Minnesota Senate Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Bill Index Report Report Date: September 21, 2018 1:57:55 AM
2017-2018 Regular Session
Bills in Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy
Bill# Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF85 MathewsNatural gas combined cycle electric generation plant construction and operation in Sherburne county authorization01/11/201702/02/2017
Amended and recommended to pass
SF141 WeberMunicipal electric utilities and rural electric cooperatives regulation modification01/17/201701/31/2017
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 6-7
SF180 OsmekHydrogen road map reporting requirement elimination 02/07/2017
Not heard

Amended and recommended to pass
Recommended to pass
SF214 OsmekRenewable development account renaming and repurposing; solar energy incentives termination and appropriation01/19/201702/02/2017
Not heard
Not heard
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 2-4, 22, 28
SF316 DziedzicGreen roof advisory task force establishment01/23/201702/28/2017
Laid over
SF508 MathewsHydropower sources size limitation elimination02/02/2017   
SF561 OsmekSmall wireless facilities collocation authorization02/02/201703/02/2017
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Local Government
See SF1456, Art. 9
SF584 TomassoniFacilities eligible for staging and permitting at innovative energy project sites modification02/02/201702/07/2017
Not heard
Laid over
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 10
SF674 OsmekRatepayer advocacy office establishment within the public utilities commission (PUC)02/06/2017   
SF700 TomassoniBiomass fuel requirement adjustment by new or amended power purchase agreement or early termination authorization 03/02/2017
Amended and recommended to pass
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 20
SF829 MartyElectric vehicle promotion program establishment02/09/2017   
SF1088 PrattConsumer protection stakeholder group relating to residential PACE financing establishment; residential PACE financing authorization suspension authorization02/16/201703/07/2017
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 27
SF1103 AbelerUtility failure to comply with thermal effluent limits liability assignment02/16/2017   
SF1111 MathewsLegislative renewable energy council establishment02/16/201702/21/2017
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections
SF1174 MillerEnergy storage, solar thermal, wind, and geothermal heat pump system rebate program establishment and appropriation02/20/2017   
SF1177 MathewsEconomic growth, job growth and job retention consideration during the public utility ratemaking process authorization02/20/201703/16/2017
Laid over
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 18-19
SF1239 MathewsNuclear power plant certificate of need issuance prohibition abolishment02/22/2017   
SF1507 BakkPropane vehicle and fueling station rebate program appropriation02/27/2017   
SF1531 FrentzRenewable energy standard modification02/27/2017   
SF1649 IngebrigtsenSolar energy standard modification03/01/201703/07/2017
Laid over
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 9, 18-19
SF1672 DraheimWind easements, options and leases for commercial operation projects effective date delay authorization03/02/201703/07/2017
Recommended to pass
SF1706 WeberRenewable energy systems permitting provisions modifications03/02/201703/09/2017
Laid over
See SF1937, Art. 10, Sec. 26, 32-37
SF1742 RuudVoice-over-Internet protocol service and Internet protocol-enabled service regulation prohibition03/06/201703/09/2017
Laid over
See SF1937, Art. 9, Sec. 1-3
SF1824 OsmekEnergy and utilities policy provisions modifications and appropriations03/06/201703/21/2017
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF1456, Art. 8, Sec. 8
SF1906 GogginWind energy siting noise complaints process03/08/2017   
SF1907 GogginEnergy conservation improvement program technical assistance assessment extension and modification03/08/201703/16/2017
Laid over
See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 13
SF2054 OsmekCooperative electric associations and municipal utilities exemption from participation in the state energy conservation program authorization03/13/2017  See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 11-12, 14-18
SF2055 OsmekFossil-fuel generated electricity prohibition clarification03/13/2017  See SF1456, Art. 10, Sec. 24-26
SF2226 OsmekPublic utilities commission (PUC) legislative appointments authorization03/23/2017   
SF2241 GogginResolution memorializing Congress to revive the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository licensing review process03/23/2017   
SF2309 LatzInternet service or telecommunications provider personal information collection absent customer express written approval prohibition04/06/2017   
SF2323 OsmekPersonal information collection without customer express written approval prohibition04/18/2017   
SF2696 OsmekSolar energy incentive program modification02/26/201803/06/2018
Amended and recommended to pass
See SF3656, Art. 5, Sec. 7
SF2709 DibblePublic utilities commission (PUC) ancillary services utilities reporting requirement02/26/2018   
SF2710 DibbleEnergy storage systems consideration in integrated resource plans and certificate of need proceedings requirement02/26/2018   
SF2711 DibbleEnergy storage systems standard establishment02/26/2018   
SF2712 DibbleEnergy storage systems deployed in critical health care facilities demonstration grant project establishment and appropriation02/26/2018   
SF2713 DibbleEnergy storage systems advance determination of prudence authorization02/26/201804/12/2018

SF2714 DibbleEnergy storage system pilot projects utility cost recovery criteria establishment02/26/2018   
SF2817 NewtonFederal appliance and lighting efficiency standards adoption03/01/2018   
SF2840 Anderson, B.Electrical grid vulnerability to solar storms study requirement and appropriation03/01/201803/20/2018
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
SF2879 JasinskiPublic utilities rate base employee pension cost inclusion allowance requirement03/01/201803/06/2018
Recommended to pass
SF2880 LatzInternet service contracts regulation; net neutrality adherence03/01/2018   
SF2919 PrattPublic utility definition modification03/05/2018   
SF2962 BighamRenewable energy standard modification03/05/2018   
SF3110 WeberHigh-voltage transmission lines applicants alternative review authorization03/08/2018   
SF3132 DibbleEnergy conservation loans use expansion03/08/2018  See SF3245
SF3166 HallWireless facility application fees limit03/12/201804/12/2018
Laid over
SF3245 PrattEnergy improvements program modification; residential property assessed clean energy (PACE) loans consumer protections authorization; energy conservation loans use expansion03/12/201803/15/2018
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy
Ch. 155
SF3248 MathewsWireless communication device dealer payments for used devices regulation03/12/2018   
SF3266 OsmekEnergy storage system pilot project utility cost recovery criteria; investor-owned utilities inclusion in integrated resource plans of an assessment of energy storage systems requirement; energy storage systems cost-benefit analysis requirement; energy storage deployment targets consideration requirement03/12/201803/13/2018
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF3656, Art. 6, Sec. 3, Sub. 2
SF3290 LangBiomass business compensation process establishment for loss of business opportunity resulting from sale and closure of a biomass energy plant03/14/201803/15/2018
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy
See SF3656, Art. 5, Sec. 1, 3, 16-17
SF3397 MartySolar energy incentive program modification03/15/2018   
SF3400 DahmsWind turbines lighting systems requirement03/15/2018   
SF3441 LangExcavation notice system contact information database requirement03/26/201803/29/2018
Recommended to pass
SF3504 MathewsCarbon reduction facility designation for certain nuclear energy electric generating facilities03/15/201803/22/2018

Amended and recommended to pass
SF3510 OsmekPipeline construction and routing authorization03/15/201804/12/2018
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Rules and Administration
Recommended to pass
SF3558 GogginEnergy conservation utility stakeholder group establishment03/19/201803/20/2018
Amended and recommended to pass
See SF3656, Art. 5, Sec. 8
SF3577 SenjemEmerald ash borer removal grant program establishment and appropriation03/19/2018   
SF3628 DibbleSolar energy grant program for public school districts establishment and appropriation03/19/2018   
SF3716 SenjemClean Energy First Act03/21/2018   
SF3750 JohnsonPipelines permitting process modification03/22/2018   
SF3760 BighamPublic utilities commission (PUC) consideration of employment opportunity growth when evaluating certain certificate of need applications; renewable energy standards compliance evaluation criteria modification03/22/2018   
SF3870 OsmekOmnibus supplemental energy finance bill03/29/201804/17/2018
Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF3656, Art. 5, Sec. 1-2, 4, 7-8, 11
SF3871 OsmekSolar energy standard modification03/29/2018   
SF3872 OsmekLarge customer facility definition modification under the conservation improvement program03/29/2018   
SF3902 MathewsPublic utilities commission (PUC) range of environmental costs for utility planning requirement elimination04/09/2018   
SF3946 MartyRental properties energy conservation grant program creation and appropriation04/12/2018   
SF4059 GogginPrairie Island Net Zero Project establishment and appropriation05/03/2018  See SF3656, Art. 5, Sec. 3
SF4060 DahmsCommunity solar gardens location modification05/03/2018   
SF4086 MartyMinnesota Carbon Assessment and Rebate Act05/16/2018