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Secretary of the Senate, Sergeant at Arms

Public Services   The Supply Office will coordinate communications to Senate Members when documents or items related to legislation topics are presented by members of the public or public entities. Requests for distribution must not be presented anonymously and must contain accurate contact information about the requestor.
Audio Recordings   Senate sessions and committee meetings are recorded electronically by Senate staff. The Senate Sergeant At Arms, Senate Supply Office, provides technical assistance with recording equipment and maintains archive logs of audio recordings. View the list of current audio recordings for Floor Sessions or Committee Hearings. These are provided in an audio compression standard (.mp3) format and can be accessed by computer media players. Copies can be requested by contacting the Legislative Reference Library. Visit the Senate Committees web pages or contact the Committee Administrator or Legislative Assistant of the committee holding the meeting for more information.
The Secretary of the Senate, Sergeant At Arms, Supply Office, provides administrative services to public and internal services Senate members and employees. The Supply Office functions under the jurisdiction of the Sergeant At Arms Office.
The Supply Office performs the following duties:
  • Provide internal services to Senate Members and employees, including recording equipment and assistance for electronic recording of meetings
  • Coordinate audio recordings completed at Senate meetings by Senate staff and make available on the Senate website
  • Provide internal postal services
  • Purchase and distribution of supplies
Date timeline Description
While Legislature is in Session Monitor and coordinate audio recording activities in Senate hearing rooms.
Upon Request Provide copies of audio recordings and accompanying documentation of Senate hearings.
Year Round Provide administrative internal distribution services to public while at the Capitol and surrounding areas and administrative and postal services to Senate Members and employees.

Secretary of the Senate
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Brad Vollmers
G430 MSB
(651) 296-5720
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Kathy Warrick
G430 MSB
(651) 296-5720

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