Amendment sch0670a352

sch0670a352 sch0670a352

1.1Senator Pappas moved to amend H.F. No. 670 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:


1.6(a) The sums shown in the column under "Appropriations" are appropriated from the
1.7general fund in fiscal year 2024 to the state agencies or officials indicated, to be spent for
1.8public purposes. These are onetime appropriations. Money appropriated in this act is available
1.9until the project is completed or abandoned, subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642.
1.10(b) For any project funded in whole or in part by this act, workers on the project must
1.11be paid at least the prevailing wage rate as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 177.42,
1.12subdivision 6, and the project is subject to the requirements and enforcement provisions in
1.13Minnesota Statutes, sections 177.27, 177.30, 177.32, and 177.41 to 177.45. For the purposes
1.14of this act, "project" means demolition, erection, construction, remodeling, or repairing of
1.15a public building, facility, or other public work financed in whole or part by state funds.
1.16Project also includes demolition, erection, construction, remodeling, or repairing of a
1.17building, facility, or public work when the acquisition of property, predesign, design, or
1.18demolition is financed in whole or in part by state funds.
1.19(c) Money appropriated in this act: (1) is available for a grant after the commissioner of
1.20management and budget determines that an amount sufficient to complete the project as
1.21described in this act has been committed to the project, as required by Minnesota Statutes,
1.22section 16A.502; and (2) may be used to pay state agency staff costs that are attributed
1.23directly to the capital program or project for capitalizable staff costs.
1.24(d) The sustainable building guidelines under Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.325, are
1.25mandatory for all new buildings and major renovations owned or to be owned by the state,
1.26state agencies, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and the University of Minnesota
1.27that are funded with an appropriation in this act.
1.28(e) Recipients of grants from money appropriated in this act must demonstrate to the
1.29commissioner of the agency making the grant that the recipient has the ability and a plan
1.30to fund the program intended for the facility. This paragraph does not apply to state agencies.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
2.1(a) To the commissioner of natural resources
2.2for the purposes specified in this section.
2.3(b) The appropriations in this section are
2.4subject to the requirements of the natural
2.5resources capital improvement program under
2.6Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.12, unless
2.7this section or the statutes referred to in this
2.8section provide more specific standards,
2.9criteria, or priorities for projects than
2.10Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.12.
Subd. 2.Community Tree Planting Grants
2.12For grants to cities, counties, townships, and
2.13park and recreation boards in cities of the first
2.14class, to remove and plant shade trees on
2.15public land to provide environmental benefits;
2.16to replace trees lost to forest pests, disease, or
2.17storm; or to establish a more diverse
2.18community forest better able to withstand
2.19disease and forest pests. For purposes of this
2.20appropriation, "shade tree" means a woody
2.21perennial grown primarily for aesthetic or
2.22environmental purposes with minimal to
2.23residual timber value. Any tree planted with
2.24money under this subdivision must be a
2.25climate-adapted species to Minnesota.
Subd. 3.Canisteo Legacy Mine Pit Complex
2.27(a) For the acquisition of land or interests in
2.28land and for construction of publicly owned
2.29infrastructure to mitigate the imminent threat
2.30to public safety, property, and regional water
2.31quality from the rising water at the Canisteo
2.32legacy mine pit complex.
2.33(b) Upon substantial completion of the project
2.34authorized in this subdivision and after written
3.1notice to the commissioner of management
3.2and budget, the commissioner of natural
3.3resources may use any money remaining in
3.4this appropriation to design, engineer, and
3.5construct publicly owned water mitigation
3.6infrastructure at the Hill annex open pit mining
3.8(c) Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes,
3.9sections 92.50 and 282.04, or other law to the
3.10contrary, the commissioner and the county
3.11may enter into leases for this project for a term
3.12that is consistent with meeting project needs.
3.13A lease entered into under this subdivision
3.14must include a provision that provides for the
3.15amendment or termination of the lease when
3.16(1) the commissioner of natural resources
3.17determines that the project is no longer needed
3.18to serve the intended purpose or identifies a
3.19more effective alternative to the constructed
3.20project; or (2) mining operations are fully
3.21permitted to resume in all or part of the
3.22property acquired or improved with this
Subd. 4.Grant Administration
3.25For administration of direct grants funded with
3.26an appropriation in bills that appropriate
3.27money for capital investment projects.
Subd. 5.Glendalough State Park
3.29To complete the paved multipurpose trail from
3.30the bridge at the northwest corner of Annie
3.31Battle Lake to the park entrance at
3.32Glendalough State Park established under
3.33Minnesota Statutes, section 85.012,
3.34subdivision 23a.
Subd. 6.All-Terrain Vehicle Trail Systems
4.2(a) For capital improvements to the Voyageur
4.3Country, Prospector Loop, and Quad Cities
4.4all-terrain vehicle trail systems in the counties
4.5of St. Louis, Lake, and Koochiching. This
4.6appropriation is exempt from the requirements
4.7under Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.86,
4.8subdivision 4.
4.9(b) $844,000 of this appropriation is for
4.10acquisition of real property, predesign, design,
4.11and construction of alignment and extension
4.12of the Voyageur Country all-terrain vehicle
4.14(c) $450,000 of this appropriation is for
4.15predesign, design, and construction of capital
4.16improvements to and extension of the
4.17Prospector all-terrain vehicle trail to create a
4.18trail connection point at the Pfeiffer Lake
4.19recreation area.
4.20(d) $50,000 of this appropriation is for
4.21predesign, design, and construction of capital
4.22improvements to the Quad Cities all-terrain
4.23vehicle trail to repair erosion damage, improve
4.24storm water management, and widen the trail.
4.25(e) Any unexpended amount for a project
4.26described in paragraph (b), (c), or (d) that has
4.27been substantially completed may be applied
4.28to any other project described in this
Subd. 7.Rochester; Willow Creek Trail
4.31For a grant to the city of Rochester to
4.32predesign, design, engineer, construct, furnish,
4.33and equip a paved trail to extend the Rochester
4.34Trail network approximately 2.5 miles from
5.128th Street SE to Gamehaven Regional Park
5.2and the future extension of the Bluestem Trail
5.3to Stewartville. This project includes a trail
5.4crossing under U.S. Highway 52,
5.5property/easement acquisition, trail
5.6rehabilitation, creek crossing, trail
5.7construction, installation of trail wayfinding
5.8and rest areas, and a trailhead located at
5.9Gamehaven Regional Park.
Subd. 8.Unspent Appropriations
5.11The unspent portion of an appropriation for a
5.12project in this section that is complete, upon
5.13written notice to the commissioner of
5.14management and budget, is available for asset
5.15preservation under Minnesota Statutes, section
5.1684.946. Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642,
5.17applies from the date of the original
5.18appropriation to the unspent amount

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
5.22To the Pollution Control Agency for the
5.23purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Pope-Douglas Solid Waste
Management; Materials Recovery Facility
5.26For a grant to the Pope-Douglas Solid Waste
5.27Management Joint Powers Board under the
5.28solid waste capital assistance grant program
5.29under Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.54,
5.30to predesign, design, and construct the
5.31renovation of the existing Material Recovery
5.32Facility to add additional space for the
5.33installation of advanced processing equipment
5.34with the ability to process raw incoming
6.1municipal solid waste with the capability to
6.2switch over to processing single sort recycling.
6.3This appropriation is notwithstanding the
6.4maximum amount of grant assistance for a
6.5project under Minnesota Statutes, section
6.6115A.54, and is in addition to the
6.7appropriation made in Laws 2020, Fifth
6.8Special Session chapter 3, article 1, section 8,
6.9subdivision 4.
Subd. 3.Andover; Drinking Water
Contamination Mitigation
6.12(a) For a grant to the city of Andover for the
6.13design and construction of new municipal
6.14water mains, new water service lines on
6.15private property that connect to the municipal
6.16water mains, and for capping private wells in
6.17the city's Red Oaks neighborhood where
6.18testing has found contamination in private
6.19drinking water wells.
6.20(b) Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes,
6.21section 115B.17, subdivisions 6 and 16, any
6.22money recovered by the Pollution Control
6.23Agency in a civil action for expenses paid
6.24under this appropriation shall be transferred
6.25to the commissioner of management and
6.26budget for deposit in the general fund.
Subd. 4.Hennepin County; Anaerobic Digester
6.28For a grant to Hennepin County to predesign,
6.29design, construct, furnish, and equip a new
6.30anaerobic digestion facility in the city of
6.31Brooklyn Park.
6.32This appropriation is not available until
6.33Hennepin County submits a plan for the
6.34cessation of operations at the Hennepin Energy
6.35Recovery Center to the chairs and ranking
7.1minority members of the legislative
7.2committees with primary jurisdiction over
7.3capital investment and environment and
7.4natural resources.
Subd. 5.Todd County; Solid Waste Facility
7.6For a grant to Todd County under the solid
7.7waste capital assistance grant program under
7.8Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.54, to
7.9design, construct, and equip a new solid waste
7.10transfer station and household hazardous waste
7.11facility. This appropriation is in addition to
7.12the appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
7.13Session chapter 3, article 1, section 8,
7.14subdivision 8, for the same purpose.

7.17To the Board of Water and Soil Resources for
7.18one or more grants to local governments for
7.19the state's share of a grant for capital
7.20improvements to prevent or alleviate flood
7.21damage in Area II of the Minnesota River
7.22Basin. This appropriation is not available until
7.23the board determines that $1 has been
7.24committed from nonstate sources for every $3
7.25of state grant funding.

7.27To the commissioner of administration to
7.28design, construct, and equip the renovation
7.29and repair of the plant protection division's
7.30potato inspection facility located in East Grand
7.31Forks. This appropriation may also be used to
7.32design and complete hazardous materials

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
8.2To the commissioner of administration for the
8.3purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Capitol Complex - Physical Security
Upgrades Phase II
8.6For the continuation of the design,
8.7construction, and equipping required to
8.8upgrade the physical security elements and
8.9systems for the Capitol Mall and the buildings
8.10listed in this subdivision, their attached tunnel
8.11systems, their surrounding grounds, and
8.12parking facilities as identified in the 2017
8.13Minnesota State Capitol Complex Physical
8.14Security Predesign completed by Miller
8.15Dunwiddie and an updated assessment
8.16completed in 2022. Upgrades include but are
8.17not limited to the installation of bollards, blast
8.18protection, infrastructure security screen walls,
8.19door access controls, emergency call stations,
8.20surveillance systems, security kiosks, locking
8.21devices, and traffic and crowd control devices.
8.22This appropriation includes money for work
8.23associated with the following buildings:
8.24Anderson, Freeman, Minnesota Senate,
8.25Retirement Systems, and Transportation
Subd. 3.Ford Building
8.28(a) To design the abatement of hazardous
8.29materials and demolition of, and to demolish
8.30and abate hazardous materials at, the Ford
8.31Building and associated infrastructure located
8.32on the Capitol complex as the first phase of
8.33overall site redevelopment. This appropriation
8.34may also be used to design, construct, and
8.35equip improvements to maintain access to the
9.1Capitol complex tunnel system as well as to
9.2provide security, irrigation, and landscaping
9.3for the site.
9.4(b) Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes,
9.5chapter 15B, or the Comprehensive Plan for
9.6the Minnesota State Capitol Area, no
9.7additional study shall be required prior to a
9.8building permit being issued for the work
9.9authorized in this appropriation or to proceed
9.10with such work.
Subd. 4.Sustainable Building Guidelines;
Recommendations and Report
9.13To develop recommendations for updating
9.14goals, measuring project performance in
9.15meeting the goals, applicability, compliance,
9.16waivers, outreach, and administration of the
9.17sustainable building guidelines under
9.18Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.325, in
9.19collaboration with the commissioner of
9.20commerce and the Center for Sustainable
9.21Building Research at the University of
9.22Minnesota. The commissioner of
9.23administration may contract with the
9.24commissioner of commerce and the Center
9.25for Sustainable Building Research at the
9.26University of Minnesota for assistance in
9.27developing the recommendations, including
9.28obtaining input from public owners, nonprofit
9.29owners, design professionals, and other
9.30stakeholders. The commissioner of
9.31administration must provide a report of
9.32findings and recommendations to the chairs
9.33and ranking minority members of the
9.34legislative committees with jurisdiction over
9.35capital investment, energy finance and policy,
10.1and environment finance and policy on or
10.2before October 15, 2023.

10.4(a) To the Minnesota Amateur Sports
10.5Commission for grants to cities, towns,
10.6counties, park boards, and school districts for
10.7the planning and building of public skate parks
10.8under Minnesota Statutes, section 240A.20,
10.9subdivision 3, with the assistance of the
10.10nonprofit consultant hired under paragraph
10.12(b) Of this appropriation, up to $100,000 may
10.13be used to hire a Minnesota nonprofit
10.14consultant with expertise in public skate park
10.15development to assist the commission in
10.16developing and applying the criteria for
10.17awarding grants under Minnesota Statutes,
10.18section 240A.20, subdivision 3.

10.20To the adjutant general for the Minnesota
10.21Military Museum at Camp Ripley. This
10.22appropriation is in addition to the
10.23appropriation made in Laws 2020, Fifth
10.24Special Session chapter 3, article 1, section
10.2514, subdivision 6, for the same purpose.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
10.28To the commissioner of public safety or other
10.29named entity for the purposes specified in this
Subd. 2.Southern Minnesota BCA Regional
Office and Laboratory
11.3To the commissioner of administration to
11.4design a new Bureau of Criminal
11.5Apprehension regional office and laboratory
11.6facility in the Mankato area.
Subd. 3.Grant Administration
11.8For the administration of direct grants funded
11.9with an appropriation in this section.
Subd. 4.Brooklyn Park; Fire Station
11.11For a grant to the city of Brooklyn Park to
11.12predesign and design a new fire station with
11.13space for a multiagency emergency operations
11.14center, regional training opportunities, and
11.15other associated site improvements.
Subd. 5.Chisholm; Public Safety Facility
11.17For a grant to the city of Chisholm to acquire
11.18property and for predesign, design, site
11.19preparation, construction, furnishing, and
11.20equipping a new public safety facility for fire
11.21protection and law enforcement. This
11.22appropriation is in addition to the
11.23appropriation under Laws 2020, Fifth Special
11.24Session chapter 3, article 1, section 15,
11.25subdivision 4, for the same purpose.
Subd. 6.Dilworth; Fire Station
11.27For a grant to the city of Dilworth to demolish
11.28the joint fire station and community center
11.29and construct a new fire station in its place to
11.30provide emergency services to residents in the
11.31cities of Dilworth and Georgetown and to
11.32residents in the townships of Morken,
11.33Moorhead, Kragnes, and Oakport.
Subd. 7.Edina; Community Health and Safety
12.3For a grant to the city of Edina to predesign
12.4and design a community health and safety
12.5center to be located in the southeast quadrant
12.6of the city.
Subd. 8.Edina; South Metro Public Safety
12.9For a grant to the city of Edina for the South
12.10Metro Public Safety Training Facility project.
12.11This appropriation is in addition to the
12.12appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
12.13Session chapter 3, article 1, section 15,
12.14subdivision 6, for the same purpose.
Subd. 9.Golden Valley; Fire Station
12.16For a grant to the city of Golden Valley to
12.17acquire and improve property, predesign, and
12.18design a new fire station with space to provide
12.19regional training opportunities and other
12.20associated site improvements.
Subd. 10.Hibbing; Public Safety Center
12.22For a grant to the city of Hibbing for property
12.23acquisition, predesign, design, site preparation,
12.24including demolition of existing structures,
12.25construction, furnishing, and equipping of a
12.26regional public safety center for police, fire,
12.27emergency medical services, emergency
12.28operations, and other community needs.
Subd. 11.Maplewood; East Metro Public Safety
Training Facility
12.31For a grant to the city of Maplewood for a
12.32space needs and facility assessment and
12.33conceptual design of an expansion of the East
12.34Metro Public Safety Training Facility.
Subd. 12.Marshall; MERIT Training Center
13.2For a grant to the city of Marshall to design,
13.3construct, furnish, and equip improvements at
13.4the Minnesota Emergency Response and
13.5Industrial Training Center outlined in Phase
13.63 of the Master Development Plan, including:
13.7a 50-yard and 300-yard firearms range;
13.8firearms support buildings; and a live-burn
13.9buildout structure.
Subd. 13.Minneapolis; Emergency Operations
Training Facility
13.12For a grant to the city of Minneapolis for
13.13predesign, design, engineering, and
13.14construction of the expansion of the
13.15Emergency Operations Center and Fire
13.16Training Facility.
Subd. 14.Lake Johanna; Fire Facility
13.18For a grant to the Lake Johanna Fire
13.19Department Headquarters Board, a joint
13.20powers entity established under agreement by
13.21the cities of Arden Hills, North Oaks, and
13.22Shoreview, for a public safety facility to house
13.23the Lake Johanna Fire Department. This
13.24appropriation is to construct, furnish, and
13.25equip a facility on land owned by the Lake
13.26Johanna Fire Department Headquarters Board
13.27to provide emergency fire and medical
Subd. 15.Virginia; Public Safety Facility
13.30For a grant to the city of Virginia for a
13.31regional public safety center and training
13.32facility. This appropriation is in addition to
13.33the appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
14.1Session chapter 3, article 1, section 15,
14.2subdivision 9, for the same purpose.
Subd. 16.Winona; Public Safety Center
14.4For a grant to the city of Winona to acquire
14.5real property for a site and to design a regional
14.6public safety center to collocate police, fire,
14.7and other public safety entities.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
14.10To the commissioner of transportation for the
14.11purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Anoka County; Trunk Highway 65
14.13For one or more grants to the city of Blaine,
14.14Anoka County, or both for the predesign,
14.15right-of-way acquisition, design, engineering,
14.16and construction of intersection improvements
14.17along Trunk Highway 65 at 99th Avenue
14.18Northeast, 105th Avenue Northeast, Anoka
14.19County State-Aid Highway 12 (109th Avenue
14.20Northeast), and 117th Avenue Northeast and
14.21the associated frontage roads, backage roads,
14.22connecting local streets, and utility
14.23infrastructure improvements, if necessary or
14.24required for the construction.
Subd. 3.Barnesville; 13th Street
14.26For a grant to the city of Barnesville to design
14.27and reconstruct 13th Street in the city of
14.28Barnesville as a paved road from Trunk
14.29Highway 34 to 9th Avenue Southeast.
Subd. 4.Biwabik; City Infrastructure
14.31For a grant to the city of Biwabik to design
14.32and construct Phase 6 of the city's
14.33infrastructure improvement project. This
15.1appropriation includes money for the full
15.2reconstruction of Fifth Avenue North; First
15.3Street North, from First Avenue North to Sixth
15.4Avenue North; and Sixth Avenue South,
15.5including all associated utilities and other
15.6capital improvements.
Subd. 5.Burnsville; Nicollet Avenue
15.8For predesign, right-of-way acquisition,
15.9design, engineering, and construction of grade
15.10separation and other capacity and safety
15.11improvements to the interchange at marked
15.12Trunk Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue in
Subd. 6.Coon Rapids; Pedestrian Bridge
15.15For a grant to the city of Coon Rapids to
15.16design and construct a trail and pedestrian
15.17bridge, along with associated lighting and
15.18streetscaping improvements, for the Coon
15.19Creek Regional Trail over Anoka County
15.20State-Aid Highway 1 (Coon Rapids
15.21Boulevard) northwest of the intersection of
15.22Avocet Street and Coon Rapids Boulevard in
15.23Coon Rapids.
Subd. 7.Douglas County; U.S. Highway 29
15.25For a grant to Douglas County to install a new
15.26box culvert under marked U.S. Highway 29
15.27between Lake Le Homme Dieu and Lake
15.28Geneva and to regrade and reconstruct a
15.29portion of marked U.S. Highway 29 to
15.30accommodate the new culvert.
Subd. 8.East Gull Lake; Street and Trail
16.3For a grant to the city of East Gull Lake for
16.4trail reconstruction and future park
16.5development on East Gull Lake Drive.
Subd. 9.Hennepin County; Railroad Crossing
16.7For one or more grants to Hennepin County,
16.8the city of Medina, the city of Independence,
16.9or a combination thereof, to design, engineer,
16.10and construct railroad crossing safety
16.11improvements at Town Line Road in the city
16.12of Medina and the city of Independence.
Subd. 10.Hutchinson; Civil Air Patrol
16.14For a grant to the city of Hutchinson to
16.15predesign, design, equip, and furnish a hangar
16.16and statewide training center for the Civil Air
Subd. 11.Karlstad; Airport Runway
16.19For a grant to the city of Karlstad for the
16.20acquisition of land, predesign, design,
16.21engineering, and construction of a primary
16.22airport runway. This appropriation is in
16.23addition to the appropriation for the same
16.24purposes in Laws 2021, First Special Session
16.25chapter 5, article 1, section 2, subdivision 2.
Subd. 12.Lakeville; Freight Rail Car Storage
16.27For a grant to the city of Lakeville to
16.28predesign, design, engineer, equip, and furnish
16.29a freight rail car storage facility to improve
16.30area public safety and economic development.
Subd. 13.Madelia; Streets and Infrastructure
16.32For a grant to the city of Madelia for
16.33infrastructure improvements to Center Avenue
17.1South from Old Highway 60 Southeast to
17.2Main Street, Main Street from Center Avenue
17.3South to Center Avenue North, Center Avenue
17.4North from Main Street to the northern city
17.5limit, and related work on adjacent streets.
17.6This project includes the preliminary design,
17.7design, construction, and installation of water,
17.8sewer, and storm sewer improvements,
17.9including removal and replacement of
17.10infrastructure and the associated reconstruction
17.11and renovation of Center Avenue.
Subd. 14.Minnesota Valley Regional Rail
17.14For a grant to the Minnesota Valley Regional
17.15Rail Authority to rehabilitate a portion of the
17.16railroad track between the cities of Winthrop
17.17and Hanley Falls. The grant under this
17.18subdivision may also be used for any required
17.19environmental documentation and
17.20remediation, predesign, design, and
17.21rehabilitation or replacement of bridges with
17.22new bridges or culverts between the cities of
17.23Winthrop and Hanley Falls. A portion of the
17.24grant under this subdivision may also be used
17.25as matching funds to meet federal grant
17.26requirements. A grant under this subdivision
17.27is in addition to any grant, loan, or loan
17.28guarantee for this project made by the
17.29commissioner under Minnesota Statutes,
17.30sections 222.46 to 222.62.
Subd. 15.Plymouth; Chankahda Trail
17.32For a grant to the city of Plymouth for
17.33property acquisition and design of construction
17.34of roadway, utility, drainage, pedestrian
17.35facilities, and associated appurtenances, on
18.1Chankahda Trail, formerly known as Hennepin
18.2County Road 47, from Hennepin County
18.3State-Aid Highway 101 to Hennepin County
18.4State-Aid Highway 61.
Subd. 16.Rochester; Park-and-Ride Facility
18.6For a grant to the city of Rochester to design
18.7the construction of a park-and-ride parking
18.8facility on Broadway Avenue North.
Subd. 17.Sibley County; CSAH 6
18.10For a grant to Sibley County for predesign,
18.11design, engineering, right-of-way acquisition,
18.12and construction of safety improvements, a
18.13new intersection, and reconstruction of County
18.14State-Aid Highway 6 from the city of
18.15Henderson to the intersection of County
18.16State-Aid Highway 5, to raise it above the
18.1750-year flood elevation along the Minnesota
Subd. 18.Stearns County; Town Line Road
18.20For a grant to Stearns County for engineering
18.21and construction for improvements to Town
18.22Line Road from Stearns County Road 5 to
18.23Stearns County Road 4.
Subd. 19.St. Cloud; Regional Airport
18.25For a grant to the St. Cloud Regional Airport
18.26Authority to acquire property for and to
18.27complete environmental analysis, site
18.28preparation, construction, and equipping of
18.29improvements and betterments of a capital
18.30nature at the St. Cloud Regional Airport. This
18.31appropriation includes money to acquire and
18.32install an approach lighting system; to relocate
18.33and acquire upgrades to an instrument landing
18.34system serving Runway 31; and for major
19.1projects and site renovations to preserve or
19.2replace infrastructure to support ongoing
19.3operations at the St. Cloud Regional Airport.
Subd. 20.St. Louis Park; Cedar Lake Road and
Louisiana Avenue
19.6For a grant to the city of St. Louis Park to
19.7acquire property or interests in property for
19.8and predesign, design, and construct
19.9improvements to Cedar Lake Road from
19.10Jordan Avenue to Kentucky Avenue and
19.11Louisiana Avenue from Wayzata Boulevard
19.12to the railroad bridge south of Cedar Lake
Subd. 21.Washington County; Interchange at
Trunk Highway 36 and Lake Elmo Avenue
19.16For a grant to Washington County for property
19.17acquisition and to predesign, design, construct,
19.18furnish, and equip a new interchange at
19.19marked Trunk Highway 36 and County
19.20State-Aid Highway 17, known as Lake Elmo
19.21Avenue, in Washington County.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
19.24To the Metropolitan Council for the purposes
19.25specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Apple Valley Transit Station
19.27To complete design and to construct and
19.28renovate the Apple Valley Red Line 147th
19.29Street Station. This project includes the
19.30addition of a skyway to connect the
19.31northbound and southbound stations on either
19.32side of Cedar Avenue, constructing and
19.33renovating additional waiting areas, and
19.34renovating and upgrading other station
20.1facilities such as the staircases, elevators, and
Subd. 3.Grant Administration
20.4For administration of direct grants funded with
20.5an appropriation in bills that appropriate
20.6money for capital investment projects.
Subd. 4.Anoka County; Rice Creek North
Regional Trail
20.9For a grant to Anoka County to construct
20.10multiuse trails in Circle Pines and Lino Lakes
20.11that are within, or generally parallel to and
20.12within, the Rice Creek North Regional Trail
20.13corridor. The trails include bridges, separated
20.14trails, elevated walkways, and paved
Subd. 5.Champlin; Mississippi Crossings
20.17For a grant to the city of Champlin to design,
20.18construct, and equip a parking area, including
20.19related site improvements and infrastructure,
20.20for Mississippi Crossings. This appropriation
20.21includes money for charging stations for
20.22electric vehicles, an ADA-compliant trail, an
20.23event space, an outdoor performance area, and
20.24a municipal dock system.
Subd. 6.Champlin; Park Land Acquisition
20.26For a grant to the city of Champlin for the
20.27acquisition of real property, as part of the city's
20.28parks and conservation initiative, along the
20.29Elm Creek Greenway Trail Corridor and
20.30adjacent to the Champlin Mill Pond.
Subd. 7.Dellwood; Lake Links Trail
20.32For a grant to the city of Dellwood in
20.33Washington County to design, engineer,
21.1construct, and equip trail improvements
21.2consistent with the completed preliminary
21.3engineering along or parallel with the shore
21.4of White Bear Lake between the Mahtomedi
21.5city limits and the western border of
21.6Washington County. This appropriation may
21.7also be used for the acquisition of permanent
21.8easements and right-of-way. This
21.9appropriation is in addition to the
21.10appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
21.11Session chapter 3, article 1, section 17,
21.12subdivision 13, for the same purposes.
Subd. 8.Dakota County; Minnesota River
21.15For a grant to Dakota County for right-of-way
21.16acquisition and for predesign, design,
21.17engineering, and construction of pedestrian
21.18safety-related improvements, including
21.19grade-separated crossings of railroads and
21.20multilane highways in Dakota County. This
21.21appropriation includes money for the
21.22Minnesota River Regional Greenway in Fort
21.23Snelling State Park.
Subd. 9.Dakota County; Thompson Park
21.25For a grant to Dakota County for design of
21.26Thompson County Park Master Plan
21.27improvements, which may include a land
21.28bridge over Highway 52, a pollinator
21.29promenade, a sensory garden, restoration of
21.30historical stream corridor, farmstead
21.31interpretation, Dakota Lodge renovations, a
21.32sound wall, a greenway rest area with picnic
21.33shelter, and a sledding hill.
Subd. 10.Dakota County; Veterans Memorial
22.3For a grant to Dakota County for right-of-way
22.4acquisition, veteran-themed memorials, and
22.5design and construction of pedestrian
22.6safety-related improvements, including
22.7grade-separated crossings of railroads and
22.8multilane highways in Dakota County within
22.9the trail corridor between Lebanon Hills
22.10Regional Park and the Mississippi River. This
22.11appropriation is in addition to the
22.12appropriation for the same purpose in Laws
22.132020, Fifth Special Session chapter 3, article
22.141, section 17, subdivision 7.
Subd. 11.Minneapolis Park Board; Grand
Rounds Missing Link
22.17For a grant to the Minneapolis Park and
22.18Recreation Board to design and construct trail
22.19connections for the Grand Rounds Missing
22.20Link on the east side of Minneapolis between
22.21East River Road and St. Anthony Parkway.
Subd. 12.Minneapolis Park Board; Cedar
Riverside Recreation Center
22.24For a grant to the Minneapolis Park and
22.25Recreation Board to predesign and design the
22.26new Cedar Riverside Recreation Center to
22.27serve the largest immigrant population center
22.28in the state.
Subd. 13.Ramsey County; Bruce Vento Regional
22.31For a grant to Ramsey County to construct an
22.32approximately 2.7-mile extension of the Bruce
22.33Vento Regional Trail between Buerkle Road
22.34and the intersection of Hoffman Road/Trunk
22.35Highway 61 in the city of White Bear Lake.
Subd. 14.Ramsey County; Park at RiversEdge
23.2For a grant to Ramsey County to acquire
23.3property for and to predesign and design a
23.4public realm in the city of St. Paul over a
23.5portion of Shepard Road and adjacent rail
23.6lines, including related infrastructure.
Subd. 15.Ramsey County; Rice Street
23.9For one or more grants to Ramsey County, the
23.10city of Maplewood, the city of St. Paul, or the
23.11city of Roseville for the Rice Street
23.12revitalization project, to improve safety for
23.13users in the corridor with a focus on
23.14pedestrians and bicyclists. This appropriation
23.15includes money for reconstruction of Rice
23.16Street (County State-Aid Highway 49) and on
23.17approach streets to support reconstruction of
23.18Rice Street from Wheelock Parkway in St.
23.19Paul to County Road B in Roseville and
Subd. 16.Three Rivers Park District; Mississippi
Gateway Regional Park
23.23For a grant to the Three Rivers Park District
23.24to design, engineer, construct, furnish, and
23.25equip the Mississippi Gateway Regional Park
23.26development, including playground
23.27development, pedestrian trail connections,
23.28landscape restoration and enhancements,
23.29habitat restoration, visitor center, classroom
23.30space, and site amenities. This appropriation
23.31is in addition to the appropriation under Laws
23.322020, Fifth Special Session chapter 3, article
23.331, section 17, subdivision 12.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
24.1To the commissioner of administration, or
24.2other named entity, for the purposes specified
24.3in this section.
Subd. 2.Asset Preservation
24.5For asset preservation improvements and
24.6betterments of a capital nature at Department
24.7of Human Services facilities statewide, to be
24.8spent in accordance with Minnesota Statutes,
24.9section 16B.307. Notwithstanding the
24.10specified uses of money under Minnesota
24.11Statutes, section 16B.307, the commissioner
24.12may use this appropriation for capital
24.13expenditures allowed under Minnesota
24.14Statutes, section 16B.307, that do not
24.15constitute betterments and capital
24.16improvements within the meaning of the
24.17Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5,
24.18clause (a). The report required under
24.19Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.307,
24.20subdivision 2, shall include a list of projects
24.21that have been paid for with this appropriation.
Subd. 3.St. Peter Regional Treatment Center
Campus; Phase 2
24.24To design, renovate, construct, furnish, and
24.25equip the second phase of a multiphase project
24.26to develop additional residential, program,
24.27activity, and ancillary facilities for the
24.28Minnesota sex offender program on the lower
24.29campus of the St. Peter Regional Treatment
24.30Center. This appropriation includes money to
24.31design, renovate, construct, furnish, and equip
24.32the west, south, and north wings of Sunrise
24.33and the Tomlinson Building. This
24.34appropriation also includes money to: replace
24.35or renovate HVAC, plumbing, electrical,
25.1security, and life safety systems; address fire
25.2and life safety, and other building code
25.3deficiencies; replace windows and doors;
25.4tuck-point exterior building envelopes;
25.5reconfigure and remodel space; design and
25.6abate asbestos and other hazardous materials;
25.7remove or demolish nonfunctioning building
25.8components; and complete site work necessary
25.9to support the programmed use of the
Subd. 4.Early Childhood Learning and Child
Protection Facilities
25.13To the commissioner of human services for
25.14grants under Minnesota Statutes, section
25.15256E.37, to predesign, design, construct,
25.16renovate, furnish, and equip early childhood
25.17learning facilities.
Subd. 5.Grant Administration
25.19For the administration of grants funded under
25.20Minnesota Statutes, section 245G.011.
Subd. 6.Harriet Tubman Center East
25.23To the commissioner of human services for a
25.24grant to Tubman to design, construct, renovate,
25.25furnish, and equip capital improvements to
25.26the Harriet Tubman Center East building in
25.27the city of Maplewood. This appropriation
25.28includes money for installation of a public
25.29elevator, partial replacement of the roof, fire
25.30sprinklers, and electrical system
25.32Any unspent portion of this appropriation
25.33remaining after completion of the projects
25.34listed in this subdivision, after written notice
25.35to the commissioner of human services, is
26.1available for additional improvements and
26.2betterments of a capital nature at the Harriet
26.3Tubman Center East building.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
26.6To the commissioner of administration for the
26.7purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Asset Preservation
26.9For asset preservation improvements and
26.10betterments of a capital nature at the
26.11Minnesota correctional facilities statewide to
26.12be spent in accordance with Minnesota
26.13Statutes, section 16B.307. Notwithstanding
26.14the specified uses of money under Minnesota
26.15Statutes, section 16B.307, the commissioner
26.16may use this appropriation for capital
26.17expenditures allowed under Minnesota
26.18Statutes, section 16B.307, that do not
26.19constitute betterments and capital
26.20improvements within the meaning of the
26.21Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5,
26.22clause (a). The report required under
26.23Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.307,
26.24subdivision 2, shall include a list of projects
26.25that have been paid for with this appropriation.
Subd. 3.Minnesota Correctional Facility -
26.28To predesign, design, construct, renovate,
26.29furnish, and equip new and existing buildings
26.30and complete associated site work at the
26.31Minnesota Correctional Facility - Shakopee
26.32to construct an incarcerated persons
26.33programming and support space. The
26.34renovation of the existing building includes
27.1but is not limited to the removal of hazardous
27.2materials, upgrades to comply with current
27.3codes, and the construction of a new
27.4programming addition.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
27.8To the commissioner of employment and
27.9economic development for the purposes
27.10specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Major Sports and Events
27.12For transfer to the director of Explore
27.13Minnesota Tourism for a grant to Minnesota
27.14Sports and Events for large-scale sporting and
27.15other major events.
Subd. 3.Administration of Local Grants
27.17For the administration of direct grants funded
27.18with an appropriation in bills that appropriate
27.19money for capital investment projects.
Subd. 4.Aurora; Community Center
27.21For a grant to the city of Aurora to construct
27.22improvements and betterments of a capital
27.23nature to the community center facility. This
27.24appropriation includes major projects to
27.25preserve or replace windows, roofing,
27.26mechanical or electrical systems, utility
27.27infrastructure, safety systems, and site
27.28renovations to support ongoing operations
27.29including energy conservation and
27.30accessibility improvements.
Subd. 5.Bigfork; Community Center
27.32For a grant to the city of Bigfork to design and
27.33construct the renovation and expansion of the
28.1Bigfork community center. This appropriation
28.2may be used to add a community strength
28.3training, fitness, and wellness center; public
28.4restrooms accessible from the multiuse
28.5Bigfork River Walk Trail; and new locker
28.6rooms and related amenities for the Bigfork
Subd. 6.Bloomington; Public Health Facility
28.9For a grant to the city of Bloomington to
28.10predesign and design a public health facility
28.11in the city of Bloomington to serve people
28.12who live and work in the cities of
28.13Bloomington, Edina, and Richfield.
Subd. 7.Bloomington; Ice Garden
28.15For a grant to the city of Bloomington to
28.16design capital improvements and renovations
28.17to the Bloomington Ice Garden. This
28.18appropriation includes money for replacement
28.19of R22 refrigeration systems; electrical,
28.20mechanical, and dehumidification system
28.21improvements; replacement of rink floors and
28.22dasher boards; accessibility improvements
28.23compliant with the Americans with Disabilities
28.24Act; a dryland training area; and new and
28.25remodeled locker rooms, concourses,
28.26restrooms, concessions, and administrative
Subd. 8.Bloomington; Veterans Memorial
28.29For a grant to the city of Bloomington to
28.30construct a memorial to those who have served
28.31in the armed forces of the United States of
28.32America and those who have died in the line
28.33of duty.
Subd. 9.Brooklyn Center; Health, Culture, and
Recreation Community Center
29.3For a grant to the city of Brooklyn Center to
29.4predesign and design the renovation of a
29.5health, culture, and recreation facility.
Subd. 10.Brooklyn Park; Community Activity
29.8For a grant to the city of Brooklyn Park to
29.9design, construct, furnish, and equip the
29.10renovation of the Brooklyn Park Community
29.11Activity Center to convert an existing ice arena
29.12into a multicourt gymnasium space to serve
29.13as a regional competition and training facility
29.14for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball.
Subd. 11.Cannon Falls; John Burch Park
29.16For a grant to the city of Cannon Falls for
29.17design, engineering, construction, and
29.18rehabilitation of capital improvements at John
29.19Burch Park. This appropriation includes
29.20money for reconstruction of a limestone
29.21retaining wall and concrete seating area;
29.22spectator safety improvements, including a
29.23safety railing; and replacement of the first base
Subd. 12.Chisholm; Ice Arena and Curling
29.27For a grant to the city of Chisholm to
29.28predesign, design, and construct capital
29.29improvements to the existing Sports Arena
29.30and Curling Club, located in Chisholm,
29.31including replacing an existing ice plant
29.32serving both the hockey arena and the curling
29.33club, adding new heating mains and replacing
29.34curling mains, replacing the floor systems in
29.35both the hockey arena and the curling club,
30.1and installing dehumidification systems in
30.2both the hockey arena and the curling club.
Subd. 13.Chisholm; Film Facility
30.4For a grant to the city of Chisholm to renovate
30.5316 West Lake Street in the city of Chisholm
30.6into a filmmaking and film education facility.
Subd. 14.Crystal; Aquatic Center
30.8For a grant to the city of Crystal to construct
30.9capital improvements for and to furnish and
30.10equip the renovation of the city's aquatic
30.11center in Grogan Park.
Subd. 15.Duluth; Entertainment and
Convention Center
30.14For a grant to the Duluth Entertainment and
30.15Convention Center Authority to predesign,
30.16design, construct, furnish, and equip capital
30.17improvements and renovations to the Duluth
30.18Entertainment and Convention Center facility.
30.19This appropriation includes money for
30.20replacement of or improvements to
30.21mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilating,
30.22and air conditioning systems; life safety
30.23improvements; and improvements to the
30.24building's exterior envelope.
Subd. 16.Duluth; Spirit Mountain
30.26For a grant to the city of Duluth to design and
30.27construct new facilities and to renew, replace,
30.28and repair existing facilities at the Spirit
30.29Mountain Recreation Area.
Subd. 17.Embarrass Township; Timber Hall
30.31For a grant to the Embarrass Region Fair
30.32Association to design, engineer, construct,
30.33renovate, and repair improvements and
31.1betterments of a capital nature at the Timber
31.2Hall facility in Embarrass Township. This
31.3appropriation includes money for major
31.4projects to preserve or replace structures,
31.5electrical and plumbing systems, and interior
31.6and exterior site renovations to support
31.7ongoing operations.
Subd. 18.Fridley; Inclusive Playground
31.9For a grant to the city of Fridley to predesign,
31.10design, construct, furnish, and equip an
31.11inclusive and accessible playground at
31.12Commons Park in the city of Fridley. For the
31.13purposes of this subdivision, "inclusive and
31.14accessible playground" means a playground,
31.15planned and designed in partnership with
31.16community stakeholders, designed to be safe
31.17and accessible to all children including those
31.18with intellectual, developmental, or physical
Subd. 19.Hermantown; Ice Arena
31.21For a grant to the city of Hermantown to
31.22predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
31.23equip an expansion and improvements to the
31.24hockey arena in the city of Hermantown,
31.25including adding a second sheet of indoor ice,
31.26locker rooms, dry land training area, ice plant,
31.27Zamboni room, and mezzanine, and renovating
31.28and reconfiguring existing space.
Subd. 20.Hoyt Lakes; Community Recreation
and Wellness Center
31.31For a grant to the city of Hoyt Lakes for
31.32improvements of a capital nature to the
31.33community recreation and wellness center,
31.34including major projects to preserve or replace
31.35mechanical or electrical systems, utility
32.1infrastructure, safety systems, and site
32.2renovations to support ongoing operations
32.3including energy conservation and
32.4accessibility improvements.
Subd. 21.Inver Grove Heights; Heritage Village
32.7For a grant to the city of Inver Grove Heights
32.8to predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
32.9equip an inclusive accessible play structure
32.10for children and to predesign, design,
32.11construct, furnish, and equip accessible
32.12restrooms, water fountains, and a fixed-shade
32.13structure, at Heritage Village Park.
Subd. 22.Litchfield; Wellness Center
32.15For a grant to the city of Litchfield to acquire
32.16land for and to predesign, design, construct,
32.17furnish, and equip a community wellness and
32.18recreation center that will include a
32.19gymnasium and general fitness spaces, a
32.20dedicated walking section, a community room,
32.21and any locker rooms and mechanical
32.22equipment needed for future additions to the
32.23facility. This appropriation is in addition to
32.24the appropriation under Laws 2020, Fifth
32.25Special Session chapter 3, article 1, section
32.2621, subdivision 25.
Subd. 23.Litchfield; Building Facades
32.28For a grant to the city of Litchfield to
32.29rehabilitate building facades in the commercial
32.30historic district of the city of Litchfield,
32.31consistent with the standards for rehabilitation
32.32under Code of Federal Regulations, title 36,
32.33section 67.7, and guidance from the Minnesota
32.34Historical Society.
Subd. 24.Maple Grove; Community Center
33.2For a grant to the city of Maple Grove to
33.3predesign and design the expansion and
33.4renovation of the Maple Grove Community
Subd. 25.Mendota Heights; Pilot Knob
33.7For a grant to the city of Mendota Heights for
33.8development of Oheyawahe (Pilot Knob), a
33.9culturally, historically, and environmentally
33.10important site and Dakota sacred site located
33.11at 2100 Pilot Knob Road in Mendota Heights,
33.12overlooking the confluence of the Mississippi
33.13and Minnesota Rivers, which is included on
33.14the National Register of Historic Places. This
33.15appropriation includes money to design and
33.16construct: multipurpose gathering spaces,
33.17interpretation structures, trail connections and
33.18walkways, parking, and other visitor amenities
33.19and infrastructure; grading, landscaping, and
33.20other site and natural resource improvements
33.21including the planting and restoration of native
33.22vegetation; and other betterments necessary
33.23to provide safe and improved visitor access
33.24and preserve the site as a public natural area.
Subd. 26.Minneapolis; Central City Storm
33.27For a grant to the city of Minneapolis for
33.28construction necessary to expand the Central
33.29City Storm Tunnel in Minneapolis. This
33.30appropriation is in addition to the
33.31appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
33.32Session chapter 3, article 1, section 21,
33.33subdivision 26, for the same purpose.
Subd. 27.Minnetonka; Hopkins Crossroad Trail
34.2For a grant to the city of Minnetonka to
34.3acquire property, complete predesign and
34.4design, construct, furnish, and equip a new
34.5off-street, multiuse trail along County
34.6State-Aid Highway 73, Hopkins Crossroad,
34.7from Cedar Lake Road to Wayzata Boulevard
34.8and Hillside Lane east of Hopkins Crossroad.
34.9This appropriation may be used for utility
34.10relocation to accommodate the trail.
Subd. 28.Minnetonka; Opus Public Space
34.12For a grant to the city of Minnetonka to
34.13acquire property, predesign, and design a
34.14public space including a linear plaza, an
34.15interactive art and play area, a splash pad, a
34.16dog park, a great lawn, an amphitheater,
34.17shelters, trail connections, a bike share space,
34.18a bike parking space, and an overlook at a site
34.19adjacent to the Southwest Light Rail Transit
34.20Opus station.
Subd. 29.I.S.D. No. 2149, Minnewaska; Central
34.23For a grant to Independent School District No.
34.242149, Minnewaska, to design, construct,
34.25renovate, equip, and furnish capital
34.26improvements, including roof replacement, to
34.27the Central Square Cultural and Civic Center
34.28in the city of Glenwood.
Subd. 30.North St. Paul; Community
Multicultural Outreach Center
34.31For a grant to the city of North St. Paul to
34.32design, construct, renovate, furnish, and equip
34.33improvements and betterments of a capital
34.34nature to the existing community outreach
34.35facility at 2300 North St. Paul Drive. This
35.1appropriation includes money for accessibility
35.2improvements in compliance with the
35.3Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
35.4HVAC replacement; window replacement;
35.5roof replacement; green energy improvements;
35.6improvements to the exterior of the facility;
35.7electrical system improvements; an expansion
35.8and renovation of the library and technology
35.9center space; senior and veterans drop-in
35.10center improvements; wellness center
35.11improvements, including the addition of a gym
35.12and track; school district activity area
35.13improvements; and other improvements
35.14related to high-demand multicultural
35.15community gathering facilities.
Subd. 31.Olmsted County; Graham Park
Regional Exhibition Center
35.18For a grant to Olmsted County to predesign,
35.19design, construct, furnish, and equip capital
35.20improvements to and renovation of Graham
35.21Park, a regional multiuse complex in Olmsted
35.22County. This appropriation may be used for a
35.23new multiuse exhibition center and a
35.24permanent farmers' market pavilion.
Subd. 32.Pelican Rapids; Aquatic Center
35.26For a grant to the city of Pelican Rapids to
35.27predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
35.28equip a new aquatic center, including a
35.29swimming pool, water slide, zero-depth entry,
35.30splash pad, and bathhouse.
Subd. 33.Richfield; Wood Lake Nature Center
35.32For a grant to the city of Richfield to design
35.33and construct a new nature center building,
35.34and for the renovation of the site and trails at
35.35Wood Lake Nature Center. This appropriation
36.1may also be used for demolition costs
36.2associated with completing the project
36.3described in this subdivision.
Subd. 34.Rochester; Parks and Forestry
Operations Center
36.6For a grant to the city of Rochester to acquire
36.7property for and for predesign; design; site
36.8preparation, including demolition;
36.9construction; renovation; and furnishing and
36.10equipping an expansion of an existing public
36.11works and transit operations center facility to
36.12colocate the parks and forestry operations
36.13center and traffic operations in the facility.
Subd. 35.St. Paul; Inclusive Playground
36.15For a grant to the city of St. Paul to construct,
36.16furnish, and equip an inclusive and accessible
36.17playground in the city of St. Paul. "Inclusive
36.18and accessible playground" as used in this
36.19subdivision means a playground, planned and
36.20designed in partnership with community
36.21stakeholders, designed to be safe and
36.22accessible to all children, including those with
36.23intellectual, developmental, or physical
Subd. 36.St. Paul; North End Community
36.27For a grant to the city of St. Paul for site
36.28preparation, park enhancements, and to
36.29construct, furnish, and equip a community
36.30center in the city's North End neighborhood.
Subd. 37.St. Paul; Conway Recreation Center
36.32For a grant to the city of St. Paul for the repair,
36.33upgrade, and renovation of the existing
36.34structure; design, site preparation, and
37.1preconstruction services for an auxiliary
37.2storage facility; and improvements to increase
37.3security and safety at the Conway Community
37.4Recreation Center in the city of St. Paul.
Subd. 38.St. Paul Port Authority; Hillcrest
Redevelopment - The Heights
37.7For a grant to the St. Paul Port Authority for
37.8design and construction of the redevelopment
37.9of the public areas at the former Hillcrest Golf
37.10Course site. This appropriation includes
37.11money for public rights-of-way, parkland,
37.12wetlands, stormwater infrastructure, and
37.13associated improvements to further economic
37.14development, jobs, housing, parkland, and net
37.15zero energy utilities and goals.
Subd. 39.Savage; Sports Center
37.17For a grant to the city of Savage to construct
37.18drainage improvements and replace turf on
37.19athletic fields at the Savage Sports Center.
Subd. 40.Waite Park; Quarry Redevelopment
37.21For a grant to the city of Waite Park to acquire
37.22property for and to predesign, design,
37.23construct, furnish, and equip Phase 2 of the
37.24Quarry Redevelopment Project, to include
37.25improvements and enhancements of a capital
37.26nature to the public open-air stage and related
Subd. 41.Woodbury; Central Park
37.29For a grant to the city of Woodbury to
37.30construct, furnish, and equip the expansion
37.31and renovation of the Woodbury Central Park
37.32building, a multiuse facility and regional
37.33gathering space that includes an indoor garden
38.1and amphitheater, indoor playground, meeting,
38.2programming, and event space.
Subd. 42.30,000 Feet; Technical Training
38.5For a grant to 30,000 Feet to design, construct,
38.6renovate, furnish, and equip a renovation and
38.7expansion of a Black Arts and Tech Center in
38.8the city of St. Paul.
Subd. 43.Accessible Space
38.10For a grant to Accessible Space, Inc., for
38.11capital improvements of low-income
38.12accessible housing units located at 814 Iglehart
38.13Avenue, 825 Selby Avenue, and 135 to 154
38.14Western Avenue South in the city of St. Paul;
38.151370 Curve Crest Boulevard in the city of
38.16Stillwater; and 1074 Roselawn Avenue West
38.17in the city of Roseville.
Subd. 44.African Economic Development
38.20For a grant to African Economic Development
38.21Solutions to renovate and equip a building in
38.22St. Paul that will support business incubation,
38.23entrepreneurship, and workforce development
38.24in the African immigrant community.
Subd. 45.African Career Education and
38.27For a grant to African Career Education and
38.28Resource, Inc., to acquire, predesign, design,
38.29and renovate a building in Brooklyn Center
38.30that will support business development,
38.31business incubation, entrepreneurship, and
38.32workforce development in the Black
38.33community and in other communities of color.
Subd. 46.Agate Housing and Services
39.2For a grant to Agate Housing and Services to
39.3design, construct, equip, and furnish a shelter
39.4facility in the city of Minneapolis for those
39.5experiencing homelessness.
Subd. 47.Ain Dah Yung Center
39.7For a grant to the Ain Dah Yung (Our Home)
39.8Center to construct, furnish, and equip the
39.9renovation of the emergency shelter and youth
39.10lodge in the city of St. Paul. The renovations
39.11include tuckpointing, electric upgrades, ADA
39.12access, emergency fire escape, and bathroom
39.13renovation for the emergency shelter. This
39.14appropriation also includes money for roof
39.15replacement, electric upgrades, and ADA
39.16access for the youth lodge.
Subd. 48.Anoka Area Ice Arena Association
39.18For a grant to the Anoka Area Ice Arena
39.19Association for reimbursement of costs
39.20incurred since March 2021, pursuant to design
39.21and construction plans made in contemplation
39.22of receipt of a general obligation bond
39.23proceeds grant that was determined ineligible
39.24for general obligation bond proceeds in
39.25January 2023.
Subd. 49.St. Cloud; CentraCare
39.27For a grant to CentraCare to design a
39.28University of Minnesota Medical School
39.29Campus on the CentraCare Health System
39.30Campus in the city of St. Cloud.
Subd. 50.Appetite For Change
39.32For a grant to Appetite for Change to acquire
39.33property, predesign, and design a facility that
40.1will provide access to food, workforce
40.2development, urban agriculture, and health
40.3and wellness services in the city of
Subd. 51.Avenues For Youth
40.6For a grant to Avenues for Youth to acquire
40.7property, predesign, and design a new
40.8expanded facility in North Minneapolis to
40.9provide space for the organization's existing
40.10North Minneapolis emergency shelter and
40.11transitional housing program, provide
40.12affordable housing for youth, and serve as the
40.13new administrative headquarters for Avenues
40.14for Youth.
Subd. 52.Center for Asian and Pacific Islanders
40.17For a grant to CAPI to construct, furnish, and
40.18equip a new expansion to CAPI's Immigrant
40.19Opportunity Center on Brooklyn Boulevard
40.20in the city of Brooklyn Center. The center will
40.21expand access to wealth-building services.
Subd. 53.Comunidades Latinas Unidas en
Servicio (CLUES)
40.24For a grant to Comunidades Latinas Unidas
40.25en Servicio (CLUES) to acquire property and
40.26predesign a new Latino outreach facility at
40.272800 East Lake Street, Minneapolis. The new
40.28Economic Opportunity and Wellness Hub will
40.29provide workforce training, business
40.30incubators and technical assistance, a youth
40.31technology center, behavioral health clinics,
40.32a food shelf, child care, and other high-demand
40.33community supports.
Subd. 54.CornerHouse
41.2For a grant to CornerHouse to acquire property
41.3for a new facility in Hennepin County.
Subd. 55.Cultural Wellness Center
41.5For a grant to the Cultural Wellness Center
41.6for acquisition of property; site preparation,
41.7including demolition; and improvements and
41.8betterments of a capital nature for Dreamland
41.9on 38th Street in the city of Minneapolis. This
41.10appropriation includes money for HVAC and
41.11mechanical system upgrades and storm water
41.12and utility improvements.
Subd. 56.Division of Indian Work
41.14For a grant to the Division of Indian Work
41.15(DIW) to predesign the renovation of property
41.16it currently owns, which formerly served as a
41.17transitional housing facility for teen mothers,
41.18and the renovation and capital repairs of the
41.19DIW's existing facility at 1001 East Lake
41.20Street in the city of Minneapolis, to better
41.21carry out its mission of providing support and
41.22strength to urban American Indian people
41.23through a full spectrum of culturally based
Subd. 57.Duluth Historic Armory
41.26(a) For a grant to the Armory Arts and Music
41.27Center to design, construct, furnish, and equip
41.28the renovation of the historic Armory in the
41.29city of Duluth.
41.30(b) This appropriation includes money for
41.31improvements for the Music Resource Center,
41.32the North Country Creative Center, and the
41.33Food Enterprise Center; interior building
41.34improvements, including structural
42.1enhancements to meet current applicable
42.2building codes; improvements for compliance
42.3with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
42.4requirements; and building systems, including
42.5mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and utility
42.7(c) This project must use design and
42.8construction methods to maximize
42.9consideration of energy efficiency and
42.10long-life cycle materials, while meeting the
42.11requirements of the federal National Parks
42.12Service, Secretary of Interior Standards for
42.14(d) Due to the integrated nature of the overall
42.15development, public bidding is not required
42.16for this project.
Subd. 58.East Side Neighborhood Services
42.18For a grant to East Side Neighborhood
42.19Services to predesign rehabilitation of an
42.20existing structure in Northeast Minneapolis,
42.21the Mobile Food Shelf Storage and Preparation
42.22Center. This rehabilitated structure shall
42.23physically connect and integrate the food
42.24security and accesswork of East Side
42.25Neighborhood Services with the existing
42.26services for older adults, families and children,
42.27community food partners, economic
42.28development and job pathways programs, and
42.29the educational efforts to teach youth about
42.30food systems, urban agriculture, and
Subd. 59.Every Meal
42.33For a grant to Every Meal to purchase a
42.34facility that will function as the statewide
43.1distribution hub for a backpack service
43.2delivery network.
Subd. 60.FilmNorth
43.4For a grant to FilmNorth to renovate property
43.5located at 2441 University Avenue in the city
43.6of St. Paul to serve as a filmmaking and film
43.7education facility.
Subd. 61.Firefighters for Healing
43.9For a grant to Firefighters for Healing to
43.10acquire property for a new facility in
43.11Minneapolis near the Hennepin County
43.12Medical Center to provide temporary housing
43.13for burn victims, first responders, and their
Subd. 62.Keystone Community Services
43.16For a grant to Keystone Community Services
43.17to renovate, furnish, and equip improvements
43.18to existing exterior enclosure, utilities, interior
43.19spaces, and other improvements of a capital
43.20nature for a new community food site in
43.21Ramsey County.
Subd. 63.Hope 4 Youth
43.23For a grant to HOPE 4 Youth to acquire
43.24property, predesign, design, construct, furnish,
43.25and equip a youth homeless drop-in center in
43.26Anoka County.
Subd. 64.Indian Health Board
43.28For a grant to the Indian Health Board to
43.29construct a medical facility in the city of
Subd. 65.Indigenous Peoples Task Force
44.2For a grant to the Indigenous Peoples Task
44.3Force to acquire land, predesign, design,
44.4construct, furnish, and equip Mikwanedun
44.5Audisookon Center for Art and Wellness in
44.6the Phillips neighborhood in the city of
44.7Minneapolis to provide a spectrum of
44.8community services, including HIV and opioid
44.9harm reduction services, housing and
44.10navigation services, youth programs, and
44.11traditional foods and environment services.
Subd. 66.Irreducible Grace Foundation
44.13For a grant to the Irreducible Grace
44.14Foundation for demolition of 3,800 square feet
44.15of the Black Youth Healing Arts Center, and
44.16predesign and design of housing at 643
44.17Virginia St. in St. Paul to be owned and
44.18managed by the Irreducible Grace Foundation
44.19for youth and young adults.
Subd. 67.Isuroon
44.21For a grant to Isuroon to predesign, design,
44.22construct, and renovate the property located
44.23at 1600 East Lake Street, in the city of
44.24Minneapolis, to carry out the mission of the
44.25organization to support immigrant women and
44.26provide mental health counseling.
Subd. 68.Latino Economic Development Center
44.28For a grant to the Latino Economic
44.29Development Center for replacement of
44.30mechanical systems, construction or
44.31renovation of interior spaces, and other
44.32improvements of a capital nature to their
44.33building that will operate as a small business
45.1incubator on Payne Avenue in the city of St.
45.2Paul and serve other community uses.
Subd. 69.Leech Lake Health and Wellness
45.5For a grant to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
45.6for design, site preparation, including
45.7demolition, construction, engineering,
45.8furnishing, and equipping Leech Lake area
45.9health and wellness centers to be located in
45.10the city of Cass Lake, the community of Kego
45.11Lake, and the community of Ball Club, that
45.12will provide space for health, wellness, and
45.13community gathering opportunities to both
45.14Tribal and non-Tribal members of the public.
Subd. 70.Listening House
45.16For a grant to Listening House of St. Paul to
45.17renovate, remodel, furnish, and equip a
45.18building and parking lot on parcels located at
45.19421, 423, and 423a East 7th Street in the city
45.20of St. Paul, including the construction of an
45.21addition, to serve as a permanent day shelter.
Subd. 71.Little Earth Neighborhood Early
Learning Center
45.24For a grant to the Little Earth Neighborhood
45.25Early Learning Center to predesign, design,
45.26and construct needed HVAC and other code
45.27upgrades within the existing building and to
45.28upgrade and add safety features to the outside
45.29play area.
Subd. 72.Little Earth Residents Association
45.31For a grant to the Little Earth Residents
45.32Association for the predesign, design, and
45.33construction of the Little Earth Innovation
45.34Hub, which will contain a green house,
46.1aquaponics facility, commercial kitchen,
46.2office, and gathering space. The project also
46.3includes ADA upgrades to the facility.
Subd. 73.Lower Phalen Creek Project
46.5For a grant to the Lower Phalen Creek Project
46.6to construct the Wakan Tipi Center in St. Paul,
46.7including construction of a reception area,
46.8classrooms, permanent and temporary exhibit
46.9space, community gathering area, and gallery
46.10space. This appropriation is in addition to the
46.11appropriation in Laws 2020, Fifth Special
46.12Session chapter 3, article 1, section 17,
46.13subdivision 11, for the same purpose.
Subd. 74.Hmong 18 Council
46.15For a grant to Hmong 18 Council, Inc., to
46.16acquire property for and to predesign, design,
46.17renovate, furnish, and equip the Hmong
46.18Minnesota Community Center in the city of
46.19St. Paul. The center will serve Hmong families
46.20and the community. It will be a community
46.21space and a hub for culturally specific
46.22resources and social services.
Subd. 75.MNI Sota Fund
46.24For a grant to MNI Sota Fund to acquire real
46.25property for and to design a new facility in the
46.26city of Minneapolis. MNI Sota Fund will
46.27create an Indigenous asset building center
46.28equipped with classrooms, office space, and
46.29a small business incubator to support aspiring
46.30American Indian entrepreneurs and
Subd. 76.Native American Community Clinic
46.33(a) For a grant to the Native American
46.34Community Clinic for site preparation and
47.1construction of an expansion of the clinic in
47.2the city of Minneapolis. This appropriation
47.3includes money for medical and dental exam
47.4rooms, additional laboratory and diagnostic
47.5space, and associated capital improvements
47.6that will facilitate additional patients.
47.7(b) This appropriation is only for the Native
47.8American Community Clinic. The Native
47.9American Community Clinic may sell real
47.10property interests on the clinic property, the
47.11purchase and construction of which were
47.12funded by this and earlier appropriations, so
47.13long as: (1) the real property interests sold do
47.14not include the clinic, and (2) the rights and
47.15interests sold will be used for the purpose of
47.16developing affordable housing for the
47.17populations served by the clinic. In addition,
47.18the Native American Community Clinic may
47.19retain any sale proceeds so long as the sale
47.20proceeds are applied to the construction and
47.21expansion of the clinic for which this
47.22appropriation is being made.
Subd. 77.New Native Theater
47.24For a grant to the New Native Theater for
47.25predesign and design activities of a new and
47.26permanent 200-seat theater space. The new
47.27theater space will be colocated in the newly
47.28constructed Minneapolis American Indian
Subd. 78.ArtSpace; Northrup King Building
47.31For a grant to ArtSpace for improvements and
47.32betterments of a capital nature to renovate and
47.33restore the historic Northrup King Building
47.34campus in the city of Minneapolis.
Subd. 79.Northside Economic Opportunity
48.3For a grant to the Northside Economic
48.4Opportunity Network for site preparation,
48.5including demolition, construction, furnishing,
48.6and equipping of a food business incubator
48.7facility in the city of Minneapolis to provide
48.8reliable and affordable resources for food
48.9entrepreneurs and business owners who are
48.10Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to start
48.11and grow food-based businesses.
Subd. 80.Norway House
48.13For a grant to Norway House to acquire land
48.14and predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
48.15equip a conference and event center at 913
48.16East Franklin Avenue and adjacent property
48.17in Minneapolis to celebrate the culture of
48.18Norway and American Norwegians. This
48.19appropriation may be used to reimburse
48.20Norway House for project costs already paid
48.21by Norway House for this project after January
48.221, 2018.
Subd. 81.Open Arms
48.24For a grant to Open Arms of Minnesota to
48.25construct, renovate, furnish, and equip a new
48.26kitchen and nutrition counseling center in
48.27Ramsey County to expand access to medically
48.28tailored meals for Minnesotans with
48.29life-threatening illnesses.
Subd. 82.Pangea World Theater
48.31For a grant to the Pangea World Theater for
48.32predesign and design to establish a community
48.33arts center in the West Lake Street area of the
49.1city of Minneapolis to serve the community
49.2in a multiuse arts and cultural space.
Subd. 83.Parents in Community Action
49.4For a grant to Parents in Community Action
49.5in the city of Minneapolis to remodel,
49.6construct, furnish, and equip an existing
49.7facility. This project shall consolidate training
49.8programs from multiple locations and expand
49.9state-of-the-art workforce development
49.10training in early childhood, transportation, and
49.11food services. This project shall also increase
49.12child care services in a lab school
49.13dual-functioning model that has proven to
49.14increase teacher diversity through hands-on
49.15training for parents, staff, and community
49.16members. This project shall create additional
49.17child care classrooms, training rooms,
49.18restrooms, a central activity room, trainer
49.19office space, general office space, conference
49.20rooms, and a new lobby area with an outdoor
Subd. 84.Phyllis Wheatley Community Center
49.23For a grant to the Phyllis Wheatley
49.24Community Center to design the construction
49.25and rehabilitation of infrastructure at Camp
49.26Katherine Parsons in Carver County.
Subd. 85.Playwrights' Center
49.28For a grant to the city of St. Paul for
49.29acquisition of the property located at 710
49.30Raymond Avenue and to construct, furnish,
49.31and equip renovation of the building for use
49.32as a comprehensive play development program
49.33and workshop facility.
Subd. 86.PROCEED
50.2For a grant to Progressive Center for
50.3Education and Economic Development
50.4(PROCEED), to design, construct, furnish,
50.5and equip a new community center on the east
50.6side of the city of St. Paul to support
50.7programming for the community, including
50.8but not limited to youth after-school programs,
50.9college preparation, and a health clinic.
Subd. 87.Public Functionary
50.11For a grant to Public Functionary to predesign
50.12and design a community arts center in the
50.13northeast area of the city of Minneapolis.
Subd. 88.Red Lake Tribal College
50.15For a grant to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa
50.16Indians to complete construction and
50.17renovation of the Red Lake Nation Tribal
50.18College, Minneapolis location.
Subd. 89.Rondo Innovation Campus
50.20For a grant to ReConnect Rondo to predesign
50.21and design the Rondo Innovation Campus in
50.22the city of St. Paul, a NetZero facility that will
50.23house multiple community services and a
50.24gathering space for the public.
Subd. 90.St. Paul Urban Tennis
50.26For a grant to St. Paul Urban Tennis to acquire
50.27property for and to predesign and design a new
50.28Tennis and Life Learning Community Center.
Subd. 91.Sanneh Foundation
50.30For a grant to the Sanneh Foundation to
50.31acquire property for and to predesign and
50.32design an Innovation Center in the city of St.
50.33Paul for community gathering, training, and
51.1for supportive housing to host teacher pathway
51.2candidates and future educators, nonprofit
51.3service providers, AmeriCorps members, and
51.4other community employees serving the
Subd. 92.Simpson Housing Services
51.7For a grant to Simpson Housing Services to
51.8construct a shelter facility in the city of
51.9Minneapolis. For the purposes of this
51.10subdivision, "shelter facility" means a facility
51.11having a primary purpose of providing a
51.12temporary shelter for the homeless in general,
51.13or for a specific homeless population, and does
51.14not require occupants to sign leases or
51.15occupancy agreements.
Subd. 93.Somali Museum
51.17For a grant to the Somali Museum to predesign
51.18and design a facility in the city of Minneapolis
51.19to be used for a museum of Somali relics and
51.20artifacts, Somali cultural history, and
Subd. 94.Southern Anoka Community
51.24For a grant to Southern Anoka Community
51.25Assistance to predesign, design, construct,
51.26engineer, furnish, and equip a facility in the
51.27city of Columbia Heights to provide food shelf
51.28services, grocery delivery for seniors and
51.29people with disabilities, and basic needs
Subd. 95.Special Guerilla Units Veterans
51.33For a grant to the Special Guerrilla Units
51.34(SGU) Veterans and Families of the United
52.1States of America to acquire property for and
52.2to predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
52.3equip a museum in the city of St. Paul of SGU
52.4veterans' relics, artifacts, and history for
52.5educational efforts to teach the public about
52.6the history and cultural heritage of the Hmong
52.7in Minnesota.
Subd. 96.Great River Children's Museum
52.9For a grant to Great River Children's Museum
52.10to construct, furnish, and equip capital
52.11improvements to renovate and expand a
52.12facility and outdoor exhibit space donated to
52.13the museum for the purpose of housing a
52.14children's museum in the city of St. Cloud.
Subd. 97.The Link
52.16For a grant to The Link for land acquisition
52.17and to predesign, design, construct, furnish,
52.18and equip a new multiuse facility in North
52.19Minneapolis. The new building would include
52.20a youth program and recreational space,
52.21administrative and program office space, and
52.22between 40 to 45 new units of housing for
52.23unaccompanied homeless youth, sex-trafficked
52.24youth, and young families experiencing
Subd. 98.Tending the Soil MN
52.27For a grant to Tending the Soil MN to acquire
52.28property for and for predesign of a facility that
52.29will provide workforce development and job
52.30training, housing, and administrative and
52.31public gathering spaces in the city of
Subd. 99.True Friends; Camp Courage
53.2For a grant to True Friends to predesign,
53.3design, engineer, construct, furnish, and equip
53.4a new recreation facility on the campus of
53.5Camp Courage in Wright County, a conference
53.6and retreat center operated by True Friends
53.7that provides respite, camping, and
53.8recreational opportunities for children and
53.9adults with disabilities and their families.
Subd. 100.Turning Point
53.11For a grant to Turning Point to design,
53.12construct, furnish, and equip improvements
53.13and betterments of a capital nature to Turning
53.14Point's facility in the city of Minneapolis, in
53.15order to help the organization carry out its
53.16mission of providing culturally specific
53.17substance use disorder treatment, housing,
53.18support services, and training to adults.
Subd. 101.Ukrainian Center
53.20For a grant to the Ukrainian American
53.21Community Center to predesign, design, and
53.22construct improvements and betterments of a
53.23capital nature to their facility in the city of
53.24Minneapolis to help the organization carry out
53.25its mission of preserving Ukrainian culture
53.26and heritage and assisting and serving refugees
53.27from Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.
Subd. 102.V3 Sports, Inc.
53.29For a grant to V3 Sports, Inc., to predesign,
53.30design, construct, furnish, and equip a
53.31community, aquatic, sports, and event center
53.32with a 50-meter competition swimming pool
53.33in the North Minneapolis neighborhood.
Subd. 103.Walker|West Music Academy
54.2For a grant to Walker|West Music Academy
54.3to acquire property, predesign, and design a
54.4building in the city of St. Paul to support youth
54.5music education.
Subd. 104.Wellstone Center
54.7For a grant to The Neighborhood House to
54.8renovate The Wellstone Center in the city of
54.9St. Paul.
Subd. 105.WE WIN Institute
54.11For a grant to WE WIN Institute, Inc., to
54.12acquire property and predesign, design,
54.13construct, renovate, furnish, and equip capital
54.14improvements to provide academic, social,
54.15and culturally specific programming and food
54.16services for Black students in the city of
Subd. 106.YWCA St. Paul
54.19For restoration, replacement, and repairs and
54.20to enhance the security, efficiency, safety,
54.21sustainability, and accessibility of the nine
54.22supportive housing facilities in St. Paul owned
54.23and operated by YWCA St. Paul and of its
54.24headquarters at 375 Selby Avenue in St. Paul,
54.25which is comprised of several attached
54.26structures with nine roofs. The necessary work
54.27will include capital improvements such as
54.28tuckpointing and masonry, roofing, windows,
54.29furnaces, air conditioning, water heaters,
54.30boilers, exterior doors, retaining walls, gutters,
54.31flooring, decking, and enhanced security,
54.32lighting, and accessibility.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
55.2To the Public Facilities Authority for the
55.3purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Lewis and Clark Joint Powers Board
55.5For a grant to the Lewis and Clark Joint
55.6Powers Board to acquire land for and to
55.7design, engineer, and construct facilities and
55.8infrastructure necessary for an expansion of
55.9the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System.
55.10This appropriation is not available until the
55.11Lewis and Clark Joint Powers Board pays to
55.12the commissioner of management and budget
55.13the total amount of federal money that it
55.14received or receives associated with the project
55.15that was funded by Laws 2014, chapter 295,
55.16section 11, subdivision 2, and Minnesota
55.17Statutes, section 16A.967, estimated to be
55.18$39,003,078, by June 30, 2024. The
55.19commissioner must deposit this money in the
55.20general fund.
Subd. 3.Austin; Wastewater Treatment Facility
55.23For a grant to the city of Austin to construct
55.24and equip improvements for upgrades to the
55.25city's wastewater treatment facility. This
55.26appropriation includes money for renovation,
55.27repairs, and replacement of infrastructure,
55.28equipment, and other components of the
55.29facility's wastewater treatment systems
55.30including site improvements to buildings and
55.31other structures as well as the costs of
55.32demolition associated with the project.
Subd. 4.Braham; Clean Water Infrastructure
56.2For a grant to the city of Braham to design,
56.3engineer, permit, and construct publicly owned
56.4infrastructure in conjunction with upgrades to
56.5the wastewater treatment plant and
56.6improvements to the collection system, clean
56.7drinking water infrastructure including water
56.8main replacement in various locations and
56.9water well replacement.
Subd. 5.Buhl; Water System
56.11For a grant to the city of Buhl to design,
56.12construct, furnish, and equip a new water
56.13treatment system, including a new water tower
56.14and other improvements to infrastructure
56.15required for an upgrade of the city's water
Subd. 6.Dayton; Wellhead Treatment
56.19For a grant to the city of Dayton to construct
56.20two wellhead treatment plants to improve the
56.21city's drinking water.
Subd. 7.First District Association; Wastewater
Industrial Pretreatment Facility
56.24For a grant to the First District Association, a
56.25dairy cooperative located in the city of
56.26Litchfield, to design, engineer, construct,
56.27equip, and furnish, a new wastewater industrial
56.28pretreatment facility in the city of Litchfield
56.29with a processing capacity of up to 1,750,000
56.30gallons per day of high strength wastewater,
56.31a biosolids handling process, and renewable
56.32gas production.
Subd. 8.Gilbert; Water Treatment Plant
57.2For a grant to the city of Gilbert to design and
57.3construct a new lime softening water treatment
57.4plant and associated capital improvements.
57.5This appropriation includes money for
57.6demolition of decommissioned water treatment
57.7structures, a lime sludge processing system,
57.8capital improvements to lime sludge storage
57.9facilities, and replacement of aquifer
57.10monitoring equipment in existing water supply
Subd. 9.Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System
57.13For one or more grants to the
57.14Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System for the
57.15purposes described in this subdivision.
57.16(1) $4,000,000 of this appropriation is to
57.17design, construct, and equip a biological
57.18filtration and water treatment system for
57.19nitrate removal.
57.20(2) $2,500,000 of this appropriation is to
57.21design and construct improvements and
57.22betterments of a capital nature to water
57.23treatment facilities in Fortier Township,
57.24including contact basin and water storage
57.26(3) $5,000,000 of this appropriation is to
57.27acquire property and to design and construct
57.28water storage and distribution infrastructure,
57.29including booster stations and new water
57.30connecting pipelines.
Subd. 10.Mankato; Water Treatment
57.32For a grant to the city of Mankato for site
57.33preparation and to construct upgrades to the
57.34city's regional water resource recovery facility,
58.1including the disinfection upgrades improving
58.2water quality of the discharge to the Minnesota
Subd. 11.Minneapolis; Water Distribution
58.6For a grant to the city of Minneapolis for
58.7predesign, design, engineering, and
58.8environmental analysis of the water
58.9distribution facility to be located in Hennepin
58.10County or Anoka County.
Subd. 12.Mound; Clean Water Infrastructure
58.12For a grant to the city of Mound to predesign,
58.13design, and construct a new clean water well,
58.14decommission and seal of wells No. 4 and No.
58.157, installation of a new water main between
58.16water towers 3 and 8, and capital
58.17improvements to the water treatment facility.
Subd. 13.Red Rock Rural Water System;
Expansion Design
58.20For a grant to the Red Rock Rural Water
58.21System to design a new well field for an
58.22expansion of the Red Rock Rural Water
Subd. 14.Tyler; Sanitary Sewer
58.25For a grant to the city of Tyler to predesign,
58.26design, construct, and equip repair and
58.27reconstruction of portions of the sanitary sewer
58.28collection system.
Subd. 15.West St. Paul; Wastewater
58.31For a grant to the city of West St. Paul to
58.32design and construct the replacement of
58.33sanitary sewer lift station number 4 and force
58.34main number 4.
Subd. 16.Western Lake Superior Sanitary
District; Clarifiers
59.3For a grant to the Western Lake Superior
59.4Sanitary District to design, construct, and
59.5rehabilitate four secondary clarifiers in the
59.6district's wastewater treatment system.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
59.10To the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
59.11for the purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Rehabilitation to Preserve Public
59.14For transfer to the housing development fund
59.15to finance the costs of rehabilitation to
59.16preserve public housing under Minnesota
59.17Statutes, section 462A.202, subdivision 3a.
59.18For purposes of this section, "public housing"
59.19means housing for low-income persons and
59.20households financed by the federal
59.21government and publicly owned or housing
59.22that has been repositioned under the federal
59.23Rental Assistance Demonstration or similar
59.24program. Priority may be given to proposals
59.25that maximize nonstate resources to finance
59.26the capital costs and requests that prioritize
59.27health, safety, and energy improvements and
59.28requests that prioritize long-term affordability.
59.29The priority in Minnesota Statutes, section
59.30462A.202, subdivision 3a, for projects to
59.31increase the supply of affordable housing and
59.32the restrictions of Minnesota Statutes, section
59.33462A.202, subdivision 7, do not apply to this
Subd. 3.Satori Village
60.2For a grant to the city of Minneapolis for the
60.3Satori Village Development, a mixed-income
60.4and mixed-age housing project.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
60.8To the Minnesota Historical Society for the
60.9purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Minnesota Transportation Museum
60.11For a grant to the Minnesota Transportation
60.12Museum to predesign and design the
60.13renovation, restoration, and preservation of
60.14the historical Jackson Street Roundhouse in
60.15St. Paul to preserve the history and culture of
60.16railroads in Minnesota.
Subd. 3.Morrison County; Weyerhaeuser
60.19For a grant to the Morrison County Historical
60.20Society for repair and stabilization of the
60.21riverbank along the Mississippi River at the
60.22C.A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.

60.23    Sec. 18. CANCELLATION.
60.24The amount of the general fund appropriations listed in the cancellation report submitted
60.25to the legislature in 2023, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, are canceled
60.26on the effective date of this section.

60.27    Sec. 19. EFFECTIVE DATE.
60.28This article is effective the day following final enactment.


61.3    Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 15B.03, subdivision 4, is amended to read:
61.4    Subd. 4. Executive secretary, employees, contractors. (a) The chair of the board must
61.5appoint an executive secretary to serve the board. The chair must consult with the board
61.6before making an appointment. The executive secretary serves in the unclassified service.
61.7(b) The board may employ any other officers and employees it considers necessary.
61.8Those employed under this paragraph are in the state classified civil service.
61.9(c) The board may contract for professional and other similar services on the terms it
61.10considers desirable.

61.11    Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 16A.966, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
61.12    Subd. 2. Authorization to issue appropriation bonds. (a) Subject to the limitations of
61.13this subdivision, the commissioner may sell and issue appropriation bonds of the state under
61.14this section for public purposes as provided by law, including for the purposes of financing
61.15the cost of implementing removal or remedial actions permitted under section 115B.17 and
61.16further subject to the conditions in chapter 115B to address risks to human health and the
61.17environment at contaminated sites. Appropriation bonds may be sold and issued in amounts
61.18that, in the opinion of the commissioner, are necessary to provide sufficient money to the
61.19commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency under subdivision 7, not to exceed
61.20$30,400,000 net of costs of issuance, for the purposes as provided under this subdivision,
61.21and to pay debt service including capitalized interest, costs of issuance, costs of credit
61.22enhancement, or make payments under other agreements entered into under paragraph (d).
61.23Notwithstanding section 115B.17, subdivision 6 or 16, any money recovered in a civil action
61.24or any money received from the disposition of property acquired for a response action and
61.25financed with bonds under this section shall be transferred to the commissioner and applied
61.26toward principal and interest on outstanding bonds.
61.27(b) Proceeds of the appropriation bonds must be credited to a special appropriation state
61.28response to releases bond proceeds fund in the state treasury. All income from investment
61.29of the bond proceeds, as estimated by the commissioner, is appropriated to the commissioner
61.30for the payment of principal and interest on the appropriation bonds.
61.31(c) Appropriation bonds may be issued in one or more issues or series on the terms and
61.32conditions the commissioner determines to be in the best interests of the state, but the term
61.33on any series of appropriation bonds may not exceed 21 years. The appropriation bonds of
62.1each issue and series thereof shall be dated and bear interest, and may be includable in or
62.2excludable from the gross income of the owners for federal income tax purposes.
62.3(d) At the time of, or in anticipation of, issuing the appropriation bonds, and at any time
62.4thereafter, so long as the appropriation bonds are outstanding, the commissioner may enter
62.5into agreements and ancillary arrangements relating to the appropriation bonds, including
62.6but not limited to trust indentures, grant agreements, lease or use agreements, operating
62.7agreements, management agreements, liquidity facilities, remarketing or dealer agreements,
62.8letter of credit agreements, insurance policies, guaranty agreements, reimbursement
62.9agreements, indexing agreements, or interest exchange agreements. Any payments made
62.10or received according to the agreement or ancillary arrangement shall be made from or
62.11deposited as provided in the agreement or ancillary arrangement. The determination of the
62.12commissioner included in an interest exchange agreement that the agreement relates to an
62.13appropriation bond shall be conclusive.
62.14(e) The commissioner may enter into written agreements or contracts relating to the
62.15continuing disclosure of information necessary to comply with or facilitate the issuance of
62.16appropriation bonds in accordance with federal securities laws, rules, and regulations,
62.17including Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations in Code of Federal
62.18Regulations, title 17, section 240.15c 2-12. An agreement may be in the form of covenants
62.19with purchasers and holders of appropriation bonds set forth in the order or resolution
62.20authorizing the issuance of the appropriation bonds, or a separate document authorized by
62.21the order or resolution.
62.22(f) The appropriation bonds are not subject to chapter 16C.
62.23(g) Notwithstanding section 16A.642, the bond authorization and appropriation of bond
62.24proceeds for this project are available until December 31, 2027.

62.25    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 116J.435, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
62.26    Subdivision 1. Creation of account. (a) An innovative business development public
62.27infrastructure account is created in the bond proceeds fund. Money in the account may only
62.28be used for capital costs of public infrastructure for eligible innovative business development
62.30(b) An innovative business development public infrastructure account is created in the
62.31general fund. The account consists of funds as provided by law and any other money donated,
62.32allotted, transferred, or otherwise provided to the account. Money in the account may only
62.33be expended on a project receiving financial assistance as provided under this section.

63.1    Sec. 4. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 116J.435, subdivision 7, is amended to read:
63.2    Subd. 7. Repayment of grant. If an eligible project supported by public infrastructure
63.3funded with a grant awarded under this section is not occupied by an innovative business
63.4in accordance with the grant application under subdivision 4 within five years after the date
63.5of the last grant payment, the grant recipient must repay the amount of the grant received.
63.6The commissioner must deposit all money received under this subdivision into the state
63.7treasury and credit it to the debt service account in the state bond fund if the grant was
63.8funded with state general obligation bond proceeds or to the general fund if the grant was
63.9funded with money from the general fund.

63.10    Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 134.45, subdivision 5, is amended to read:
63.11    Subd. 5. Qualification; accessibility grants. A public library jurisdiction may apply
63.12for a grant in an amount up to $300,000 $450,000 or 50 percent of the approved costs of
63.13removing architectural barriers from a building or site, whichever is less. Grants may be
63.14made only for projects in existing buildings used as a library, or to prepare another existing
63.15building for use as a library. Renovation of an existing building may include an addition to
63.16the building if the additional space is necessary to provide accessibility or if relocating
63.17public spaces to the ground level provides improved overall accessibility. Grants must not
63.18be used to pay part of the cost of meeting accessibility requirements in a new building.

63.19    Sec. 6. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 240A.20, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
63.20    Subdivision 1. Definition. For purposes of this section, "skate" means wheeled,
63.21nonmotorized recreation, including skateboarding, roller blading, and roller skating, and
63.22not including cycling or BMX biking.

63.23    Sec. 7. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 240A.20, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
63.24    Subd. 3. Criteria for grants to local units of government for public skate parks. (a)
63.25The commission shall administer a site selection process for the skate parks. The commission
63.26shall invite proposals from cities or, towns, counties or, consortia of cities, park boards, and
63.27school districts that are eligible to receive a grant under this program. A proposal for a skate
63.28park must include matching contributions including in-kind contributions of land, access
63.29roadways and access roadway improvements, and necessary utility services, landscaping,
63.30and parking.
63.31(b) The skate park must be accessible to the public without charge for personal use.
63.32(c) The skate park must be constructed of concrete.
64.1(b) (d) The location for all proposed facilities must be in areas of maximum demonstrated
64.2interest and must maximize accessibility to an arterial highway, transit, or pedestrian or
64.3bike path.
64.4(c) (e) To the extent possible, all proposed facilities must be dispersed equitably, must
64.5be located to maximize potential for full utilization, must accommodate noncompetitive
64.6family and community skating for all ages, and must encourage use of skate parks by a
64.7diverse population.
64.8(d) (f) The commission will give priority to proposals that come from more than one
64.9local government unit.
64.10(e) (g) The commission may also use the money to upgrade, rehabilitate, or renovate
64.11current facilities.
64.12(f) (h) To the extent possible, 50 percent of all grants must be awarded to communities
64.13in greater Minnesota.
64.14(g) (i) A grant awarded under subdivision 2, clause (2), may not exceed $250,000
64.15$500,000 unless the grantee demonstrates that the facility will have a regional or statewide
64.16draw. A grant awarded under subdivision 2, clause (2), may be for up to $750,000 $1,000,000
64.17for a skate park with regional impact. A grant awarded under subdivision 2, clause (2), may
64.18be for up to $2,000,000 for a skate park with statewide draw that has or will have more than
64.1940,000 square feet.
64.20(h) (j) In selecting projects to be awarded grants under this section, the commission must
64.21give priority to those projects that are designated designed by experts in the field of concrete
64.22skate park design and are to be constructed by professionals with experience in the
64.23construction of concrete skate parks.
64.24(i) (k) To be eligible for a grant under this section, a local government must have engaged
64.25or must commit to engage youth in the planning, design, and programming for the concrete
64.26skate park.

64.27    Sec. 8. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 240A.20, is amended by adding a subdivision to
64.29    Subd. 6. Awarding a design-build contract. Notwithstanding section 471.345, cities,
64.30towns, counties, park boards, and school districts may solicit and award a design-build or
64.31construction manager at-risk contract for a construction or upgrade project funded under
64.32this section on the basis of a best value selection process. The city, town, county, park board,
65.1or school district must consider at least three proposals when awarding a design-build
65.2contract under this section.

65.3    Sec. 9. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 240A.20, is amended by adding a subdivision to
65.5    Subd. 7. Availability of funds. A grant of money from an appropriation under this
65.6program is available to each grantee until the project that is the subject of the grant is
65.7completed or abandoned, subject to section 16A.642.

65.8    Sec. 10. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 256E.37, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
65.9    Subdivision 1. Grant authority. The commissioner may make grants to state agencies
65.10and political subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities for early childhood programs,
65.11crisis nurseries, or parenting time centers. The following requirements apply:
65.12    (1) The facilities must be owned by the state or a political subdivision, but may be leased
65.13under section 16A.695 to organizations that operate the programs. The commissioner must
65.14prescribe the terms and conditions of the leases.
65.15    (2) A grant for an individual facility must not exceed $500,000 for each program that
65.16is housed in the facility, up to a maximum of $2,000,000 for a facility that houses three
65.17programs or more. Programs include Head Start, School Readiness, Early Childhood Family
65.18Education, licensed child care, and other early childhood intervention programs.
65.19    (3) State appropriations must be matched on a 50 percent basis with nonstate funds. The
65.20matching requirement must apply program wide and not to individual grants.
65.21(4) At least 80 percent of grant funds must be distributed to facilities located in counties
65.22not included in the definition under section 473.121, subdivision 4.

65.24Minnesota Statutes, sections 15B.05, subdivision 3; 15B.06; 15B.08; and 16B.31,
65.25subdivision 4, and any rules adopted under the authority of those sections, do not apply to
65.26any project to address critical health, life safety, and security needs on the State Capitol
65.27complex and for which funds are available on or before December 31, 2023, if the primary
65.28affected tenant has given final approval to the project.

66.2    Subdivision 1. National Sports Center. The Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission
66.3may sell no more than 2.5 acres of land situated at the National Sports Center in Blaine,
66.4Minnesota, and identified as 10610 Nassau Street NE, Blaine, Minnesota, legally described
66.5in subdivision 3, to the city of Blaine or the Blaine Economic Development Authority
66.6provided that such sale must be completed in accordance with the provisions contained in
66.7Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695.
66.8    Subd. 2. Appropriation. Upon completion of the sale, an amount of funds equal to the
66.9net proceeds of the sale are appropriated to the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission
66.10from the state's general fund in fiscal year 2024 for use thereby for public improvements
66.11of a capital nature at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota. This appropriation
66.12is onetime and is contingent on the sale of the land and the commissioner of management
66.13and budget receiving all net proceeds from the sale of the land, estimated to be $433,000,
66.14by June 30, 2024. This appropriation is available until the project is completed or abandoned,
66.15subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642.
66.16    Subd. 3. Description. The real property to be conveyed is located in Anoka County and
66.17is legally described as:
66.18Lot 2, Block 1, Northeast NSC Extension, Anoka County, Minnesota.

66.19    Sec. 13. REPEALER.
66.20Minnesota Statutes 2022, sections 16A.93; 16A.94; and 16A.96, are repealed.

66.21    Sec. 14. EFFECTIVE DATE.
66.22Except as otherwise specified, this article is effective the day following final enactment."
66.23Amend the title accordingly
66.24The motion prevailed. #did not prevail. So the amendment was #not adopted.