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Budget Summaries and Fiscal Issue Briefs

These documents provide budget summaries, background on the budgetary process, and analyses on specific fiscal issues that have been addressed or will be addressed by the state legislature.

Budget Issue Areas

General Budget Informaton red diamond image Budget Summaries and Fiscal Issue Briefs red diamond image Governmental Operations red diamond image Health and Human Services red diamond image Higher Education red diamond image K-12 Education red diamond image Tax red diamond image Transportation



General Budget Information
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History of General Fund Budget Forecasts, FY 1992 - Current Biennium (Issued February 27, 2015)

State Budget Overview, January 13 Senate Finance Committee (Issued January 2011)

MN Budget Basics: Key Processes and Glossary of Terms (Issued December 2010)

General Fund Budget Summary--2010 Budget Actions (Issued August 2010)

FY 2010-11 Governor's Unallotments and Admistrative Actions (Revised Jan. 2010) (Issued February 2010)



Budget Summaries
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Governor's FY 2008-2009 Unallotments (Preliminary) (Issued January 2009)

Minnesota Budget Process Requirements (Issued April 2008)

Base Budgets And Forecasted Programs (Issued August 2004)

Budget Principles and Review: A Final Report to the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (Issued February 2003)



Governmental Operations

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State of Minnesota Building Ownership and Leasing (Issued October 2000)



Health and Human Services

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Tobacco Proceeds (Issued July 1999)

Health Care Access Fund Revenue and Expenditures 1992-2021 (Issued December 2017)



Higher Education

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Issue Brief- Higher Ed Funding 1970-2015 (Issued February 2017)

Higher Education Appropriations: 1970-2005 (Issued January 2007)



K-12 Education

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History of Education Finance Shifts, FY 1983 - 2017 (Issued Beginning of 2014 Session)




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Summary of Chap. 149, 2007 Vetoed Omnibus Tax Bill (Issued September 2007)


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