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Date:October 31, 2013
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For Immediate Release
Sen. Bakk Statement on Legal Challenge to New Legislative Building

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Following an announcement of plans for a legal challenge to legislation authorizing the construction of a new public building adjacent to the State Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk released the following statement:

“This lawsuit does not contain any legitimate concerns. The legislation authorizing construction of the new legislative building adjacent to the Capitol was included in the public finance section of the tax bill. Public finance provisions have been an established component of tax bills for decades. This legislation is consistent with authorizing legislation for similar construction projects that have been completed under the supervision of the Minnesota Department of Administration. Moreover, it was vetted by legislative counsel and public finance experts at Minnesota Management and Budget and passed by both bodies of the legislature before being signed into law by the Governor.

I fear the only result of this suit will be the waste of taxpayer resources on legal expenses and the potential costs associated with delaying the construction project.

Nevertheless, I remain encouraged by the bi-partisan effort taking place to design and deliver a modern legislative building that will enhance Minnesota’s tradition of public participation in government.”