Maine Redistricting Cases:  the 1990s

In re 1993 Apportionment, No. SJC-93-229 (Me. Sup. Jud. Ct. June 29, 1993) (unpublished)

In the absence of a legislatively enacted apportionment plan for the Legislature and Congress, the State Supreme Judicial Court  apportioned districts under provisions of the Maine Constitution.  The Court promulgated a schedule inviting public submissions and also issued a preliminary plan of its own that adhered to state constitutional requirements of population equality, contiguity and compactness, and adherence to municipal and county lines.  The Court also held a public hearing.  During the Court's review of submitted plans, efforts were made to focus on constitutional standards and attempts were made to eliminate partisan elements that the Court found in its own preliminary plan.

According to the Court's Final Order, the Court's final House plan "eliminated three potential primary contests between incumbent Democrats, converted one potential three-way Democratic primary into a two-way Democratic primary and a potential general election contest between an incumbent Republican and an incumbent Democrat."  The Court reduced the total percentage population deviation and lowered the mean deviation from its preliminary plan as well as from alternative plans presented by the two major political parties.

In the Senate, the Court adopted many changes to its preliminary plan presented by the Democratic Party.  The Court found that the Democratic suggestions resulted in more compact districts with a lower total percentage deviation.

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