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Date:February 14, 2013
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Sen. Chris Eaton Introduces Legislation to Protect Children from Dangerous Toxins

St. Paul, MN—State Senator Chris Eaton introduced her Toxic Free Kids Act of 2013 designed to protect children from toxic chemicals currently found in many children’s toys, shampoo and other products. Eaton’s legislation is part of a three bill package introduced at a press conference today.

Sen. Eaton’s bill requires manufacturers to report the presence of any dangerous chemicals in their children’s products. It also gives state agencies the authority to require a gradual phase out of these chemicals and the substitution of safer alternatives.

“This is common-sense legislation that helps protect our children from chemicals we know could be jeopardizing their health,” Sen. Eaton said. “Our goal of our legislative package is to completely eliminate toxic chemicals from products marketed to children.”

All three bills will build on the momentum of the Toxic Free Kids Act of 2009, where the Minnesota Department of Health and Pollution Control Agency created a list of chemicals of high concern. They identified nine highly dangerous chemicals used in children’s products - formaldehyde, BPA, lead, cadmium, three phthalates and two flame retardants.

“Unfortunately, too many of these dangerous chemicals still exist in children’s products,” Sen. Eaton said. “Our bills are a way to work with manufacturers and state agencies to protect our children and prevent their exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals.”

The other two bills introduced would require the phase out of chemicals that have already been identified as priority chemicals, formaldehyde and bisphenol-A.

The Formaldehyde in Children’s Personal Care Products Act (SF357/HF458) will require personal care products intended for children under 12 to be formaldehyde-free within a year.

The BPA in Children’s Food Packaging Bill (SF379/HF459) will require manufacturers to stop using BPA in all food packaging intended for children less than 12 years old within a year.

“The science is clear that formaldehyde and BPA are threats to our children’s health and safer alternative are available,” said Sen. Eaton. “These bills are sensible steps to protect Minnesota kids from toxic chemicals in the products they use.”

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