Committee on Judiciary
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
12 Noon, Room 15, Capitol


Present: Senator Ron Latz - Chair, Senator Barb  Goodwin - Vice Chair, Senator Richard Cohen, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Senator Dan D. Hall, Senator Warren Limmer, Senator Julianne E. Ortman, Senator Kathy Sheran

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Ron Latz called the meeting to order at 12:07 pm.

S.F. 925: Senator Dibble: Marriage between two persons authorization.

SENATOR DIBBLE PRESENTED THE BILL, 12:08 - 12:23 pm. Senator Goodwin moves to adopt the A-1 amendment MOTION PREVAILED TESTIFIERS PRO, 12:24 - 12:58 pm: Richard Painter - University of Minnesota Law Professor Dr. Paul Melchert - American Academy of Pediatrics Marilyn Carlson Nelson - Carlson Companies Pastor Erik Strand - Edina Community Lutheran Church Reverend Bill Chadwick - Oak Grove Presbyterian, Bloomington Pastor David Cobb - Spirit of Joy Disciples of Christ Church David Patton - Private Citizen Chip Martin & Bill Chaffee - Private Citizens Kate Wulf & Marianne Christianson - Private Citizens Phil, Randi, & Jacob Reitan - Private Citizens Tom Horner - Former Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate TESTIFIERS CON, 12:59 - 1:36 pm: Katherine Kersten - Senior fellow at the Center for the American Experiment (speaking in her individual capacity) Professor Robert Oscar Lopez - Professor at California State University, founder of English Manif, a site to build an international movement for the defense of the child (speaking in his individual capacity) Ken Connely - Litigation Staff Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom Doug Mainwaring - Co-founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots Imam Abdighani Ali - Imam of Masjid Shafici Cultural Center & Assistant Principle of Minnesota Transitions Charter School Dr. Thomas Nevins, MD - University of Minnesota (speaking in his his individual capacity) Testifiers: Brett Stevens - Private Citizen (supports civil unions) ADDITIONAL TESTIFIERS, 1:36 - 1:57 pm: Testifiers Pro: Professor Dale Carpenter - University of Minnesota Law School Mitch Azarcon - SEIU Megan Mueller - Private Citizen Professor Sarah Warbelow - Constitutional Law Professor Testifiers Con: Donald Hamilton - Private Citizen Deena Solers - Private Citizen Chaplin Gerard - Private Citizen Brian Fitz - Private Citizen DISCUSSION, 1:58 - 2:51 pm:

Senator Cohen moved that S.F. 925, as amended, be recommended to pass.

Senator Limmer requested a roll call vote: Ayes: Cohen, Dziedzic, Goodwin, Latz, Sheran Nayes: Hall, Limmer, Ortman 5 ayes, 3 nayes, MOTION PREVAILED

The meeting was adjourned at 2:52 pm.

Senator Ron Latz, Chair
Patrick Rooney, Legislative Assistant