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Secretary of the Senate, Sergeant at Arms

The Secretary of the Senate, Senate Sergeant At Arms Office, provides administrative services to public and internal services Senate members and employees.   

Capitol Complex Meeting Areas   Members of the public may request the use of a Senate meeting room to hold a meeting of public interest.
Public Services   The Senate Sergeant At Arms Office will provide access to a Sign Language Interpreter at any public meeting or conference. If you would like to request these services at a particular hearing or conference, please contact the Legislative Coordinating Commission or visit the Senate Committees web pages and contact the Committee Administrator or Legislative Assistant of the committee holding the meeting.
Parking Arrangements   Public parking is available at meters and designated lots, and is managed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Capitol Security Division. For more information, visit the Visiting the Capitol web page. The Senate Sergeant At Arms Office manages the parking lots and ramps in the Capitol complex area, providing Senate Members and employees parking accommodations.
Audio Recordings   Senate sessions and committee meetings are recorded electronically by Senate staff. The Senate Sergeant At Arms, Senate Supply Office, provides technical assistance with recording equipment and maintains archive logs of audio recordings. Audio recordings are available for all Senate Floor Sessions and Committee Hearings. Meetings prior to 2005 are only available on audio cassette.

Senate Rule On Audio:
  • Senate Rule 50.9 which requires that proceedings of the Senate and Senate Committees be tape recorded includes the following statement: "The Senate intends that testimony and discussion preserved under this rule not be admissible in any court or administrative proceeding on an issue of legislative intent".
To Request Audio of Senate Hearings:
  • Call Senate Audio/Supply/Mail Services at 651.296.5720, or email kathy.warrick@senate.mn
  • Specify date and time of event; whether it was a committee hearing or floor session. Provide full name of audio recording, time and date.
  • Include your name and a phone number where you can be reached.
  • Following arrangements for payment, the audio CD will be mailed out or can be picked up at the Senate Supply Room Grd Fl W State Capitol.
  • There is a $12.50 dubbing charge for each (80 minutes) of recording.
  • Shipping charges are added to the total. (approximately .80 for up to 5 CD's shipped)
  • Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Cash is not accepted.
  • Make checks payable to "Minnesota State Senate".


The Secretary of the Senate, Sergeant At Arms Office, provides administrative services to public and internal services Senate members and employees. The Sergeant At Arms Office functions under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Rules and Administration, under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate. The Sergeant At Arms Office is responsible for safety and security of Senate Members and employees, and acquires, distributes, and maintains Senate equipment, furniture, and building facilities.

The Sergeant At Arms Office performs the following duties:

  • Control of entrance to the Senate Chamber and Public Galleries, enforce dress code, provide name badges, and accomodate Senate Member requests.
  • Authorize and schedule Capitol meeting room reservations.
  • Refer requests for public meeting areas to the Minnesota Department of Administration.
  • Provide access to a Sign Language Interpreter at any public hearing or conference.
  • Provide internal services to Senate Members and employees, including recording equipment and assistance for electronic recording of meetings, security and protection, communication, postal services, parking arrangements, and purchase and distribution of supplies.


Date timeline Description
While Legislature is in Session Monitor activities in Senate Chamber and Public Galleries.
Upon Request Authorize and monitor use of Senate facilities in Capitol building.
Year Round Provide administrative and security services to Senate Members, employees, and public while at the Capitol and surrounding areas.


Secretary of the Senate
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Sven Lindquist
Sergeant at Arms
G430 MSB
(651) 296-1119
Marilyn Logan
Assistant Sergeant at Arms
G430 MSB
(651) 296-4345
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Faith Masloski
Legislative Assistant
G430 MSB
(651) 296-7514
Glen Mills
Electronics Technician
G430 MSB
(651) 296-1967
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Nick Thompson
G430 MSB
(651) 296-0186
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Brad Vollmers
G430 MSB
(651) 296-5720
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Kathy Warrick
G430 MSB
(651) 296-5720

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