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Minnesota Senate at the State Fair

Come see us at the Fair! Take our opinion poll, ask questions about the legislative process, give us ideas of laws you want changed or better yet: talk to a State Senator about your ideas! Who will be at our booth? Check the schedule below. Check back after the fair to see the results of the poll displayed here.

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2017 State Fair Opinion Poll Results:

      2017 State Fair Opinion Poll

      Minnesota State Senate


Survey Results


September 5, 2017

All Senators, staff and interested citizens:

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Senate’s booth this year at the Minnesota State Fair. Many visitors had a chance to talk with one of the 39 Senators that spent time at the booth. Thirty-three Senate staff members also were on hand to answer questions from fair-goers.

More than 5,300 people took our annual State Fair opinion poll survey. The poll, which was offered exclusively at our booth in the Education Building, aimed to familiarize fair-goers with a sampling of issues that are currently being discussed at the Capitol. See below for the results of all 12 of the poll questions.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.




Senate Information Office





Minnesota State Senate


2017 State Fair Poll


Respondents should be of voting age.


Please mark one answer per question.








Minneapolis/St. Paul                                          36.97% (1939)

Rural                                                               12.93% (678) 

Suburban                                                         44.33% (2325)

Regional hub of at least 40,000 people (Rochester,       

Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, Moorhead)                3.93% (206)

Another state                                                     1.49% (78)

No Answer                                                         0.36% (19)


Male                                                                 46.56% (2446)

Female                                                             51.58% (2710)

No Answer                                                          1.87% (98)



18-24                                                                                    6.98% (366)

25-34                                                                                  12.03% (631)

35-49                                                                                  16.68% (875)

50-64                                                                                  32.63% (1712)

65 and older                                                                        29.58% (1552)

No Answer                                                                            2.12% (111)

1. Overall, do you have a favorable, unfavorable or neutral opinion of the outcomes from the 2017 Minnesota legislative session?

    A) Favorable                                                                   12.99% (678) 

    B) Unfavorable                                                                48.73% (2544)

    C) Neutral                                                                       28.85% (1506)

    D) Undecided/No opinion                                                  9.44% (493)

2. Should state law requiring immunizations for children enrolled in public schools and child care facilities be changed to eliminate the current exemption for personal or religious beliefs?
    A) Yes, the exemption for personal or religious beliefs should be eliminated
                                                                                            61.77% (3225)
    B) No, the existing exemptions from immunizations should stay the same
                                                                                            31.97% (1669)
    C) Undecided/No opinion                                                  6.26% (327)

3. To measure student achievement, federal law requires school districts and charter schools to have 95 percent participation in statewide assessments in math, reading and science. The consequences for failing to meet this standard are decided by each state. In Minnesota, parents are able to opt their children out of taking the assessments. Should school districts or charter schools be penalized when less than 95 percent of students participate in the required statewide assessments?

    A) Yes                                                                             33.09% (1725)

    B) No penalty                                                                  49.07% (2558)

    C) Undecided/No opinion                                                17.84% (930)

4. Should state lawmakers expand the sale of fireworks in Minnesota to include the sorts of aerial and audible fireworks that are available in neighboring states?

    A) Yes                                                                              25.25% (1320)

    B) Yes, but local governments should be able to enact ordinances that restrict fireworks
                                                                                            21.45% (1121)

    C) No                                                                               48.94% (2558)

    D) Undecided/No opinion                                                  4.36% (228)


5. What is the best use of state dollars to meet future workforce needs in Minnesota?

     A) Increase spending for high-school and dual-enrollment career and technical education.
                                                                                            36.03% (1869)
     B) Provide full or partial scholarships for high school graduates pursuing an associate’s degree or professional certificate    
                                                                                            29.63% (1537)
    C) Provide incentives to private employers that offer apprenticeships
                                                                                            20.24% (1050)
    D) Other                                                                            7.19% (373)
    E) Undecided/No opinion                                                  6.90% (358)


 6. State lawmakers have asked the Minnesota Department of Transportation to prepare a report about strategies to reduce congestion and raise revenue that includes toll roads. Do you support the use of toll roads?


     A) Yes                                                                           21.65% (1131)


     B) No                                                                            71.28% (3723)


     C) Undecided/No opinion                                                7.06% (369)


 7. Should Minnesota law be amended to provide a special tax credit to individuals and businesses for their donations to nonprofit organizations that provide scholarships to low-income students to attend K-12 private schools?


     A) Yes                                                                            40.40% (2092)


     B) No                                                                              49.40% (2558)


     C) Undecided/No opinion                                              10.20% (528)


8. An angler in Minnesota is not allowed to fish with more than one line in open water. Should anglers be allowed to fish with two lines in open water?


    A) Yes                                                                             15.81% (823)


    B)Yes, but not during catch-and-release seasons          11.62% (605)


    C) No                                                                              53.69% (2795)


    D) Undecided/No opinion                                                18.88% (983)


9. Lawmakers this year passed a one-year moratorium on enforcement of a permit that landowners would otherwise be required to obtain to mow or bale hay in ditches along state trunk highways. What is your primary concern about mowing ditches in rural areas?


     A) Protecting habitat for pollinators and nesting birds    57.91% (3005)


     B) Providing a source of feed for livestock                     12.08% (627)


     C) Other                                                                           4.30% (223)

     D) Undecided/No opinion                                               25.71% (1334)



10. Do you support amending the Minnesota Constitution to dedicate money for specific programs or purposes?


    A) No, legislators are elected to make those decisions  50.99% (2640)


    B) Yes, voters should be able to decide when funds should be dedicated to certain programs and purposes       

                                                                                            19.70% (1020)


    C) Yes, but bills that propose to change the Constitution should have the support of at least two-thirds of the Legislature to get on the ballot   
                                                                                            20.07% (1039)
    D) Undecided/No opinion                                                  9.23% (478)



11. In 2017, Minnesota lawmakers passed a law that provided $327 million on a one-time basis to provide assistance to Minnesotans facing high premiums in the individual health insurance market. Should Minnesota continue to provide funding to help lower individual health insurance plan premiums?


    A) Yes, continue to provide subsidies                             46.83% (2425)


    B) Yes, continue to provide subsidies, but with income limitations
                                                                                            31.38% (1625)

    C)   No                                                                             17.44% (903)


    D)   Undecided/No opinion                                                4.35% (225)



12. Should the state’s current law on the use of force to defend against intruders in one’s own home be expanded?


   A) Yes, but only inside the home                                       8.62% (448)


   B) Yes, including the home, garage and outbuildings      15.02% (781)


  C) Yes, anywhere on the property, including the yard      24.46% (1,272)


  D) No, the current laws are adequate                               43.94% (2285)


  E) Undecided/No opinion                                                    7.96% (414)



 Updated: Sept 5, 2017



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