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Minnesota Senate Offices
Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis
95 University Avenue W., Room 3300 red diamond image St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651.296.4791
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Research Reports & Memos

Research reports & memos written by staff in Senate Counsel, Research, & Fiscal Analysis are availble on this page. These are public documents that do not contain any confidential information.

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Unallotment Conflict in Minnesota, 2009-2010 by Peter S. Wattson (2010)

Legislative History of Unallotment Power by Peter S. Wattson (2009)

Compensating Victims of Bridge Collapses Outside Minnesota by Peter S. Wattson (2007)

Power of the Purse in Minnesota by Peter S. Wattson (2007)

Budget Process in the Legislature by Peter S. Wattson (2003)

Veto Power of the Governor of Minnesota by Peter S. Wattson (1995)

Criminal Justice
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Potential Conflicts of Interest - A Quick Look by Alexis C. Stangl (2016)

Gifts to Public Officials by Peter S. Wattson and Alexis C. Stangl (2018)

The Gift Ban - A Quick Look by Alexis C. Stangl (2016)

Legislative Process
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Permissibility of Omnibus Bills under the Minnesota Constitution's Single Subject Clause by Peter S. Wattson and Ben Stanley (2018)

Legislative Immunity by Peter S. Wattson and Eric S. Silvia (2016)

Legislative Process in Minnesota by Tom Bottern and Alexis Stangl (2016)

Local Government
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Structures of Counties, Cities and Towns by Alexis Stangl (2017)

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Reports of General Interest
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American Indian Communities in Minnesota edited by Gregory C. Knopff

Minnesota Senate red diamond image Minnesota Senate Bldg. red diamond image 95 University Avenue W. red diamond image St. Paul, MN 55155