Senate Floor Amendment


1.1Senator Kiffmeyer moved to amend S.F. No. 1 as follows:
1.2Page 8, line 18, delete "24,445,000" and insert "24,395,000" and delete "23,867,000"
1.3and insert "23,817,000"
1.4Page 8, line 22, delete "9,678,000" and insert "9,628,000" and delete "9,450,000" and
1.5insert "9,400,000"
1.6Page 9, line 14, delete "$488,000" and insert "$438,000"
1.7Page 10, line 17, after the period, insert "The base is $200,000 in fiscal year 2020 and
1.8each year thereafter."
1.9Page 13, line 6, delete "25,447,000" and insert "25,497,000" and delete "26,026,000"
1.10and insert "26,076,000"
1.11Page 13, line 29, delete "10,255,000" and insert "10,305,000" and delete "10,834,000"
1.12and insert "10,884,000"
1.13Page 14, line 1, delete "$1,115,000" and insert "$1,165,000" and delete "$1,122,000"
1.14and insert "$1,172,000"
1.15Page 14, line 3, after the period, insert "The base is $922,000 in fiscal year 2020 and
1.16each year thereafter."
1.17Page 26, delete lines 6 to 8 and insert:
1.18    "A commissioner of an executive branch agency receiving appropriations within this
1.19article may transfer appropriations for staff positions, salaries, and technology within the
1.20agency to meet its statutory obligations. The commissioner shall inform the chairs and
1.21ranking minority members of the committees in the house of representatives and senate
1.22with jurisdiction over state government and veterans finance quarterly about transfers made
1.23under this section."
1.24Page 26, line 10, after "fund" insert "to the Office of Administrative Hearings"
1.25Page 27, delete section 2
1.26Page 35, line 6, delete "January" and insert "October"
1.27Page 35, lines 11 and 13, delete "a single" and insert "the previous"
1.28Page 38, line 28, delete "the general fund" and insert "a Capitol events dedicated account
1.29in the special revenue fund. Money in the dedicated account is appropriated to the
1.30commissioner of administration to recover direct costs incurred from holding events in the
1.31Capitol building"
2.1Page 45, after line 32, insert:

2.2    "Sec. 30. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 138.665, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
2.3    Subd. 2. Mediation. The state, state departments, agencies, and political subdivisions,
2.4including the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota, have a responsibility to
2.5protect the physical features and historic character of properties designated in sections
2.6138.662 and 138.664 or listed on the National Register of Historic Places created by Public
2.7Law 89-665. Before carrying out any undertaking that will affect designated or listed
2.8properties, or funding or licensing an undertaking by other parties, the state department or
2.9agency shall consult with the Minnesota Historical Society State Historic Preservation Office
2.10pursuant to the society's established procedures to determine appropriate treatments and to
2.11seek ways to avoid and mitigate any adverse effects on designated or listed properties. If
2.12the state department or agency and the Minnesota Historical Society State Historic
2.13Preservation Office agree in writing on a suitable course of action, the project may proceed.
2.14If the parties cannot agree, any one of the parties may request that the governor appoint and
2.15convene a mediation task force consisting of five members, two appointed by the governor,
2.16the chair of the State Review Board of the State Historic Preservation Office, the
2.17commissioner of administration or the commissioner's designee, and one member who is
2.18not an employee of the Minnesota Historical Society appointed by the director of the society.
2.19The two appointees of the governor and the one of the director of the society shall be qualified
2.20by training or experience in one or more of the following disciplines: (1) history; (2)
2.21archaeology; and (3) architectural history. The mediation task force is not subject to the
2.22conditions of section 15.059. This subdivision does not apply to section 138.662, subdivision
, and section 138.664, subdivisions 8 and 111.
2.24EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018.

2.25    Sec. 31. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 138.665, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
2.26    Subd. 3. Notice to Minnesota Historical Society State Historic Preservation Office
2.27of land acquisition. If the state or a governmental subdivision acquires any of the property
2.28in section 138.664, it is the duty of the officer in charge of the acquisition to notify in writing,
2.29as promptly as possible, the Minnesota Historical Society State Historic Preservation Office
2.30of the acquisition.
2.31EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018."
3.1Page 48, after line 18, insert:

3.2    "Sec. 35. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 290.0681, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
3.3    Subdivision 1. Definitions. (a) For purposes of this section, the following terms have
3.4the meanings given.
3.5    (b) "Account" means the historic credit administration account in the special revenue
3.7    (c) "Office" means the State Historic Preservation Office of the Minnesota Historical
3.8Society Department of Administration.
3.9    (d) "Project" means rehabilitation of a certified historic structure, as defined in section
3.1047(c)(3)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code, that is located in Minnesota and is allowed a
3.11federal credit.
3.12    (e) "Society" means the Minnesota Historical Society.
3.13    (f) "Federal credit" means the credit allowed under section 47(a)(2) of the Internal
3.14Revenue Code.
3.15    (g) (f) "Placed in service" has the meaning used in section 47 of the Internal Revenue
3.17    (h) (g) "Qualified rehabilitation expenditures" has the meaning given in section 47 of
3.18the Internal Revenue Code.
3.19EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018.

3.20    Sec. 36. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 290.0681, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
3.21    Subd. 2. Credit or grant allowed; certified historic structure. (a) A credit is allowed
3.22against the tax imposed under this chapter equal to not more than 100 percent of the credit
3.23allowed under section 47(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code for a project. To qualify for
3.24the credit:
3.25    (1) the project must receive Part 3 certification and be placed in service during the taxable
3.26year; and
3.27    (2) the taxpayer must be allowed the federal credit and be issued a credit certificate for
3.28the taxable year as provided in subdivision 4.
3.29    (b) The society commissioner of administration may pay a grant in lieu of the credit.
3.30The grant equals 90 percent of the credit that would be allowed for the project.
4.1    (c) In lieu of the credit under paragraph (a), an insurance company may claim a credit
4.2against the insurance premiums tax imposed under chapter 297I.
4.3EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018.

4.4    Sec. 37. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 290.0681, subdivision 7, is amended to read:
4.5    Subd. 7. Appropriations. (a) An amount sufficient to pay the refunds authorized under
4.6this section is appropriated to the commissioner from the general fund.
4.7    (b) An amount sufficient to pay the grants authorized under this section is appropriated
4.8to the society commissioner of administration from the general fund.
4.9    (c) Amounts in the account are appropriated to the society commissioner of administration
4.10for costs associated with personnel and administrative expenses related to administering
4.11the credit for historic structure rehabilitation in this section, for refunding application fees
4.12under subdivision 3, and for costs associated with preparing the determination of economic
4.13impact report required in subdivision 9.
4.14EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018.

4.15    Sec. 38. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 290.0681, subdivision 9, is amended to read:
4.16    Subd. 9. Report; determination of economic impact. The society commissioner of
4.17administration must annually determine the economic impact to the state from the
4.18rehabilitation of property for which credits or grants are provided under this section and
4.19provide a written report on the impact to the chairs and ranking minority members of the
4.20legislative committees on taxes of the senate and house of representatives, in compliance
4.21with sections 3.195 and 3.197.
4.22EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018."
4.23Page 51, after line 10, insert:

4.24    "Sec. 46. Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 471.193, subdivision 6, is amended to read:
4.25    Subd. 6. Communication with state historic preservation officer. Proposed site
4.26designations and design guidelines must be sent to the state historic preservation officer at
4.27the Minnesota Historical Society Department of Administration, who shall review and
4.28comment on the proposal within 60 days. By October 31 of each year, each commission
4.29shall submit an annual report to the state historic preservation officer. The report must
4.30summarize the commission's activities, including designations, reviews, and other activities
4.31during the previous 12 months.
5.1EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018."
5.2Page 53, delete section 48 and insert:

5.4    (a) The powers, duties, responsibilities, personnel, assets, and unexpended funds relating
5.5to functions assigned to the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office are transferred to
5.6the Department of Administration effective March 1, 2018. For the purpose of this section,
5.7the Minnesota State Historical Society is considered a state agency under Minnesota Statutes,
5.8sections 15.039 and 16B.37.
5.9    (b) The commissioner of the Department of Administration in consultation with the
5.10Minnesota Historical Society must transfer functions from the Minnesota Historical
5.11Preservation Office to the Department of Administration. The transfer must provide for the
5.12full transition of all State Historic Preservation Office functions to the Department of
5.14    (c) A transferred employee's length of service remains uninterrupted as if the employee
5.15had been employed by the Department of Administration during the employee's time of
5.16employment by the Minnesota Historical Society.
5.17    The employee shall have all accumulated unliquidated vacation and sick leave hours
5.18transferred to the employee's credit, up to the maximum accumulations permitted by the
5.19state collective bargaining agreement or compensation plan adopted under Minnesota
5.20Statutes, section 43A.18, governing the transferred position. Vacation and sick leave hours
5.21are not transferred if the transferred position does not provide for the leave.
5.22    The salary rate of employees transferred under this section may not decrease as a result
5.23of the transfer to state employment. If an employee's salary rate is above the maximum of
5.24the class to which the transferred position is allocated, so long as the employee remains in
5.25the transferred position, the employee shall not be eligible to receive any increase in salary
5.26until the employee's salary is within the range of the class to which the transferred position
5.27is allocated, unless such increases are specifically provided in the state collective bargaining
5.28agreement or compensation plan governing the transferred position.
5.29    All transferred employees must successfully complete a probationary period of at least
5.30one year beginning the effective date of the transfer in order to attain permanent status in
5.31the class to which the transferred position is allocated.
5.32EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective March 1, 2018."
6.1Page 54, line 11, delete everything after "auditor" and insert "for fiscal year 2018 and
6.3Page 54, line 12, delete everything before the second comma
6.4Page 54, line 14, delete "end" and insert "close"
6.5Page 54, line 17, after "The" insert "Legislative Coordinating Commission must contract
6.6with the" and delete "must" and insert "to"
6.7Page 55, line 4, delete "and"
6.8Page 55, line 5, after "senate," insert ", and two members from executive branch agencies,
6.9appointed by the commissioner of management and budget,"
6.10Page 55, line 12, delete "the scope of" and after "responsibilities" insert "for fiscal notes
6.11and local impact notes"
6.12Page 55, line 17, delete "an interim" and insert "a preliminary"
6.13Page 55, line 20, after the first "The" insert "final"
6.14Page 65, line 13, delete "$500" and insert "$200"
6.15Adjust amounts accordingly
6.16Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
6.17Amend the title accordingly
6.18The motion prevailed. #did not prevail. So the amendment was #not adopted.