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Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Policy

2021-2022 Regular Session

Report Date: March 16, 2021 3:21:18 PM

Bill # Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF60 Dziedzic Residential rental property sales tenant notice and right of first refusal requirements 01/10/2019
SF78 Westrom Off-sale alcoholic beverage sales exclusion when determining a food handler license fee authorization 01/10/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 2, Sec. 12
SF97 Bigham Metropolitan agricultural preserves program early termination authorization 01/14/2019 See First Special Session 2019, HF5, Art. 4, Sec. 30
SF239 Eichorn Manufactured and modular homes provisions modifications 01/17/2019
SF255 Johnson Beginning farmer tax credits eligibility modification 01/17/2019
SF356 Jensen Mobile food shelf grants appropriation 01/22/2019
SF361 Laine Dangerous dog statewide database creation; microchip implant requirement 01/22/2019
SF424 Marty False labeling of certain pesticide-treated plants as pollinator friendly prohibition 01/24/2019
SF469 Koran Manufactured home parks as housing improvement areas eligibility clarification; housing infrastructure bonds usage for manufactured home parks authorization 01/24/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 6, Sec. 18-21, 26
SF483 Weber Open air swine basin ban application to wastewater from truck washes clarification 01/24/2019 See HF1733, Sec. 28
SF593 Utke Nitrogen monitoring on state lands requirement 01/28/2019
SF599 Utke Groundwater quality regulations clarifying criteria establishment 01/28/2019
SF614 Laine Manufactured home park residents opportunity to purchase authorization 01/28/2019
SF615 Laine Manufactured home park procedures for closing or modifying use of modifications 01/28/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 6, Sec. 11-14, 61
SF635 Weber Agricultural fertilizer research and education fee, agricultural fertilizer research and education council, agricultural fertilizer research and education, and agricultural fertilizer research, and education account extensions 01/31/2019 See SF2226
SF710 Dziedzic Forest pest response appropriation 01/31/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 1, Sec. 2, Sub.2 (c)
SF740 Weber Animal feedlot facilities mandatory environmental assessment worksheet modification 01/31/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF7, Art. 3, Sec. 105
SF874 Hawj White-tailed deer possession moratorium establishment; white-tailed deer buyout program creation and appropriation 02/07/2019
SF932 Housley Companion animals or pets criminal penalties for certain acts resulting in death or great bodily harm 02/07/2019
SF942 Senjem Workforce and affordable homeownership development program participating entities and available funding expansion; workforce and affordable homeownership account in the housing development fund establishment and appropriation 02/07/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 6, Sec. 28
SF960 Dibble Humane euthanasia in animal shelters for pet and companion animals requirement; nonanesthetic gas use prohibition 02/07/2019
SF1015 Ruud Farmed cervidae additional fencing requirements 02/07/2019
SF1085 Bigham Subsurface sewage treatment systems repair and replacement financing through the agricultural best management practices loan program authorization regardless of system location 02/11/2019
SF1094 Draheim Manufactured home provisions modifications 02/11/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 6, Sec. 1-5, 10-11, 15-17, 21, 26
SF1095 Mathews Certified medical personnel application of emergency medical care to police dogs without a license to practice veterinary medicine establishment 02/11/2019
SF1101 Utke Damage caused by wild turkeys compensation authorization and appropriation 02/11/2019
SF1157 Dziedzic Cities of the first class pesticide control ordinances state preemption elimination 02/14/2019
SF1204 Bigham Industrial hemp and marijuana definitions modification; industrial hemp possession provision modification 02/14/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 2, Sec. 10-11; Art. 11, Sec. 77
SF1214 Weber Housing Finance Agency programs appropriation 02/14/2019
SF1294 Draheim Legislative commission on housing affordability establishment 03/04/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF10, Art. 2, Sec. 23
SF1324 Westrom Farm truck records inspection search warrant requirement establishment 02/18/2019
SF1346 Goggin Farm-to-school program and appropriation 02/18/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 1, Sec. 2, Sub. 3
SF1359 Hawj Farmed cervidae regulatory duties and powers transfer to department of natural resources (DNR) 02/18/2019
SF1360 Hawj Corn or soybean seed coated or treated with a neonicotinoid pesticide additional label statement requirement 02/18/2019
SF1368 Housley Metropolitan agricultural preserves expiration modification for park and trail purposes 02/18/2019 See First Special Session 2019, HF5, Art. 4, Sec. 27-29
SF1414 Weber Agricultural, aquaculture, pesticide control, food handlers, dairy incentive programs, loan programs, soil, and agriculture basins provisions modifications; pasture regulation and natural deposit of manure under feedlot permits clarification 02/18/2019
SF1446 Weber Spark ignition motor fuel wholesalers and retailers technical assistance and technology promotion grants appropriation 02/18/2019
SF1447 Bigham Hemp growers sales of state grown hemp to medical cannabis program manufacturers authorization 02/18/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF12, Art. 11, Sec. 1, 86, 97
SF1507 Draheim Broadband development pilot program for underserved areas establishment and appropriation 02/21/2019
SF1517 Weber Veterinarian liability immunity for animal cruelty reporting 02/21/2019 See SF4223, Art. 3, Sec. 32
SF1577 Draheim Housing programs appropriation 02/21/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 5
SF1582 Ruud Wolf-livestock conflict prevention pilot program creation and appropriation 02/21/2019
SF1585 Rarick Bioincentive program modification; account creation and appropriation 02/21/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 3
SF1611 Goggin Housing supports for persons with mental illness appropriation 02/21/2019
SF1644 Weber Minnesota Bond Allocation Act housing bonds modification; economic and housing challenge grants requirement modification 02/25/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 6
SF1669 Draheim Housing infrastructure grants pilot program appropriation 02/25/2019 See SF2226
SF1687 Howe State agricultural society (state fair) outstanding debt allowance maximum increase; debt issue authority sunset repeal 02/25/2019
SF1695 Weber Saltwater aquatic farms requirements modifications 02/25/2019 See HF1733
SF1695 Weber Saltwater aquatic farms requirements modifications See HF1733
SF1698 Westrom Dairy producer margin coverage premium assistance program establishment and appropriation 02/25/2019 See SF2226
SF1699 Goggin Dairy stabilization conservation assistance program establishment and appropriation 02/25/2019
SF1748 Kiffmeyer Center for Rural Policy and Development grants appropriation 02/27/2019
SF1777 Jasinski Community solar gardens contiguous county requirements modification; farmer economic benefits appropriation 02/27/2019
SF1798 Hall Lead safe home grant program creation and appropriation 02/27/2019
SF1837 Bigham Farmed Cervidae herd infected with chronic wasting disease depopulation requirement 02/28/2019
SF1859 Weber Agricultural policy and technical provisions modifications for aquaculture, feedlots, pesticides, hemp, food handlers, eggs, milk, cheese, bioincentive and loan programs, and miscellaneous provisions 02/28/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 2. Sec. 4-5, 7-8
SF1860 Ruud Companion animal board establishment, reporting requirements and appropriations 02/28/2019
SF1887 Weber Second Harvest Heartland appropriation 02/28/2019
SF1943 Klein Veterinary prescription monitoring program establishment; controlled substances prohibition under certain conditions; data registration and submission; liability immunity provision; appropriation 03/04/2019
SF1995 Ingebrigtsen Farmed Cervidae requirements modification and chronic wasting disease test development appropriation 03/04/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF7, Art. 3, Sec. 3-9
SF2178 Johnson Economic and housing challenge grants requirement modification 03/07/2019 See SF1644, Sec. 1-2
SF2190 Goggin Next Generation Minnesota Farmer Act; appropriation 03/07/2019
SF2194 Goggin Minnesota organic advisory task force extension 03/07/2019 See HF1733, Sec. 16
SF2225 Goggin Disaster recovery loan program expansion; retroactive effective date 03/07/2019
SF2230 Franzen Beginning farmer tax credits eligibility modification; farmers belonging to protected group tax credit allocation authorization 03/11/2019 See HF1733, Sec. 23
SF2389 Pappas Family homeless prevention appropriation 03/13/2019
SF2510 Dziedzic Unlawful pesticide applications monetary penalties enhancement 03/14/2019 See First Special Session 2019, SF1, Art. 2, Sec. 3 and 9
SF2554 Wiklund Manufactured home park relocation trust fund modifications 03/18/2019 See First Special Session 2019 SF1, Art. 6, Sec. 7-10, 15-16
SF2622 Koran Broadband border-to-border development program modification 03/21/2019
SF2783 Ruud Animal health board membership increase 04/03/2019
SF2846 Draheim Border-to-border broadband development grant program modification 04/25/2019
SF3007 Frentz Farm safety grants programs establishment and appropriation 02/11/2020 See HF4490, Sec. 1, 4
SF3136 Dziedzic Resolution memorializing Congress to protect the lives of individuals living in public housing 02/13/2020
SF3141 Newton Dicamba pesticide use or sale prohibition 02/13/2020
SF3229 Eichorn Industrial wood pellet incentive program establishment 02/17/2020
SF3251 Johnson Mortgage financing for manufactured homes in manufactured home park cooperatives authorization 02/17/2020
SF3394 Dziedzic Rent assistance program establishment and appropriation 02/20/2020
SF3443 Draheim Modular home definition modification; manufactured home relocation trust fund assessment provision modification 02/20/2020
SF3445 Mathews Cottage food producers requirements modification 02/20/2020
SF3450 Mathews Cottage food producers selling of homemade pet treats authorization 02/20/2020
SF3452 Westrom Grain storage facility safety grant program establishment and appropriation 02/20/2020 See SF3086
SF3472 Weber Farmamerica appropriation 02/20/2020
SF3481 Ruud Companion animal board establishment and appropriation 02/20/2020
SF3502 Bigham Industrial hemp provisions modifications, definitions specification, and data classification 02/24/2020 See SF4223, Art. 3, Sec. 1, 6-14, 16
SF3503 Weber Animal health board membership modification 02/24/2020
SF3543 Weber Manufactured home relocation trust fund assessment requirements modification 02/24/2020
SF3605 Westrom Gasoline biofuel minimum content increase; fuel retailers minimum biofuel blends offering requirement 02/24/2020
SF3789 Koran Municipal housing agencies requirements modifications 02/27/2020
SF3790 Draheim Housing grants and loans criteria modification 02/27/2020
SF3801 Draheim Housing infrastructure bonds use for single family houses authorization 03/02/2020 See Fifth Special Session 2020, HF1, Art. 4, Sec. 4-5
SF3838 Hawj Animal health board modification 03/02/2020
SF3849 Weber Grain buyer contract dates modification 03/02/2020 See SF4223, Art. 3, Sec. 30-31
SF3852 Weber Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council membership and terminology modifications 03/02/2020 See SF4223, Art. 3, Sec. 25-28
SF3862 Rarick Bioincentive program modification and appropriation 03/02/2020
SF3902 Isaacson Cervidae facilities closure or transfer state oversight recommendations requirement 03/04/2020
SF4010 Johnson Red River of the North water quality management plan development and appropriation 03/05/2020
SF4040 Bigham Industrial hemp provisions modifications; hemp products sale authorization 03/05/2020
SF4095 Utke Live animal chronic wasting disease surveillance requirement; board of animal health farmed cervidae tests results from other states consideration 03/09/2020
SF4096 Utke Farmed cervidae infected with chronic wasting disease research projects participation allowance 03/09/2020
SF4223 Weber Seed law, noxious weed law, loans, pet food, hemp, meat processing, eggs, agriculture education, immunity for veterinarians reporting animal cruelty and other agriculture policy and technical provisions modifications 03/11/2020 See HF4285, Art. 2-4
SF4291 Weber Manufactured homes rehabilitation loans use extension 03/12/2020
SF4292 Utke Cottage foods license exemption sales limit increase 03/12/2020
SF4322 Isaacson Farmed Cervidae registrations and facilities moratorium establishment 03/12/2020
SF4360 Isaacson Chlorpyrifos sale, use and application prohibition and recall and collection efforts requirement 03/16/2020
SF4389 Isaacson Large dairy operations permit issuance moratorium establishment 03/16/2020
SF4396 Westrom Grain storage facility safety grant program establishment; grain storage facility safety grants and curriculum development appropriation 03/16/2020
SF4495 Westrom Eviction and mortgage foreclosure protection and emergency housing assistance during public health emergency and appropriation 04/20/2020
SF4502 Bigham Farmed Cervidae provisions modification 04/20/2020
SF4553 Goggin COVID-19 Farmer-Lender Mediation Act extensions authorization 05/04/2020