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Date:February 1, 2013
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Sen. Eaton authors wage increase for workers

State Senator Chris Eaton’s bill to provide Minnesota state workers, such as nurses, prison guards, state troopers, veterans’ officers and snow plow operators, a 2 percent pay increase passed several important Senate committees this week.

The legislation covers more than 22,500 state employees and provides workers their first wage increase in more than 3.5 years. “Ratifying our state employee contracts is a matter of fairness,” Eaton said. “In addition to a fair wage increase for many important members of our communities, the bill provides nearly $8 million in cost savings for the state by asking public employees to pay a bit more in health insurance co-pays.”

The legislation would be retroactive to Jan. 2, 2013 through June 30, 2013. Sen. Eaton also emphasized the new contracts will not cost Minnesota taxpayers a single dime. “There is no new spending in this bill; state agencies must find savings within their existing budgets to pay for the state employee wage increases,” Eaton said.

The bill will continue to make its way through the committee process and could be heard on the Senate floor as early as next Thursday, February 7.

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