Minnesota Senate Rules and Administration Bill Index Report Report Date: November 15, 2018 1:54:04 PM
2017-2018 Regular Session
Bills in Rules and Administration
Bill# Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF78 KiffmeyerAdvisory task force on fiscal notes establishment03/20/201703/21/2017
Recommended to pass
SF210 SenjemOmnibus capital investment bill01/30/201701/31/2017
Adopt the previous committee report and to amend the report with the recommendation to re-refer SF 210 to the Committee on Transportation
See First Special Session, HF5
SF235 WestromFireworks manufacture, sale, and use regulation03/26/2018   
SF318 RelphHome care nursing workforce shortage working group creation and report requirement03/14/201703/27/2017
That the previous committee report for SF318 be adopted, amended as follows and further amended to be recommended to pass & re-referred to the Committee on Health and Human Services and that J.R.2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings on SF318
See SF3437, Art. 1, Sec. 65
SF360 LoureyLegislative day definition modification01/26/2017   
SF545 RosenOmnibus retirement bill05/10/201705/10/2017
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
See SF2620
SF580 MillerUniform State Labor Standards Act02/15/201702/20/2017
that the previous report from the Committee on Local Government be adopted
SF730 RosenOpiate stewardship program, manufacturer registration fee, advisory council, and account establishment; prescription monitoring annual opiate registration fees and manufacturer license surcharge requirements; opiates quantity limit; appropriation05/01/201805/08/2018
Recommended to pass
SF837 CarlsonCellular (wireless) phone use while driving a motor vehicle prohibition04/16/2018   
SF847 DibbleHIV/AIDS comprehensive strategic statewide plan requirement03/23/201703/27/2017
the previous committee report for SF 847 be adopted and that J.R. 2.03 be susbended for all further proceedings on SF 847
See SF800
SF884 DibbleGovernor's transportation budget and public safety activities appropriation, bond issue and policy provisions02/13/2017  See First Special Session, HF5, Art. 1, Sec. 15, Sub. 9
SF942 MillerJobs and economic development miscellaneous provisions and appropriations02/13/2017  See First Special Session, HF5, Art. 1, Sec. 20, Sub. 4
SF1013 EichornIndian child welfare act out-of-home placement costs county reimbursement, aid payments and appropriation03/23/2017   
SF1154 UtkeHuman services financing reform task force establishment03/09/201703/21/2017
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Human Services Reform Finance and Policy
SF1241 ClausenE-learning for school days with inclement weather establishment03/15/2017  See First Special Session, HF2, Art. 1, Sec. 1-2
SF1251 Anderson, P.Legislative commission on cyber security establishment03/09/201703/21/2017
Amended and recommended to pass
SF1252 ChamberlainReferendum equalization levy and aid modification03/14/2017   
SF1384 RosenVolunteer firefighter working group recommendations implementation; audit and corporate stock requirements update; municipality definition modification; emergency medical response volunteers plan coverage inclusion; technical corrections05/10/201705/10/2017
Recommended to pass
See SF2620, Art. 14, Sec. 1-6, 8, 10, 12-13, 15-23
SF1472 BensonNonprofit health care entity conversions attorney general review and approval provisions03/15/201703/21/2017
that the previous committee report from Health and Human Services Finance and Policy be adopted and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings
SF1544 RestPaid tax preparers provisions modifications03/20/2017  See First Special Session, HF1, Art. 22
SF1568 LimmerLegislative commission on data practices expiration date delay authorization03/20/201703/21/2017
Recommended to pass
See SF605, Art. 2, Sec. 4 (vetoed)
SF1643 DziedzicRevenue commissioner authorized disclosures to the departments of human services (DHS), natural resources (DNR), department of transportation (DOT), and deputy registrars of motor vehicles03/16/2017  See First Special Session, HF1, Art. 21, Sec. 4, 5
SF1709 KoranLegislative commission to review consolidation of the state's information technology establishment03/08/201703/21/2017
Amended and recommended to pass
SF1778 JensenPer diem living expenses for legislators preclusion during a special session03/14/201703/27/2017
Amended and recommended to pass
SF2064 DraheimAccessibility requirements for public buildings modification03/27/2018  See SF3656, Art. 8, Sec. 2
SF2088 DibbleSt. Paul Twin Cities marathon on-sale intoxicating liquor license on State Capitol grounds authorization03/23/2017  See First Special Session, SF1, Art. 5, Sec. 10
SF2357 OsmekOmnibus budget bills policy provisions inclusion prohibition05/01/2017   
SF2375 LimmerDWI and DWI-related cases search warrant to obtain blood or urine samples requirement; license revocation provisions; license revocation hearings guidelines establishment05/15/201705/17/2017

The previous committee report from the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety for SF 2375 be adopted and J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings.
See HF179, Art. 2-3
SF2379 RosenPERA and MSRS boards membership modifications05/10/201705/10/2017
Recommended to pass
SF2384 LimmerCorrections bill; correcting miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors05/10/2017  Ch. 99
SF2490 NelsonOlder adult social isolation working group establishment and appropriation03/29/2018   
SF2491 NelsonState and local government settlement accountability and transparency establishment; harassment data disclosure to complainant of sexual harassment investigations03/29/201805/08/2018
the previous committee report from the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety be amended and when so amended be recommended to pass and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings.
SF2524 LangCharitable gambling taxation task force establishment and appropriation03/08/201803/22/2018
Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Finance
SF2536 RuudCuyuna country state recreation area citizens advisory council modification03/26/201804/16/2018
be recommended to pass and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings.
See SF3656, Art. 20, Sec. 19
SF2611 FischbachUniversity of Minnesota regent candidate advisory council replacement by legislative commission on regent selection03/22/2018   
SF2632 RuudSolid waste facilities bonding proposals pollution control agency (PCA) certification of information requirement03/12/201803/22/2018
Recommends that the report from the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy in the Journal on March 12, 2018 be adopted, being the bill do pass and be re-referred to Committee on Capital Investment
SF2690 DraheimHospital moratorium exception to expand mental health and substance use disorder beds; mental health provisions modifications; appropriations03/27/2018   
SF2698 PrattSpecial education legislative working group establishment03/08/201803/22/2018
Recommended to pass
SF2893 WestromAgriculture, rural development, and housing finance and miscellaneous provisions modifications; appropriations04/19/201804/23/2018
that the previous committee report from the Committee on Agriculture, Rural Development and Housing Finance be adopted.
See SF3656, Art. 20, Sec. 2-6; Art. 25, Sec. 2, Sub. 2; Art. 26, Sec. 1-5, 10-11; Art. 27
SF2991 WeberReal estate appraisal advisory board creation and duties prescribed; broker license reinstatement provisions04/23/201804/30/2018
the previous committee report from the Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections be adopted and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings on SF 2991
Ch. 173
SF3135 HallAuxiliary containers regulation by counties, cities and towns prohibition04/25/2018   
SF3299 MathewsVolkswagen settlement funds administrative expenses expenditure limitation; additional personnel hiring prohibition03/27/2018  See SF3141, Art. 1, Sec. 58
SF3325 KoranRanked-choice voting political subdivision establishment or enforcement prohibition03/29/2018   
SF3377 SimonsonDuluth regional exchange district for development purposes establishment; Duluth sales and use tax authority modification04/30/2018   
SF3392 ChamberlainMNsure operations funding and health carriers and plans certification authority modifications; federal waivers and approvals submission deadline requirement; human services commissioner risk-bearing limitations imposition03/27/201804/16/2018
the Committee Report from the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety be adopted and when adopted,be amended to re-refer to the Committee on Health and Human Services and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for further proceedings.
See SF3656, Art. 43, Sec. 1
SF3417 BensonMinnesota health policy commission establishment and appropriation; health-related professions temporary license suspensions and background checks modifications04/09/201804/16/2018
the Committee Report from the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety be adopted and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings
See SF3656, Art. 34, Sec. 19; Art. 37, Sec. 42-47, 49, 51; Art. 45, Sec. 5
SF3437 HousleyEldercare and vulnerable adult protections; financial exploitation protections04/23/201804/30/2018
the previous committee report from Health and Human Services be amended and when amended do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Finance and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings on SF 3437.
See SF799, Sec. 2, Sub. 3(c)
SF3450 HousleyAssisted living licensure and dementia care certification and crimes against vulnerable adults advisory task forces creation; assisted living report card working group establishment; home care nursing workforce shortage working group creation and report requirement03/26/2018  See SF799, Sec. 2. Sub. 3(b)
SF3480 DraheimHealth care services price disclosure requirements modifications; primary care price transparency04/09/201804/16/2018
do pass and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings.
Ch. 168
SF3510 OsmekPipeline construction and routing authorization04/19/201804/23/2018
adopt the previous committee report from the Committee on Energy and Utilities and that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings
SF3734 GazelkaCass county trunk highway #210 State Trooper Ray Krueger Memorial Highway designation03/29/2018  See SF3656, Art. 24, Sec. 10
SF3754 KiffmeyerExclusive representative fair share fee charge to nonmembers prohibition03/29/2018   
SF3785 Anderson, B.Decommissioned military vehicles registration and use authorization04/09/2018  See SF3656, Art. 24, Sec. 16
SF3837 NewmanConstitutional amendment allocating state general sales tax revenues related to rental vehicles, motor vehicle repair and replacement parts, and leased vehicles exclusively to fund roads and for transportation purposes; road and bridge and trunk highway construction funds creation04/09/201804/23/2018
the previous committee report from the Committee on Transportation be amended, and when amended, be recommended to pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Taxes; and recommends that J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings.
SF3839 KiffmeyerStatewide voter registration system modernizing, securing and updating appropriation04/12/2018   
SF3983 BensonSelf-directed workforce collective bargaining agreement provisions modification04/23/2018   
SF4075 LimmerRevisor's bill05/10/201805/17/2018
Amended and recommended to pass
Ch. 213
HF4 ChamberlainOmnibus tax bill03/30/2017  Veto. 66
HF5 DahmsMinnesota premium security plan creation; health care provider system access regulation; premium subsidy program provisions modification03/13/2017  Ch. 13
HF13 LatzNonprofit corporations provisions modifications; incorporators and directors powers and duties establishment; merger and conversion procedure modification02/06/2017  Ch. 17
HF22 NewmanRevocable trusts reporting requirement exemption03/01/2017  Ch. 36
HF30 MillerSunday liquor off-sales authorization02/22/2017  Ch. 6
HF46 NewmanReal estate filing requirements modifications02/06/2017  Ch. 16
HF106 HaydenCommunity medical response emergency medical technician services criteria modification05/08/2017  Ch. 53
HF113 MathewsNatural gas combined cycle electric generation plant construction and operation in Sherburne county authorization02/13/2017  Ch. 5
HF179 LimmerIgnition interlock performance standards modification and devices enabled with location tracking capabilities use prohibition05/16/2017  Ch. 83
HF212 UtkeIndividual health plans issuers commissions payment regulation03/06/2017  Ch. 23
HF244 WestromTownship board appeals and equalization course waiver for 2016 authorization02/02/2017  Ch. 3
HF326 FischbachPaynesville Medal of Honor recipient Kenneth L. Olson highway designation05/10/2017  Ch. 69
HF330 HallStatutory or home rule charter city two-thirds vote for interim ordinance imposition; interim housing ordinance imposition 10-day notice and public hearing requirements03/06/2017  Veto. 49
HF390 IngebrigtsenTrunk highway or airport traffic access obstruction penalties increase; transit obstruction crime modification05/09/2018  Veto. 150
HF399 KiffmeyerSenate and house of representatives appropriations05/15/2017  Ch. 100
HF434 IngebrigtsenWetland replacement for local government roads temporary conditions authorization; wetland replacement credits for local government roads appropriation02/27/2017  Ch. 7
HF470 LimmerOmnibus judiciary and public safety appropriation bill05/15/2017  Ch. 95
HF474 NelsonMedical practice board physician criminal background checks authorization and exemption03/29/2017  Ch. 50
HF593 HousleyReal estate appraisers investigations, background checks and disciplinary actions requirements modification04/24/2017  Ch. 37
HF600 MillerUniform State Labor Standards Act03/06/2017   
HF676 SenjemLandscape application contracts exclusion addition04/24/2017  Ch. 74
HF712 NelsonBiological products substitution standards establishment and pharmaceutical drug definition modification05/08/2017  Ch. 84
HF739 OsmekSmall wireless facilities collocation authorization05/21/201705/21/2017
The previous committee report from the Committee on Local Government for HF 739 be adopted and J.R. 2.03 be suspended for all further proceedings for HF 739.
HF740 IngebrigtsenMotor vehicle franchise regulation; warranty and recall obligations specification; succession agreements and unfair practices by manufacturers, distributors and factory branches regulation; penalties specification05/09/2017  Ch. 203
HF745 ClausenCoates U.S. highway #52 bridge designation as Corporal Benjamin S. Kopp Bridge05/10/2017  Ch. 70
HF792 DraheimAutomatic fire sprinkler systems mandatory installation in certain dwellings and townhouses prohibition03/29/2017  Ch. 20
HF809 KiffmeyerState-sponsored health programs abortion funding limitations04/27/2017  Veto. 31
HF812 FischbachAbortion facilities licensure requirement04/27/2017  Veto. 33
HF827 Latz72-hour emergency hold notice of release or discharge notice limitation specification05/08/2017  Ch. 85
HF837 NewmanState road construction appropriation modification03/28/2017  Ch. 14
HF859 NewmanUnused or divided lands owned or controlled by the department of transportation (DOT) conveyance authorization; trunk highway system highways removal and modification authorization; Koochiching county state owned lands conveyance authorization05/01/2017  See First Special Session, HF3, Art. 3, Sec. 23, 28-30, 130, 141-142, 144
HF890 NelsonOmnibus E-12 education appropriations bill03/31/2017  Veto. 43
HF947 NelsonOmnibus school aid and tax bill05/04/2017  Veto. 205
HF952 HousleyHome care provider staff and supervisors hearing loss care training requirements05/08/2017  Ch. 51
HF959 NelsonMedical faculty license permanency and appropriation05/08/2017  Ch. 82
HF985 LimmerReal property owners duty to trespassers specification05/01/2017  Veto. 78
HF997 MathewsClaims payment requirements modification05/04/2017  Ch. 52
HF1001 KiffmeyerRules impacting residential construction or remodeling legislative notice and review requirements05/15/2017   
HF1118 LimmerCommon interest communities electronic delivery of cancellations of sale or resale authorization05/01/2017  Ch. 38
HF1186 HaydenMental health services provisions modifications; mental health practitioner definition modification; certified peer specialist certification requirements05/08/2017  Ch. 79
HF1226 ChamberlainOmnibus capital investment bill05/01/2017  See HF4425 05/22/2018
HF1227 ChamberlainProperty, local government aids, sales and use, special, other taxes, and policy changes; South St. Paul tax increment financing (TIF) retroactive approval of interfund loan authorization05/18/2017  See First Special Session, HF1, Art. 11, Sec. 4; Art. 20-22
HF1242 MathewsProposed ordinances affecting business licenses notice requirement05/04/2017  Ch. 77
HF1294 PrattSales representatives termination regulation04/24/2017  Ch. 24
HF1397 LimmerPayments to beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism limitations04/24/2017  Ch. 22
HF1400 HousleyNursing assistant training and competency evaluation reimbursable expenses provisions modification05/11/2017  Ch. 71
HF1418 JasinskiLottery prize provisions clarification and budget and expenses provisions05/09/2017   
HF1443 UtkeInsurance fraud provisions modifications05/09/2017  Ch. 98
HF1477 MathewsCredit unions meetings notification requirement modification04/24/2017  Ch. 25
HF1538 DziedzicMinnesota common interest ownership act to provide for construction defect claims05/01/2017  Ch. 87
HF1542 RelphArchitectural barrier notice provisions modifications05/01/2017  Ch. 80
HF1545 WestromOmnibus agriculture appropriations bill05/04/2017  Ch. 88
HF1702 RelphMcKenna's Law; juvenile justice; children 10 years and over right to counsel disclosure; waivers of counsel to be in writing; notice to counsel requirement05/01/2017  Ch. 60
HF1712 BensonCollaborative community dental hygiene services requirements modification and dental assisting services requirements establishment04/27/2017  Ch. 30
HF1717 WeberOmnibus agriculture policy and technical provisions modifications; dairy law reorganization04/06/2017  See HF1545
HF1725 GogginVehicles transporting milk weight limits establishment05/15/2017  Ch. 86
HF1732 DahmsInsurance examinations regulation provisions modification04/24/2017  Ch. 39
HF2047 DibbleHIV/AIDS comprehensive strategic statewide plan requirement05/11/2017  Ch. 75
HF2174 MartyRamsey county supported work program for people with disabilities positions selection05/04/2017  Ch. 61
HF2287 Anderson, B.Claims against the state appropriation05/11/2017  Ch. 72
HF2363 FranzenRevised Uniform Athlete Agents Act04/09/2018  Ch. 192
HF2636 MathewsCommunity food shelves appropriations of funds by towns authorization03/21/2018  Ch. 105
HF2743 NewmanReal property improvement construction and services actions for damages regulation04/26/2018  Ch. 116
HF2746 KiffmeyerAdvanced practice registered nurses practice provisions modification; health professionals permitted to authorize prescription eyeglasses with last prescription available modification05/08/2018  Ch. 170
HF2764 RelphBusiness and nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies regulation; conversions and domestications provisions03/14/2018  Ch. 103
HF2802 WeberMunicipalities constructing publicly owned treatment works regulatory certainty for effluent limitations compliance05/09/2018  Ch. 148
HF2847 RuudCuyuna country state recreation area citizens advisory council modification05/09/2018  Ch. 149
HF2899 HousleyResidential contractors rebates or deductibles payment statutory prohibition insurer notification to insureds requirement04/16/2018  Ch. 209
HF2940 IngebrigtsenPollution control agency (PCA) water pollution fees increase prohibition without legislative approval05/09/2018  Veto. 147
HF2945 UtkeIntensive residential treatment service provider entities and adult crisis stabilization services requirements modification05/08/2018  Ch. 151
HF2982 WeberAgricultural research data maintained by University of Minnesota (U of M) classification03/27/2018  Ch. 140
HF3015 NelsonChild care licensing correction order posting requirements modifications05/08/2018  Ch. 153
HF3089 TomassoniMine inspection requirements modifications05/09/2018  Ch. 154
HF3095 HallSolid waste management provisions modification; organized collection agreement joint liability limitation04/16/2018  Ch. 177
HF3157 EichornAnimal misrepresentation as service animal crime establishment; real property owners liability immunity for providing assistance animals access03/27/2018  Ch. 106
HF3158 PrattMortgage loan originators licensing requirements modifications03/21/2018  Ch. 104
HF3196 UtkeStep therapy protocol and override for prescription drug coverage establishment05/08/2018  Ch. 162
HF3199 Anderson, B.Military code scope clarification05/10/2018   
HF3202 BensonHospital construction moratorium exception modification for level I trauma center in Ramsey County; public interest review process deadlines imposition05/17/2018  Ch. 199
HF3210 PrattCounty authorization for storm and sanitary sewer systems modification04/26/2018  Ch. 114
HF3221 KiffmeyerOmnibus elections bill05/14/2018   
HF3224 SenjemCredit unions membership, governance, and powers and duties modification04/16/2018  Ch. 110
HF3225 MathewsWireless communication device dealer payments for used devices regulation04/26/2018  Ch. 113
HF3232 OsmekSolar energy incentive program modification05/03/2018  Ch. 193
HF3249 GogginPassing parked emergency vehicles stopped on a roadway provisions modification04/23/2018  Ch. 159
HF3265 RelphMinnesota assessment of parenting for children and youth (MAPCY) and child foster care requirements modification; foster care sibling bill of rights establishment05/03/2018  Ch. 188
HF3380 JohnsonSelf-service storage facilities provisions modification05/14/2018  Ch. 191
HF3418 KoranMotor vehicle service contracts requirements modifications03/27/2018  Ch. 112
HF3421 IngebrigtsenOutdoor heritage, clean water, and arts and cultural heritage funds appropriation; legacy funds money expenditure requirements modification; game and fish provisions modification; state capitol preservation commission provisions modification; capitol art exhibit advisory committee creation05/14/2018  See SF3656, Art. 20, Sec. 27-28; Art. 55, Sec. 6
HF3422 IngebrigtsenWild rice water quality standards modification; wild rice work group establishment; report requirement and appropriation05/14/2018  Veto. 210
HF3423 IngebrigtsenOutdoor heritage fund appropriations and Lessard-Sams outdoor heritage council modifications05/14/2018  Ch. 208
HF3551 RelphSafe at home address confidentiality program requirements modification04/23/2018  Ch. 109
HF3622 DahmsReinsurers accreditation and certification requirements modifications04/09/2018  Ch. 125
HF3666 RuudSmall business environmental-improvement loan program borrower and loan conditions modifications; disposal facility certificates rules modification requirement05/14/2018  See SF3656, Art. 20, Sec. 81-82, 97
HF3674 BensonCollective bargaining agreements and compensation plans submission to legislative coordinating commission (LCC) requirement05/16/2018  See SF3656, Art. 2, Sec. 1
HF3689 AbelerBirth defect information system modifications05/08/2018  Ch. 152
HF3755 FranzenWatercraft carbon monoxide detection devices requirements modification (Sophia's law modifications)04/16/2018  Ch. 115
HF3759 OsmekPipeline construction and routing authorization05/14/2018  Veto. 187
HF3763 EichornDouglas J. Johnson economic protection trust fund use of funds limits; taconite economic development fund use clarification and 2018 distribution transfer authorization05/08/2018  Ch. 198
HF3799 DahmsFraternal benefit societies regulation05/14/2018  Ch. 175
HF3819 LaineRamsey soil and water conservation district discontinuance and duties transfer to the Ramsey county board of commissioners05/09/2018  Ch. 169
HF3873 UtkeWorkers compensation provisions modification; hospital outpatient fee schedule; outpatient billing, payment and dispute resolution; ambulatory surgical centers; covered benefits modification05/15/2018  Ch. 185
HF3972 DahmsOmnibus liquor bill04/09/2018  Ch. 202
HF4003 ChamberlainGroundwater appropriation permit requirements temporary enforcement and groundwater management area permit requirements05/09/2018  Ch. 181
HF4133 WeberOmnibus agriculture policy bill05/14/2018  Veto. 190
HF4157 Anderson, B.Claims against the state and imprisonment and exoneration awards appropriations05/03/2018  Ch. 131
HF4404 SenjemOmnibus capital investment bill05/14/2018  See HF4425