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2017-2018 Biennium, Ninetieth Legislature

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First Special Session - 2017, House Files

Regular Session, Senate Files
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S.F. 1   Individual Market Premium Assistance and Market Reforms, Conference Committee Report
S.F. 4   Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 8   Increasing the exclusion amount for the Minnesota taxable estate
S.F. 15   Fair Repair Requirements
S.F. 23   Start Seeing Motorcycles Special License Plates
S.F. 28   Working Family Credit Modification (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 51   State General Levy; Eliminate Inflator; Reduce Base Amounts; Market Value Exclusion (as proposed to be amended with A-2 delete-everything)
S.F. 55   Health Care Premium Assistance; Data Practices (Author’s Amendment)
S.F. 56   Individual Market Premium Assistance and Market Reforms, As Introduced
S.F. 64   Interstate 94/494/694 Interchange Safety Improvement and Congestion Relief Study
S.F. 65   Zero-Based Budgeting Requirement - As Amended by the A-7 Amendment
S.F. 70   Compressed natural gas tax rate modification - First Engrossment
S.F. 71   Disabled Veterans Homestead Property Tax Exclusion Modification - REVISED
S.F. 77   Motorcycle Provisions
S.F. 78   Advisory Task Force on Fiscal Notes Establishment - Second Engrossment
S.F. 79   Driver's License Agent in New Brighton
S.F. 83   Estate tax repeal
S.F. 84   Disabled Veterans Homestead Valuation Exclusion Benefit Eligibility Extension to Surviving Spouse
S.F. 85   Natural Gas Combined Cycle Electric Generation Plant Construction Authorization (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0085A-2)
S.F. 86   Redistricting Principles
S.F. 93   Community Medical Response Emergency Medical Technician Services Criteria Modification
S.F. 95   Intergovernmental Transfer Related to Ambulance Services Expansion
S.F. 102   Modifying Definition of Resident
S.F. 104   Agricultural Preserves
S.F. 109   Greater Minnesota Loan Forgiveness Program
S.F. 110   Property Tax Refund; Agricultural Homestead Property
S.F. 112   Palliative Care Advisory Committee Establishment – Second Engrossment
S.F. 113   Permanent exemption for admissions to Minnesota State High School League events
S.F. 117   Limiting Fiscal Disparities Contributions for Certain Municipalities (as proposed to be amended by A-1 amendment)
S.F. 123   Retention Requirements for Electronic Communications
S.F. 128   Duluth food and beverage and lodging taxing area modification
S.F. 133   Exemption for Car Sharing Services of Motor Vehicle Rental/Lease Tax and Fee
S.F. 139   Preceptor Credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 141   Rural Electric Cooperatives and Municipal Utilities Regulation
S.F. 150   Explicit Legislative Authorization Required for Light Rail Transit Projects (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 151   Motor Vehicle Forfeiture Provisions Modification for Inclusion of More Than One Vehicle Owner
S.F. 155   Moose Lake local option sales tax authorization
S.F. 161   Hard-of-Hearing Accommodation Requirement in State-Funded Capital Improvement Projects - As Amended by The A-2 Amendment
S.F. 165   Student Loan Credit
S.F. 166   REAL ID (First Engrossment)
S.F. 182   Primary Care and Mental Health Professions Clinical Training Expansion Grant Program (with A-3 Amendment)
S.F. 183   State General Levy; Reducing Levy Base Amount; Exempting First Tier of Commercial Industrial Property
S.F. 187   Manufactured Home Titles (First Engrossment)
S.F. 194   Walker local option sales tax authorization
S.F. 201   Changes to Interim Ordinance (Moratorium) Procedures (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 205   Homestead Valuation Exclusion for Disabled Veterans Modification - First Engrossment
S.F. 210   Omnibus Capital Investment Bill - The Third Engrossment
S.F. 216   Medical Assistance (MA) Claims Against Estates Provisions Modifications
S.F. 218   Ditch Mowing Permit Moratorium (First Engrossment)
S.F. 225   Hermantown local option sales tax modification (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 226   Time of Day for Work for High School Students
S.F. 228   Proctor local option sales tax modification; validation of prior act
S.F. 232   Medal of Honor Recipient Kenneth L. Olson Highway
S.F. 236   Rural Finance Authority Bond Issue and Appropriation - The First Engrossment
S.F. 237   Vendor Allowance (as proposed to be amended by A-1 amendment)
S.F. 247   State Vendor Contracts Israel Boycott Prohibition - First Engrossment
S.F. 250   Medical assistance (MA) Asset and Spenddown Limits Increase for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities
S.F. 253   Albert Lea local option sales tax modification
S.F. 256   K-12 Scholarships Income Tax Credit and Extension to Tuition (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 258   Requiring Study for Free Electronic Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns
S.F. 261   Benton County Recorder Appointment
S.F. 270   Appeals and Equalization Course Waiver (as proposed to be amended by A-1 delete-everything amendment)
S.F. 283   Sales Tax Exemption for Contractor Purchases of Construction Materials for Certain Local Government and Nonprofit Entities
S.F. 286   Phased-in Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 291   Authorizing Issuance of Disability Plates and Certificates to Eligible Owners of Motorized Bicycles
S.F. 300   Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Background Checks
S.F. 310   Rural Career and Technical Education Consortium
S.F. 316   Green Roof Advisory Task Force Establishment
S.F. 318   Creation of Home Care Nursing Workforce Shortage Working Group - First Engrossment
S.F. 319   Complex Pediatric Home Care Nursing Category Establishment; Home Care Nursing Services Payment Rate Increase
S.F. 323   Motor Voter Registration
S.F. 325   Transportation-Related Tax and Fee Exemptions for Disabled Veterans
S.F. 326   Wetland Replacement for Local Roads (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 327   Prohibition of Assignment of Military Pay or Benefits (First Engrossment)
S.F. 330   Clay County local option sales tax authorization
S.F. 341   Investment of Funds of a Hospital Owned and Operated by a Governmental Entity
S.F. 347   Prohibiting Use of Ignition Interlock Devices Enabled with Location Tracking Capabilities
S.F. 355   Highway construction costs study required
S.F. 359   Home and Community-Based Services Setting and Licensing Requirements, Planning, and Case Management Requirements under Waiver Modifications and Individualized Home Supports Addition; Child Foster Care Background Studies Modifications (First Eng.)
S.F. 366   Real Estate Appraisers, First Engrossment
S.F. 370   Redistricting Principles; Redistricting Commission
S.F. 373   Temporarily Filling County Commissioner Vacancy
S.F. 379   June Accelerated Remittance Repeal (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 380   Exemption for bullion and bullion coin (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 381   Modifying Child Care Assistance Subsidy Restrictions
S.F. 387   City of Melrose; Providing Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Construction Materials; Appropriation (as proposed to be amended with A-1)
S.F. 393   Personal Care Assistance Program Modifications
S.F. 395   Nonprofit Nursing Facilities in Border Cities Operating Payment Rate Modification
S.F. 401   Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 403   Phased-in Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 407   Fergus Falls local sales tax authorization
S.F. 410   Exemption for precious metal bullion and bullion coin (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 413   DWI Forfeiture Law Application Prohibition for Ignition Interlock Program Participants
S.F. 416   Increase in K-12 Credit, Phaseout Amount, and Income Threshold
S.F. 417   Modifying Research and Development Credit Increase; Partial Refundability (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 419   Combined net receipts tax calculation modification (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 420   Southeast Minnesota Economic Growth Study
S.F. 424   Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 425   Phased-in Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 426   Modification of threshold of duration of premises leases for certain non-profit fundraising events; annual city celebration sales tax exemption (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 444   Omnibus Liquor Bill - First Engrossment
S.F. 450   Free Entrance at State Parks for Military Personnel
S.F. 453   Dyslexia and Literacy Specialist
S.F. 457   Modifying Definition of Resident
S.F. 458   Modifying Definition of Resident
S.F. 460   Sales Tax Exemption for Contractor Purchases of Construction Materials for Certain Local Government and Nonprofit Entities
S.F. 461   Freezing State General Levy at 2017 Level
S.F. 466   Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Purchases by Nonprofit Snowmobile Clubs
S.F. 474   Youth Skills Training Program Establishment (Delete-everything amendment SCS0474A-2)
S.F. 476   Increasing LGA Appropriation
S.F. 478   Modifying definition of end user for taxation of digital products
S.F. 479   Modifying County Program Aid; Increasing Appropriation; Repealing Transition Aid for Certain Counties (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 480   Long-Term Equity Investment Authority for Counties and Cities (First Engrossment)
S.F. 481   Modifications for Licensed Dental Assistants
S.F. 482   Modifications to the Board of Medical Practice Licensure Statutes
S.F. 484   Veterans Jobs Tax Credit
S.F. 487   Agricultural Homestead for Property Owned by Trusts
S.F. 492   2014 Aid Penalty Forgiveness
S.F. 496   Spicer local option sales tax authorization (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 499   New London local sales tax authorization
S.F. 503   Providing aid for out-of-home placement costs of children under the Indian Child Welfare Act
S.F. 511   State Auditor Enterprise Fund Repeal; General Fund Appropriation to State Auditor Establishment - First Engrossment
S.F. 513   Law Enforcement Memorial Plates
S.F. 514   Elections Omnibus Bill (2017 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 92)
S.F. 521   North Mankato food and beverage tax authorization
S.F. 524   Credit for Attaining Master’s Degree in Licensure Field
S.F. 527   Modifications to the Nurse Practices Act
S.F. 529   Sales tax exemption for internet service machinery and equipment (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 530   Department of Transportation Report on the Use of Tolling and MnPASS Lanes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 538   Income tax reciprocity (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 540   Full Federal Conformity for Section 179 Expensing
S.F. 543   Lewis and Clark Regional Water System Use Purpose Modification - Second Engrossment
S.F. 545   Omnibus Retirement Bill - The Second Engrossment
S.F. 548   New Ulm local sales tax modification
S.F. 554   Exclusion of supplemental or enhanced payments from gross revenues subject to the provider tax (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 556   Deposit of Motor Vehicle Rental or Lease Taxes to Corridors of Commerce Program
S.F. 557   Establishes a New Grant Program Called the Unlocking Opportunities Grant Program
S.F. 561   Small Wireless Facilities Collocation Authorization (First Engrossment)
S.F. 562   Autism Early Intensive Intervention Benefit Provisions Modifications
S.F. 564   Establishing a Grant Program for Mental Health Innovation
S.F. 568   Tax Class Rate Reduction for Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organizations
S.F. 570   Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO)
S.F. 578   “Townhouse” Definition Modification
S.F. 580   Uniformity of State Labor Standards for Private Employers
S.F. 581   Prohibiting Use of Public Funds on Ballot Questions
S.F. 582   Base Year Formula Aid for Newly Incorporated City
S.F. 583   LGA Formula Change & Certified Aid Adjustment (as proposed to be amended with A-1 amendment)
S.F. 592   Pine County Auditor-Treasurer Appointment
S.F. 593   Prescription Drug Coverage Prior Authorization and Drug Benefit Transparency
S.F. 594   Modifying Integrated Health Partnerships
S.F. 595   Allowing Interactive Video for Targeted Case Management
S.F. 600   2013 LGA Forgiveness; City of Oslo
S.F. 603   Highly Paid Public Employees Severance Pay Limits Clarification - First Engrossment
S.F. 604   Sports Facilities Data - First Engrossment
S.F. 605   Omnibus State Government Appropriations Bill - Conference Committee Report
S.F. 610   Dairy Research, Teaching, and Consumer Education Authority (First Engrossment)
S.F. 615   Modifying LGA Formula & City Aid Distribution; Providing Onetime Aid Adjustments
S.F. 620   County Boards Appropriations Authorization for Veterans Memorials Anywhere in the County
S.F. 626   Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) Appointments and Duties Modifications and Stadium Suites Use Restriction - The First Engrossment
S.F. 646   Working Family Credit Modification for American Indians Living on Reservations (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 delete-everything amendment)
S.F. 647   Property Tax Exemption for Certain Indian-Owned Property
S.F. 654   Nursing Facility Payment System Policy and Technical Modifications And Report Requirement - First Engrossment
S.F. 659   Modifying Taxability of Privilege of Admission for Game Farms or Hunting Preserves
S.F. 660   Sales Tax Exemption for Clay Targets
S.F. 664   Advocating Change Together Services for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Grant Appropriation
S.F. 668   Elderly Waiver Program Reform and Appropriation - First Engrossment
S.F. 669   Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Home and Community-Based Providers Reimbursement Rates Medical Assistance Adjustments
S.F. 670   City of West St. Paul; Temporary Aid Increase
S.F. 672   Public Notice for Impaired Waters and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
S.F. 676   Increasing Penalties for Obstructing Traffic and Interference with Transit Crimes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 680   Mankato and North Mankato local option sales tax modification
S.F. 687   Employer-Provided Fitness Facility Services Credit
S.F. 690   City of St. Louis Park; TIF
S.F. 692   Modifying Cloquet Area Fire and Ambulance Special Taxing District
S.F. 695   Reviewing Pollution Control Agency (PCA) Actions
S.F. 698   Fairmont local sales tax authorization
S.F. 704   Licensure of Certain Facilities that Perform Abortions (A-5 Amendment)
S.F. 718   Omnibus E-12 Education Bill (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 720   Reinsurance - Third Engrossment
S.F. 723   Environment and natural resources appropriations and policy provisions modifications (3rd Engrossment)
S.F. 725   Increased Price Threshold for Tax Treatment of Noncollector Vehicles
S.F. 727   Disability Waiver Rate System Modification (Unofficial Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 728   Residential Biomass Heating System Credit
S.F. 735   Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Grants and Scholarships
S.F. 738   Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services Act Provisions Modernization, Modification and Appropriation - as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1
S.F. 741   Manufactured Home Park Cooperatives; Property Tax Refund
S.F. 745   Rules Impacting Residential Construction - First Engrossment
S.F. 758   Getting to Work Grant Program
S.F. 763   Greater Minnesota Internship Credit Modification
S.F. 764   Changing Levy Certification Dates for Towns & Special Taxing Districts (as proposed to be amended by A-1)
S.F. 768   School-linked Mental Health Services
S.F. 769   Agency Rules Adoption Legislative Approval Requirement - As Amended by the Author's Amendment
S.F. 770   City Canvassing of Primary Elections
S.F. 771   Voter Public Information List Changes
S.F. 772   Postelection Sampling Report Modifications
S.F. 774   Changing Property Tax Exemption Criteria for Apprenticeship Training Facilities
S.F. 780   Agriculture and Housing Appropriations (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 784   Statutory Appropriations and Modifications for Certain Economic Development Programs
S.F. 785   Workforce housing credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 delete-everything amendment)
S.F. 788   Transcripts For Body Camera Recordings Not Required
S.F. 789   Expanding Capital Equipment Exemption; Providing Exemption For Certain Meals and Beverages (as proposed to be amended by the A-3 amendment)
S.F. 791   Expanding General Assistance Eligibility
S.F. 793   Requiring Responsible Social Services Agencies to Provide Foster Care or Other Services to Certain Individuals Reentering Foster Care after 18 Years of Age
S.F. 800   Health and Human Services Omnibus Appropriations Bill - The Third Engrossment
S.F. 802   School Building Bond Agricultural Property Tax Credit (as proposed to be amended with A-1 amendment)
S.F. 807   Modifying Certain Parental Contribution Amounts for Certain Services for Children with Disabilities
S.F. 811   Unpaid Leave of Absence for Service on an Indian Tribal Council
S.F. 813   Modifying LGA Formula & Transition Factors
S.F. 816   Taxpayer assistance grants appropriation
S.F. 818   Housing With Services Establishments Hearing Loss Training Requirements (As Proposed to be Amended by A-1)
S.F. 819   Health Professional Loan Forgiveness Program and Employee Scholarship Program Modification; Medication Administration by Unlicensed Personnel
S.F. 820   Modifying Class Rate for Certain Manufactured Home Parks (as amended by A-1 amendment)
S.F. 821   State Road Construction Appropriation Increase
S.F. 825   Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
S.F. 827   Bikeway Provisions Modifications
S.F. 833   Disability Waiver Services Medical Assistance (MA) Rate Reductions Phase In
S.F. 837   Prohibiting Cell Phone Use While Driving (As Amended)
S.F. 838   Electronic Roster Equipment Grant
S.F. 839   Campaign Finance Omnibus (First Engrossment)
S.F. 841   Shrimp Production Incentive Payments
S.F. 846   Parenting With a Disability Support Services Pilot Project Establishment and Appropriation
S.F. 849   Premium cigar tax reduction (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 850   Employed Persons with Disabilities Asset Limits Medical Assistance (MA) Modifications
S.F. 851   Snowmobile Registration Issuing Fees
S.F. 852   Establishing the Housing Support Services Program
S.F. 853   Modifying Minnesota Supplemental Aid
S.F. 861   Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion
S.F. 865   Omnibus Environment Policy Bill (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 866   Small winery credit
S.F. 867   Phasing Out State General Levy Over Six Years
S.F. 868   Freezing State General Levy at 2017 Level
S.F. 869   Disabled accessibility home modification credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-3 Amendment)
S.F. 870   Authorizing Cities to Raise & Spend Money for National Night Out & Related Events
S.F. 871   Student Loan Debt Counseling Grant Program
S.F. 873   Modifying Training Requirements for Certain Child Care Providers
S.F. 885   Ending Special Election Cycle Sooner
S.F. 888   First time homebuyer savings account program and credit
S.F. 897   Caregiver Support Programs Provisions Modifications and Appropriation
S.F. 898   Essential Community Supports Provisions Modifications
S.F. 899   Temporary or Seasonal Agricultural Workers Exemption from Overtime Requirements
S.F. 900   Modifying exemption for Super Bowl admissions; requiring reimbursement by MSFA
S.F. 901   Odor Nuisance Protection for Livestock Facilities
S.F. 905   State Agency Lawsuits Against Local Governments Prerequisites Requirement
S.F. 908   Workforce Housing Challenge Grants
S.F. 913   Modification of base amount calculation for R&D credit (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 914   Appropriation Required to Spend Volkswagen Settlement Funds
S.F. 915   Modifying Provisions Related to Mental Health Services
S.F. 918   Penalty Increase for Obstructing a Controlled-Access Highway or a Public HighwayWithin Airport Property
S.F. 920   Common Interest Communities Electronic Delivery of Cancellations of Sale or Resale (Author’s Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 924   Senior Care Career Opportunities Appropriation
S.F. 928   State Lottery Prizes Payment to Persons Under The Age Of 18 Regulation Repeal
S.F. 937   I-35E Speeding Ticket Issuance Prohibition
S.F. 941   Student Loan Credit
S.F. 947   Extending K-12 Education Subtraction and Credit to Include Prekindergarten Expenses
S.F. 951   Woodbury lodging tax authorization
S.F. 955   Expansion of Telecommunications Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
S.F. 960   Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Program
S.F. 961   Modifying Group Residential Housing Funding
S.F. 980   Border-to-Border Broadband Grant Program Modifications and Appropriation
S.F. 983   Establishing Criteria for the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities for Persons Younger than 21 Years of Age
S.F. 984   Modifying Provisions Related to Mental Health Services
S.F. 986   Mental Health Screening Data (Author’s Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 990   Dedication of Motor Vehicle Parts Sales Tax Revenue to Highway User Tax Distribution Fund
S.F. 996   Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) Vacant Beds Treatment Modification for Therapeutic Leave Days; Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Consolidation Study and Appropriation
S.F. 1001   City of Edina; Approval of 2014 TIF Special Law (as proposed to be amended by A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1004   Modifies the Law Establishing the Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
S.F. 1009   Transfer-on-Death Title to Motor Vehicles
S.F. 1010   Specialized Care Facilities Provisions Modifications - As Proposed to be Amended by the A-2
S.F. 1011   Transit Financial Activity Auditing and Reporting Requirement and Appropriation (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1012   Stearns County Recorder Appointment
S.F. 1013   Providing aid for out-of-home placement costs of children under the Indian Child Welfare Act
S.F. 1015   Agricultural Nuisance/Farmer-Neighbor Mediation Act
S.F. 1017   Modifying Assessment of Manufactures Homes
S.F. 1019   Sleepy Eye lodging tax authorization (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1020   Eliminating Cap on Expenditures for Purchase of Awards & Trophies
S.F. 1025   Worthington local sales tax modification
S.F. 1026   Fully Funding Pupil Transportation Services
S.F. 1030   Sheriff's Conveyance Billing Process
S.F. 1031   Extending Permissible Sentence-to-Service Claims of Injury or Death
S.F. 1032   Traumatic Brain Injury Definition for State Traumatic Brain Injury Program Modifications - As Proposed To Be Amended By The A-2
S.F. 1036   Sales tax exemption for certain materials used in Madelia reconstruction (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1040   County Scholarship Program
S.F. 1050   Federally Qualified Health Centers
S.F. 1051   Cigarette excise tax rate freeze and inflator repeal
S.F. 1052   Modification of taxation of nicotine solution used in e-cigarettes
S.F. 1055   Home and Community-Based Services Waivers New Employment Services Establishment
S.F. 1059   MnDOT Property Conveyance
S.F. 1060   Transportation Omnibus Bill (5th Engrossment)
S.F. 1063   Special Overweight Permits for Trucks Hauling Construction Materials
S.F. 1065   Human Services Budget Methodology Exception Establishment for Persons Leaving Institutions and Crisis Residential Settings; Consumer-Directed Community Supports Budget Methodology Modification
S.F. 1067   Modifying Certain Provisions Governing Child Care Licensing (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1068   Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties State Auditor Reimbursement Of Legal Costs - As Amended by the A-3 Amendment
S.F. 1069   Combined net receipts tax calculation modification (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1075   Sales tax exemption for food sold in vending machines
S.F. 1076   Transportation Project Selection Process Best Practices
S.F. 1087   Environmental Reforms; Environmental Quality Board Abolished (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1088   Consumer Protections for Residential PACE Financing Programs Stakeholder Group (w/A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1090   Exemption for sales and purchases of certain herbicides
S.F. 1092   Farm Work License Modifications (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1098   Damage to Public Safety Motor Vehicles (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1099   Applicability of Pistol Permit Law to Peace Officers
S.F. 1102   Medical Assistance (MA) Community First Services and Supports Program Modification
S.F. 1111   Legislative Renewable Energy Council Establishment - First Engrossment
S.F. 1113   Transferring County Law Library Funds
S.F. 1123   Department of Natural Resources Timber Permits (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1130   Veterans Hiring Preference Establishment on the Legislature and State Courts
S.F. 1135   Ramsey County Human Resources
S.F. 1162   Credit for job training center rehabilitation (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 1164   Sales tax collection and remittance for marketplace providers and marketplace retailers (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1165   Modifying Income Exclusions Under the Minnesota Family Investment Program (A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1166   Broadband Subscription Services Expenses Eligibility for Education Credit
S.F. 1168   Tax Increment Financing; Providing Use for Certain Workforce Housing
S.F. 1175   Subtraction of Social Security Benefits
S.F. 1177   Economic growth, job growth and job retention consideration during the public utility ratemaking process authorization
S.F. 1184   Substitution of Biological Products
S.F. 1195   Local Government Ordinances & Merchant Bags (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1197   Judgment Interest Rate
S.F. 1205   Modifying Eligibility for Group Residential Housing
S.F. 1206   Increasing debt service levy equalization and referendum levy equalization
S.F. 1207   Authorizing third-party reimbursement for special education evaluations
S.F. 1209   Veterans Service Disclosure Requirement
S.F. 1211   Increasing Group Residential Housing Beds
S.F. 1222   Education Policy Omnibus (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1224   Notice of Proposed Ordinances to Businesses (as amended)
S.F. 1225   Voter Challenges; Notice of Challenge; Provisional Ballots
S.F. 1226   Uniform Election Dates; Counties Administering School District Elections
S.F. 1240   Modifies Certain PILT Payments
S.F. 1242   Developmental education at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (as amended)
S.F. 1245   Modifying Requirements for Payment of Claims (1st Engrossment)
S.F. 1254   East Grand Forks local sales tax authorization
S.F. 1255   Major League Soccer Stadium; Providing Sales and Property Tax Exemptions
S.F. 1259   Sales tax exemption for certain off-road fuel uses
S.F. 1278   Modifying Certain Child Care Provisions
S.F. 1280   Modification of tax treatment of gasoline used as a substitute for aviation gasoline (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1290   Groundwater Appropriation Permit Requirements
S.F. 1293   Workers Compensation Advisory Council Recommendations and Department of Labor and Industry Proposals (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1298   Housing with Services Establishments Requirement that Residents Change Living Units Restriction
S.F. 1303   Reduced Assigned Family & Student Responsibility for State Grant Calculation
S.F. 1305   Suburb-to-Suburb Transit Demonstration Project
S.F. 1311   Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance
S.F. 1316   Veterans & Military Affairs Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1324   Large Animal Veterinarian Loan Forgiveness Program Appropriation
S.F. 1329   Wage Theft Prohibition
S.F. 1335   Hospital Rate and Reimbursement Provisions Modifications
S.F. 1340   Quality Incentive Payment System Measures (Amendment A-5)
S.F. 1344   Insurance Fraud
S.F. 1354   Firefighters Civil Service Commissions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1362   School District Bond Proceeds Use Clarification
S.F. 1368   Modifying Definition of "Agricultural Purposes"
S.F. 1374   Department of Natural Resources Enforcement (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1383   City of Rochester; TIF Increment
S.F. 1394   Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board; Early Separation
S.F. 1395   Buffer Law Amendments (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1398   Electronic Storage of Motor Vehicle and Driver’s License Transactions
S.F. 1399   Modifying County License Bureau Hours of Operation
S.F. 1408   Subtraction for medical care deductibles (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1410   Authorizing Abatement of Penalties for Late Payment of Property Tax in Certain Instances
S.F. 1413   City of Richfield TIF; 5-Year Rule Extension
S.F. 1414   Beginning farmer program and tax credit
S.F. 1416   Appointment Authorization for Marshall County Recorder
S.F. 1422   Nursing Facility Rate Adjustment Effective Dates Consolidation Authorization
S.F. 1433   Nursing Assistant Training And Competency Evaluation Reimbursable Expenses Provisions Modification
S.F. 1435   Establishing the Minnesota Pathways to Prosperity Pilot Project.
S.F. 1439   Sales tax exemption for buildings owned and operated by the city of Plymouth (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendement)
S.F. 1456   Minnesota Investment Fund Local Government Loan Repayment Funds Onetime Restriction Exemption
S.F. 1458   Wetland Replacement Modifications
S.F. 1465   Allowing Cities and Towns to Apply for Opt-Out Providers
S.F. 1472   Nonprofit Health Maintenance Organization Conversions
S.F. 1474   Innovation Zones
S.F. 1480   Sales tax collection and remittance for marketplace providers and marketplace retailers
S.F. 1481   Office of Higher Education Policy and Technical Bill
S.F. 1490   Modifying Governance of the Metropolitan Council
S.F. 1491   City of Wayzata; TIF 5-Year Rule
S.F. 1494   Appointment Authorization for Rice County Auditor-Treasurer & Recorder
S.F. 1495   Assessor Accreditation Waiver
S.F. 1496   Collaborative Community Practice by Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants
S.F. 1499   Modifying Weight Limits for Vehicles Hauling Milk
S.F. 1524   Establishing Transportation Project Selection Policy
S.F. 1525   Corridors of Commerce Program Project Selection Process Modifications
S.F. 1526   Multiple counties payment of tax collected by commissioner of revenue
S.F. 1527   Allowing Deputy Registrars to Issue Duplicate Certificates of Title for Vehicles
S.F. 1533   Unlicensed Building Activity Criminal Penalties (with Author’s amendment SCS1533A-1)
S.F. 1539   Modifying Tax Provisions Relating to Aircraft and Motor Vehicle Taxes
S.F. 1541   Modifying Credit for Past Military Service
S.F. 1545   Food Safety and Meat Inspection
S.F. 1549   Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council Recommendations
S.F. 1553   Legislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy Legislative Records and Meetings Expanded Public Access Directive
S.F. 1555   Increase Teachers of Color Act
S.F. 1558   Nonpublic pupil aid modification
S.F. 1559   Reporting on consulting work performed for public postsecondary systems
S.F. 1563   Department of Commerce Examinations, First Engrossment
S.F. 1564   Chip A. Imker Memorial Highway designation
S.F. 1573   Lottery Prize Provisions Clarification and Budget And Expenses Provisions
S.F. 1575   Minnesota Racing Commission Ongoing Operation Appropriation
S.F. 1581   Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers Licensure Requirement
S.F. 1585   Teacher Candidates of Color Scholarships Established
S.F. 1591   Modifying Provisions Governing Chemical and Mental
S.F. 1596   Veterans’ Voices Radio Program Appropriation
S.F. 1615   Court Reporter Statute and Other Court Provisions
S.F. 1616   Children's Hospitals Contingent Alternative MA Payment Method - As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1
S.F. 1623   Subtraction for health insurance premiums (as proposed to be amended by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 1624   MnDOT Loan Forgiveness on Contract with Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority
S.F. 1634   Subtraction and credit for contributions to college savings plans
S.F. 1641   Cosmetology Related Provisions Modifications; Eyelash Extension Regulation Clarification
S.F. 1644   Income sourcing for nonresident board members
S.F. 1649   Solar Energy Standard Modifications (with A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1652   Tax Provisions Related to Natural Resources
S.F. 1661   Development Education Reform
S.F. 1663   Early learning scholarship program modifications; targeted home visiting grant program establishment
S.F. 1672   Wind Easements, Options, and Leases Termination Effective Date Delay Authorization
S.F. 1673   Farmer-Lender Mediation Act
S.F. 1674   Omnibus Agriculture Policy (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1679   Large Forest Easement Value Reduction; PILT Payment (as proposed to be amended by A-1 delete-everything)
S.F. 1690   Modifying Provisions Governing Allocation of Money to Certain Community Action Agencies
S.F. 1693   Buffer Law Amendments
S.F. 1694   General John Vessey Day
S.F. 1695   DNR Policy Bill (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1699   Income Tax Subtractions for Military Technicians
S.F. 1700   Impersonating a Military Officer or Veteran
S.F. 1703   Atomic Veterans Day
S.F. 1706   Renewable Energy Systems Permitting Provisions Modifications (with A-2 Amendment)
S.F. 1708   Registration System for Spoken Language Health Care Interpreters
S.F. 1709   Legislative Commission to Review Consolidation of the State's Information Technology Establishment
S.F. 1710   Hmong Veterans Day
S.F. 1713   Metro Mobility Enhancement Task Force (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1729   Home Care Provider Advisory Council Duties Modification and Appropriation - As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1
S.F. 1733   Limousine Window Tinting Clarification
S.F. 1742   Regulation of Voice-over Internet Protocol Service Prohibition (with A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1743   Supplemental Aid for Greater Minnesota MNSCU Colleges
S.F. 1746   Highway 212 Funding
S.F. 1750   Establishing a Grant Program to Implement the Child Well-Being Model
S.F. 1769   Light Rail Transit Operating Costs Modifications
S.F. 1789   Housing Project Bonding Allocation
S.F. 1824   Omnibus Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy
S.F. 1829   School district dissolution and attachment; Eagle Valley reorganization and transition aid
S.F. 1833   State Employee Collective Bargaining Agreements Affirmative Approval Before Interim
S.F. 1840   Northstar commuter rail extension negotiations
S.F. 1846   Pipeline Dual-Training Program Modifications
S.F. 1855   Ramsey County Supported Work Program
S.F. 1862   Free or Reduced-Cost Burials for Eligible Dependents of Veterans
S.F. 1879   Sales tax deposit modifications for transportation purposes
S.F. 1884   Wholesale Electronic Component Distribution Center Incentive Authorizations
S.F. 1885   Foundation and Incentive Revenue Establishment
S.F. 1892   Modifying Opt Outs Funding Formula
S.F. 1896   Washington County; TIF Authorization
S.F. 1907   Assessment for technical assistance under the conservation improvement program modifications
S.F. 1937   Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, Energy, and Commerce Bill (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 1953   Modifying Administrative Law Procedures for Certain Child Care Providers
S.F. 1963   Changes to the Health Coverage Requirements
S.F. 1967   2017 Public Finance Bill
S.F. 1982   Modifying Treatment of Private Institutions with Fraud and Misrepresentation Adjudications
S.F. 1998   St. Paul lodging tax modification
S.F. 2015   Income tax rate reduction and bracket update (as proposed to be amended by the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 2019   Railroad Use of Met Council or County Rail Right-of-Way
S.F. 2045   Workforce Development Scholarships
S.F. 2053   Excelsior local option sales tax authorization
S.F. 2060   Including Members and Employees of the Sports Facilities Authority and Ballpark Authority in the Gift Ban
S.F. 2078   Commerce Appropriations
S.F. 2081   Requiring the Commissioner of Human Services to Design and Implement a Program to Support Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Families
S.F. 2091   Exemption of emergency vehicles from motor vehicle weight restrictions
S.F. 2092   Municipalities and Revenue Raising Fees for Public Utilities (as amended)
S.F. 2159   Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Housing Infrastructure Bond Issue and Appropriation
S.F. 2161   Regional Behavioral Health Crisis Programs in Selected Communities Development Grant Bond Issue and Appropriation
S.F. 2214   Higher Education Finance and Policy Omnibus (Conference Committee Report)
S.F. 2375   DWI Law Changes (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2384   End of Session Corrections
Regular Session, House Files
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H.F. 2   Federal Conformity, First Engrossment
H.F. 3   REAL ID (3rd Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 4   Omnibus Tax Bill (First Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 5   Reinsurance - Conference Committee Report
H.F. 140   Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (First Unofficial Engrossment)
H.F. 375   County Veterans Memorial Location
H.F. 444   MNvest Securities Registration
H.F. 739   Small wireless facilities collocation authorization
H.F. 778   Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) Appointments and Duties Modifications and Stadium Suites Use Restriction - Second Unofficial Engrossment
H.F. 890   K-12 Omnibus Bill (The Delete-Everything Amendment - H0890DE-2)
First Special Session - 2017, Senate Files
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S.F. 4   Summary for Special Session Corrections Bill - The Author's Amendment
First Special Session - 2017, House Files
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H.F. 1   Omnibus Tax Bill
H.F. 3   Transportation Finance Omnibus – Article 3 Policy Provisions

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