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2011-2012 Biennium, Eighty-Seventh Legislature

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 Agriculture and Rural Economies

 Capital Investment

 Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance
 and Policy


 Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications

 Environment and Natural Resources


 Health and Human Services

 Higher Education

 Jobs and Economic Growth

 Judiciary and Public Safety

 Local Government and Elections

 Rules and Administration

      Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct
       Members(4); Schedule; Audio/Video

 State Government Innovation and Veterans



Committee Lists

2011-2012 Directory and Committee Assignments

(PDF Document) Listed by Committee This is a printable version containing a list of Senate members and committee assignments, including committee meeting rooms, days and times, and membership. Printing Tip: Appears best when printed on legal sized paper. You may need to select the option shrink to fit.

Meetings, Media & Activity


2011-2012 Senate Committee Meeting Schedule

View this weekly display of standard meeting days, times, and locations for standing Senate Committees.

Upcoming Meeting Schedules

Upcoming Meeting Schedules

View the upcoming display of the most current schedule of legislative activity.  This is subject to change frequently throughout the week as meetings are scheduled, changed, or cancelled.


Archive Audio Collection - Committee Hearings

Listen to audio coverage of all recorded committee meetings.

Archive Video Collection - Committee Hearings

Listen and view video coverage of selected committee meetings.

House and Senate Broadcast Television Schedule

Stay current with televised coverage on legislative activity.

Related Documents

Select Committee Amendments

An Amendment may be made available to the public before the meeting at which it will be offered or before it will appear in the Senate Journal following its adoption.  Please read narrative on the linked page for an explanation of this process.

Committee Engrossments

If a committee hears and amends a bill, but does not complete action on it, committee staff will sometimes recommend that a committee engrossment be prepared to show how the amendments fit into the bill.  Additional amendments to the bill in that committee must be drawn to the committee engrossment, not to the original bill.

Likewise, if a division recommends amendments to a bill that are extensive, but not so extensive as to be in the form of a delete-everything amendment, committee staff will often recommend that a committee engrossment be prepared.  Additional amendments to the bill in that committee must be drawn to the committee engrossment, not to the original bill.

These committee engrossments will be shown on this page.

Division/Subcommittee Reports

When a division or subcommittee acts on a bill, that action is shown on the Minnesota Legislation and Bill Status under Committee Hearings and Actions.  If the division or subcommittee recommends that the bill be amended, those amendments are shown in a division or subcommittee report.  Division or subcommittee reports that recommend amendments will be shown on this page.

2011-2012 Senate Committee Jurisdiction (PDF Document)

View a list which shows the jurisdiction of each standing committee as shown by the state agencies, confirmations and other laws over which the committee has jurisdiction.

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