mandated vaccinations expansion 02/10/2022
SF3068 Mathews Independent School District No. 726, Becker bus garage appropriation 02/10/2022
SF3094 Fateh Malicious and sadistic conduct prohibition involving race, religion, sexual harassment, sexual orientation and sexual exploitation 02/14/2022
SF3099 Eichorn Independent School District No. 318, Grand Rapids, facilities improvement appropriation 02/14/2022
SF3107 Duckworth School board members employed by a school district maximum earnings increase 02/14/2022
SF3108 Duckworth Transportation options program creation and appropriation to address the negative impacts of COVID-19 on pupil transportation 02/14/2022
SF3130 Kunesh Equal access provision for school athletic teams and facilities 02/14/2022
SF3132 Kunesh Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthening 02/14/2022
SF3162 Eichorn Grant program establishment and appropriation for investment in nature and gamesmanship education 02/17/2022
SF3164 Duckworth Regional centers of excellence reorganization 02/17/2022
SF3173 Bigham Substance misuse awareness and prevention education provision 02/17/2022
SF3194 Wiger General education basic formula allowance linkage to the rate of inflation 02/17/2022
SF3229 Coleman Alternative teacher preparation program grant eligibility modification and appropriation 03/07/2022
SF3231 Coleman Minnesota math corps enhanced funding permanency authorization 02/17/2022
SF3233 Isaacson Full-service community schools appropriation 02/17/2022
SF3239 Eichorn Transparency in curriculum provision; Parents' rights expansion in schools 02/17/2022
SF3270 Wiger Long-term facilities and safe schools maintenance revenue modifications and appropriation 02/21/2022
SF3293 Benson Short-call substitute teacher emergency licensing provisions 02/21/2022
SF3297 Duckworth Special education legislative working group establishment 02/21/2022
SF3303 Jasinski Minnesota State Academies rental income proceeds deposit modification 02/21/2022
SF3312 Ruud Minnesota Children's Museum grant authorization and appropriation 02/21/2022
SF3341 Housley Calculation of early childhood family education revenue modification; administrative costs money transfer authorization 02/21/2022
SF3369 Kunesh Indexing of English learner programs revenue to basic education revenue requirement and appropriation 02/21/2022
SF3373 Duckworth Cambridge Assessment International Education inclusion in advanced placement and international baccalaureate program provisions authorization 02/21/2022
SF3379 Wiklund Basic sliding fee child care temporary priorities permanency establishment 02/21/2022
SF3380 Chamberlain Safe schools revenue program modification and appropriation 02/21/2022
SF3425 Eichorn Minnesota Science Teachers Association and Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics grants appropriation 02/24/2022
SF3426 Duckworth Permanent funding establishment and appropriation for the Minnesota Council on Economic Education 02/24/2022
SF3488 Cwodzinski Children served by school-age programs age range increase; school age care programs funding increase: appropriating money 02/28/2022
SF3506 Klein State general tax modification; general tax receipts deposit in an account in the special revenue fund authorization; special education cross subsidy reduction appropriation 02/28/2022
SF3534 Chamberlain Charter school admission requirements modification 02/28/2022
SF3554 Rarick Education finance provisions modifications and appropriation 02/28/2022
SF3557 Kunesh Ethnic studies requirement for graduation, Ethnic Studies Task Force establishment; appropriating money 02/28/2022
SF3570 Westrom Short-call substitute teacher licensing provisions for rural Minnesota 02/28/2022
SF3578 Koran Computer science education foundational blueprint establishment and appropriation to support the statewide expansion of computer science education 02/28/2022
SF3586 Coleman Funding increase and appropriation for community education programming 02/28/2022
SF3587 Nelson P-TECH schools appropriation 02/28/2022
SF3596 Coleman Reach Out and Read Minnesota program grant appropriation 02/28/2022
SF3599 Champion Truce Center programming grant appropriation 02/28/2022
SF3611 Clausen Teacher licensure provisions modification; Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board composition modification 03/02/2022
SF3656 Duckworth Scholarship Program for Students with a Disability Act 03/02/2022
SF3659 Koran Reporting of student fights provision 03/02/2022
SF3673 Eken Average age of buildings index elimination from the operating capital formula 03/02/2022
SF3679 Dornink Student Religious Liberties Act establishment 03/02/2022
SF3734 Eichorn Grand Rapids Independent School District No. 318 authorization to transfer levy authority from long-term facilities maintenance revenue to the debt redemption fund; bond issue 03/07/2022
SF3744 Duckworth Hours of instruction requirements modification 03/07/2022
SF3745 Duckworth School board and nonpublic school permission to enter into an agreement for nonpublic school student transportation 03/07/2022
SF3755 Champion Network for the Development of Children of African Descent program grant appropriation 03/07/2022
SF3791 Klein Child care center and a family child care provider permission to adopt a policy regarding immunizations 03/07/2022
SF3793 Wiger Legislative working group establishment to examine methods of identifying student eligibility for compensatory revenue calculations 03/07/2022
SF3804 Abeler Increase Teachers of Color Act modification 03/07/2022
SF3818 Coleman Skills path program establishment for employment-based training 03/21/2022
SF3843 Chamberlain Elementary education teacher candidates requirement to receive instruction in the Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling program 03/09/2022
SF3858 Johnson Sparsity revenue adjustment and appropriation for Independent School District No. 2358, Tri-County 03/09/2022
SF3863 Kunesh Student bullying policy provisions modification 03/09/2022
SF3911 Rest School property tax reduction; equalizing factor for local optional revenue increase 03/10/2022
SF3916 Pappas Grow Your Own grant program appropriation 03/10/2022
SF3948 Pappas Funding formula creation and appropriation for English learner cross subsidy aid 03/14/2022
SF3954 Goggin Small Schools and Cooperative Facilities Grant Act creation 03/14/2022
SF3956 Chamberlain Lead testing and remediation requirements modification in schools 03/14/2022
SF3968 Housley Revocation or denial of a teaching license permission for a certain behavior involving a student 03/14/2022
SF3970 Port Savage tax increment financing district special rules modification 03/14/2022
SF3988 Bakk Supplemental school construction facility aid appropriation 03/14/2022
SF4012 Wiklund English learner programs revenue indexing to basic education revenue requirement and appropriation 03/14/2022
SF4016 Tomassoni Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board membership modification 03/16/2022
SF4051 Tomassoni Consolidation transition aid increase for consolidating school districts 03/16/2022
SF4067 Kunesh Provisions modification for teacher preparation time 03/16/2022
SF4068 Dahms Career and technical revenue increase 03/16/2022
SF4084 Benson Parent permission to opt their child out of a face covering requirement 03/16/2022
SF4087 Coleman Postsecondary enrollment options provisions modifications 03/17/2022
SF4101 Isaacson School nurse recruitment grants establishment; loan forgiveness eligibility expansion to include school nurses authorization; appropriating money 03/17/2022
SF4113 Chamberlain Omnibus E-12 policy and supplemental appropriations 03/17/2022
SF4116 Chamberlain Education forecast adjustments; Human Services forecast adjustments and carry forward authority authorization 03/17/2022
SF4124 Dziedzic Fully funding school district special education services 03/17/2022
SF4127 Cwodzinski Third tier of local optional revenue creation and appropriation 03/21/2022
SF4145 Wiger Growth factor modification for adult basic education aid 03/21/2022
SF4150 Wiklund Beacons School Success program grant appropriation 03/21/2022
SF4157 Murphy St. Paul children's asset building program appropriation 03/21/2022
SF4187 Nelson Changes to the quality rating improvement system and the early learning scholarships program 03/21/2022
SF4222 Cwodzinski General education basic formula allowance increase by five percent 03/23/2022
SF4258 Duckworth School district authorization to levy for certain costs associated with data requests 03/23/2022
SF4267 Duckworth Mental health grants authorization for federal instructional setting level 4 for special education sites 03/24/2022
SF4268 Duckworth Due process forms and procedures time requirement for teachers 03/24/2022
SF4297 Isaacson Minnesota Youth Advisory Council establishment; Legislative Coordinating Commission executive director appointment requirement 03/28/2022
SF4305 Hawj St. Paul East Side Freedom Library appropriation 03/28/2022
SF4308 Isaacson After-school community learning programs modification and appropriation 03/28/2022
SF4358 Dornink Grant for Wilderness Inquiry authorization and appropriation for credit recovery programs 03/29/2022
SF4363 Port Gender-neutral, single-user restroom and locker room facilities provision and appropriation 03/29/2022
SF4368 Dziedzic Declining enrollment aid modification and appropriation 03/30/2022
SF4384 Draheim Personal finance class requirement for high school graduation 03/30/2022
SF4403 Dornink Education savings account program creation 03/31/2022
SF4412 Isaacson County law library grants appropriation 03/31/2022
SF4468 Kunesh Groves Learning Organization grant to increase literacy proficiency appropriation 04/06/2022
SF4477 Dibble Prekindergarten-12 grade education provision modifications and appropriations 04/06/2022
SF4478 Duckworth School district's American Indian education aid one time adjustment authorization 04/07/2022
SF4484 Senjem Closing educational achievement gaps grants establishment and appropriation 04/07/2022
SF4534 Bakk Local option revenue program movement to the formula allowance authorization 04/24/2022
SF4537 Duckworth Nonexclusionary discipline provision 04/25/2022
SF4547 Wiger Prekindergarten through grade 12 education provisions modifications and appropriation 04/27/2022
SF4585 Pappas Student threat assessment system establishment 05/10/2022
SF4586 Westrom School nutrition programs unit transfer from Department of Education to the Department of Agriculture 05/10/2022
SF4608 Utke Coach Kennedy's Law 05/21/2022
HF1064 Chamberlain Summer education programs appropriation 03/24/2021