News Release
State Senator Bobby Joe Champion
District 59
2303 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
95 University Avenue W.
St. Paul, MN 55155
Telephone (651) 296-9246
Date:April 30, 2015
Contact Name:Jackie Wegleitner
Sen. Champion named to the Judiciary Conference Committee

State Senator Bobby Joe Champion (DFL-Minneapolis) was named to the leadership role of serving on the Judiciary Conference Committee. The committee is tasked with working out the differences between the Senate and House Judiciary Budget bills.

“I am honored to serve on the Judiciary Conference Committee to work out differences between the Senate and House Judiciary bills,” Sen. Champion said. “The Senate Judiciary bill funds the judicial branch, increases legal aid, and allocates money to the financial crimes task force and to juvenile justice diversion programs.”

Under the Senate plan, the Department of Public Safety and Corrections will see new funding. The Department of Corrections is looking at a budget of over a billion dollars for the first time in several years under the Senate bill. Minnesota ranks among the lowest states in the nation in regards to corrections spending, and is also one of the lowest in incarceration. “The House Judiciary bill is considerably smaller than the bill passed by the Senate,” Sen. Champion said. “After we receive a firm commitment on a total budget target, I am confident we will be able to negotiate a final agreement.”

The conference committee’s other members include Sen. Ron Latz, Sen. Scott Dibble, Sen. Chris Eaton, Sen. Dave Senjem, Rep. Tony Cornish, Rep. Kathy Lohmer, Rep. Jerry Hertaus, and Rep. Debra Hilstrom.