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For Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee

Monday, March 26, 2018 - Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Monday, March 26, 2018  
1:00 p.m.  
Monday, March 26, 2018
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance
Chair: Sen. Carrie Ruud
01:00 PM
Room 1200 Minnesota Senate Bldg.

The committee will work through the agenda during normal committee time and reconvene at 5pm in room 1200 to resume the agenda.

SF 3319 will not be heard before 5pm.

SF 3319 testimony will be limited to 20 minutes for each side and two minutes per testifier. If you wish to testify please contact Jonathan Cotter at jonathan.cotter@senate.mn. Testimony will be limited to those on the agenda. Testimony can also be submitted in writing to jonathan.cotter@senate.mn.
S.F. 3573 Chamberlain White Bear Lake groundwater appropriation permit conditions enforcement temporary prohibition.
S.F. 3237 Jasinski Snowmobile online training course fee charge authorization.
S.F. 3499 Johnson, M. Watershed district board meeting requirements for meetings conducted by interactive television.
S.F. 3705 Johnson, M. Red River basin commission recognition, membership, duties, and appropriation.
S.F. 3380 Franzen Watercraft carbon monoxide detection devices requirements modification.
S.F. 3299 Mathews Volkswagen settlement funds administrative expenses expenditure limitation; additional personnel hiring prohibition.
S.F. 3637 Koran Snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle privileges revocation following DWI conviction.
S.F. 2839 Weber Open-air swine basins ban clarification.
S.F. 3410 Weber Agricultural best management practice loan conditions modifications to include environmental service providers; drainage law modification to accelerate ditch buffer strip implementation.
S.F. 3111 Weber Saltwater aquatic farms modifications; transportation or importation permit and quarantine requirement.
S.F. 3064 Ingebrigtsen All-terrain vehicle safety education and training provisions for youth modification.
S.F. 3362 Ingebrigtsen Apprentice-hunter validation restrictions for persons with certain disabilities exception authorization.
S.F. 3328 Ingebrigtsen Deer license revenue dedicated to the deer management account increase.
S.F. 3319 Ingebrigtsen Muskellunge stocking in new waters moratorium; county fish stocking resolutions; muskellunge on nonmuskellunge waters authorization and rulemaking; Otter Tail county muskellunge stocking prohibition; appropriation.


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