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Date:April 24, 2012
Contact Name:Amos Briggs
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For Immediate Release
Dibble amendment would prohibit state funding of harmful sexual orientation therapy

Earlier today, Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis) offered an amendment to a larger omnibus health policy bill that would prohibit state Medicaid dollars from being paid for any “reparative or conversion” therapies geared toward changing an individual’s sexual orientation.

Sen. Dibble’s amendment, which mirrors the language of a bill he introduced earlier in the session for which requested hearings were denied, was defeated on a largely party line vote.

Said Sen. Dibble, “My amendment simply says that taxpayers would no longer have to pay the bill for therapies that do real damage to individuals and are based on a particular, narrow religious perspective.”

Every mainline counseling and mental health professional organization within Minnesota and across the country has come to understand that being gay or lesbian is normal and natural. Research shows that changing a person’s orientation is not possible. These professional bodies more recently have begun to actively discourage efforts to subject individuals to any form of therapy or counseling that would try to change their orientation or to represent being gay or lesbian as anything but normal, citing voluminous research that shows the harm these treatments cause.

Recent events in Minnesota show that these clinics, under the guise of professional, objective psychological counseling, are delivering what amounts to religious instruction on the morality of being gay or lesbian, going so far as to attempt to “pray the gay away” for their clients.

Sen. Dibble went on to say, “I’m disappointed that the Senate majority Republicans, once again, have affirmed their hostility to the dignity of all Minnesotans.”